True story of last night

Blog 21st June 2017 Real and True story happened last night

We run a small hotel resort  in Thailand and 2 guys with one girl…  (sexy hooker type) in car turned up and had special request.

Asked if they could use the pool with 2 extra friends (5 people in total) till midnight but driving to Bangkok early morning so will not be sleeping all night in the room.

Accepted the booking and they checked in.

15 mins later another car arrives with an older woman and (what we thought was her school child daughter)

They all go in the room but shortly after the hooker girl comes out and sits by the pool… walks around and we are watching on CCTV. Then one of the guys come out and they sit talking for a while. She goes to the car and gets something.. it’s a long T shirt and goes back to the guy by the pool and pulls it over her head… then peels off her shorts and lifts up the t shirt to show the guy sitting down her black knickers…

Now I am watching even more intently and see she is about 22, really slim and sexy. Her nipples are poking through the t shirt and she is testing the pool water with her foot. The guy disappears back into the room and the girl lights up another cigarette… she has been chain smoking since she arrived… something really fishy with this group…


Looks like a guy with a hooker and the other guy is visiting his wife and daughter…

The slim sexy hooker is walking around the pool and then sits in a chair and is looking all around sussing the place out. She sees the CCTV cameras and then walks around the pool again and looks into each camera (we have 4 cameras all showing different aspects of the entrance, pool area and the BBQ area at the side).

I walk outside to turn on a few lights as it is now getting dark. Curtains are drawn at the room facing the pool and the hooker girl is watching me… I smile at her and she smiles back and she points to the camera at the side by the BBQ area and then at her watch and mouths 10 pm and shows two hands with fingers spread showing 10 fingers.

What the fuck is going on here… I go back to my bedroom and switch on the TV and set it to the CCTV feed.

She is now sitting in the chair by the pool with her legs crossed facing the camera… she lights up another cigarette and looks directly at the camera. She knows I am watching her but why the 10pm sign!!! As I watch she is looking at the floor and then uncrosses her legs and opens them slightly, she lifts her head and stares directly at the camera and puts her hand between her legs and start’s to masturbate to the camera… My wife is sitting next to me reading a book and looks at the TV and sees what the slut is doing… What the fuck is she doing she says. I have no idea babe… Then one of the guys come out of the room and she sits back to normal as they light up 2 more cigarettes… The wife goes back to her book and I switch channels on the TV. I then open my mobile phone CCTV feed so I can continue watching.

The two females in the room have not come out at all..  Nor has one of the guys… I am getting suspicious. The guy and girl outside go back into the room and make sure the curtains are closed. (when they are open we can see directly into the rooms with the CCTC camera.)

The sexy slim girl comes out again and lights up another cigarette… what the fuck is going on in that room !

She walks around the pool again and keeps looking at each camera. Then she goes round the side to the BBQ area and sits on the picnic table by the BBQ facing the camera. Looking directly into the camera she pulls her knickers to one side to show me ( I assume obviously she knows I am watching) her pussy which was devoid of any hair in fact it looked incredibly smooth.  

She walks back round to the pool area and slowly enters the water. We have this really big blow up ring that several people can sit in or one person can lay on and just float around the pool…. She lays on the ring and I can see she has the typical lower back tattoo of most hookers in Thailand…  But what the fuck is going on in the room….

It was an older woman (I assumed her mum)  with a school girl… and they have not come out or played in the pool at all… nearly 3 hours now and I sense the hooker is just entertaining me…. Why is the other guy coming in and out of the room! Maybe his mate is having issues with his wife and child… and he is just organising a safe place for them to meet…

I don’t think so, I am starting to think this is a case of a couple of rich Thai’s that have organised a school girl fuck.

In Thailand a lot of school girls / under age students that want to make extra money employ the services of a special mamasan (pimp woman) The girl can earn many 1000’s of Baht for going with older men or expat teachers that are also into fucking young or virgin Asian girls.

The older woman and the young girl have not come out of the room in 4 hours now, just the sexy hooker looking girl and the same older guy. Then the older woman appears and the guy sitting outside goes into the room…  So the older woman and the sexy Thai girl are sitting at the table chatting and smoking… this goes on for at least an hour. Then the room sliding door opens and the older woman rushes inside…

What the fuck is going on in that room…

The girl outside is now looking directly at the camera and points to the BBQ area… I am transfixed and watch her as she walks round the side of the resort and sit on the BBQ picnic table,

Looking directly at the camera she lays on the table and has her hand inside her black knickers… clearly fingering herself, she then pulls up t shirt over her head and throws it on the grass…

Her tits are small but the nipples are sticking out and she is staring directly into the camera. Two fingers now going in and out of her pussy and her tits are exposed. Her legs are wide open and I can see she is trying to fist herself… Fucking hell, my cock is rock hard and am now slowly masturbating in the bed. Got to get out of her to wank properly so my wife does not suspect what the fuck is going on tonight.


I get up and say cannot sleep gonna do some emails and internet stuff and leave the bedroom.

In my office I continue watching the slut Thai girl… She is now staring at the camera and has a 330ml glass coke bottle in her pussy and is making sexy gestures to the camera. I decide to go downstairs, walk round the back of the house to the BBQ area. When I get there I am behind her so I whistle and she turns her head and sees me standing in the shadows. She jumps up and walks towards me and without any communication at all she drops to her knees and pulls my cock out from my shorts and is sucking me like a woman possessed. We cannot communicate in words as I don’t speak Thai and everything she says I have no idea what the fuck she is talking about… Fucking hell this girl is Horney, but why is she doing this.  Who the fuck cares, I am now getting an amazing blow job buy this sexy nymph and she is trying to push a finger in my arse… OMG.. she is in and is now squeezing my balls and fingering my arse as she deep throats me.. 

This girl is a real slut to be sure..  I pull her up off my cock as I am sure to come within seconds if she continues her antics… She stands up and I reach down to finger her soaking wet cunt, She just smiles at me and grabs my cock again. I push her down onto the grass out of the camera’s eye and start to snog her face and push as many fingers as I could into her hot pussy. 3 fingers were no problem so I pushed 4 in and my thumb curled in as well. My whole fist was entering this Thai slut’s pussy and it was easy.

She lay back and grabbed my hand and started to pull and push my fist in and out of her. Fucking dirty bitch.. this is incredible… she is squeezing my cock as I fist her so I pull my shorts down and she pulls me to her mouth… OMG she is pulling me into her throat and has her finger in my arse again… I cannot hold back and fire my cum down her throat. My fisting has also sent her over the edge and she is bucking wildly and shouting out something unintelligible in Thai…

I get up and she giggles and runs back round to the table and chairs by the pool where the other guy is now sitting outside…. They then disappear inside the room again. I go back inside and watch on the CCTV again.

The older woman is now sitting outside with the sexy Thai slut and they are there for over an hour. Time is now just past midnight and the young girl has not exited the room at all… We assumed they were all coming for a swim as a family unit…

Morning and my wife tells me they all exited room and left the resort at 1.30 am and it was a strange group. I said why did you say that, well she said, my mum was watching the CCTV all night and said the sexy Thai girl was doing strange stuff on the camera and the room had 5 used condoms but the young girl did not come out of the room… I said to my wife… sounds like a mamasan and schoolgirl set up with rich Thai men.. She agreed and said we must be more careful next time…





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Newbies enter the club

They walked into the club and it was obvious they were newbies as they explored the different areas and rooms holding hands and watching various couples playing or fucking in 3 some’s and mini orgies in a couple of rooms. After about an hour of wandering around I saw them again in the play room with a small group around them. The girl was really nervous but the boyfriend told a few of us standing close that she wanted to show off her tits for the first time.   About 18 slim and sexy, white blouse and black mini skirt.  The guy was about 22 also white British and he said that no touching was allowed unless she agreed but as it was her first experience of exposing herself in front of guys, we could wank and watch or fuck if we had a partner but no touching her. He introduced her as his long-time girlfriend of 3 years and says she gets really turned on seeing guys look at her tits in the pub or walking in the park or town and they had heard about Arousal the club in Dunstable.


He said she had this urge to get them out and make guys wank while watching her. He then asked her if she was ready and then unbuttoned her blouse as she just stood there, then he took it off her shoulders and placed it on the bar. She looked scared but also wide eyed as a couple of guys had already got their cocks out and were stroking them in front of her making sure she could see. The boyfriend reached behind her and unclipped her white bra and slowly exposed the most amazing looking breasts for a young girl. They were about 36 c but also had a heavy curvy shape with up turned nipples. When she leaned forward they hung down and were really shapely and beautiful.  The boyfriend started to stroke and squeeze them and her nipples got really big and hard. She still had her short black skirt on but he then took her by the hand and led her through the crowd of about 6 guys and 2 couples to the door. He was going to parade her through the club and let everyone see her.


I followed them as did a few more guys and we went into the bar area where a few people were dancing and he led her to the dance floor where she started to dance with him. He made her face a couple dancing and we watched as her beautiful tits were bouncing with her movements and to the music. There was another girl with a guy dancing but she was wearing just a red bra and tiny black g string and they were both staring at her stunning bouncing exposed tits. She covered them with her arms and the boyfriend moved her arms away and stood behind her.  The couple moved closer and the girl stroked her arm and then whispered something in her ear. She looked round at her boyfriend and he nodded. The girl then stepped closer and started snogging her and touching her tits. I and another guy moved closer to get a better look as it was quite dark in the corner of the dance floor and the guy with the girl in the red bra and g string was feeling his girlfriend up between her legs while she was snogging the young girl.


After a few mins they led her to an even darker area where we could only just see them continue the playing with her tits and kissing. I then got as close as I could behind the couple and was watching her rub the young girls tummy and went down to suck on her left nipple. The boyfriend was holding her up as she seemed to go weak at the knees. The girls hand was now stroking her thighs and moving up under her skirt. The young girl looked nervous but was also really turned on and with the couple really close and a hand between her legs and her partner was now also feeling her other exposed breast. Wow this was horny and I now had my own cock out as did another guy next to me.

The young girl was being fingered now as she was holding the shoulders of the girl in front fingering her and I noticed she had her eyes on my cock. I moved to the side a bit so she could see better and then I saw the boyfriend also with his hand behind her fingering her from the back. She must have had a finger in her arse and some in her pussy and she parted her legs a bit more. As I watched and kept showing my erect cock to her, the boyfriend and girl in front frigged her till she came. As soon as she came the girl in front went down on her knees and then turned her head so she was directly under her pussy and started licking her while her partner moved in front and started fingering her again. I nearly come myself as I watched this couple working on the girl. Other guys were now moving closer and the boyfriend was having a problem with stopping them groping her breasts, the girl between her legs also stopped and got up. They then walked away holding hands as the other couple followed them. Action over I thought but decided to follow them again.

They went into the cinema room and sat on a corner sofa. The room had about 6 guys all sitting around by themselves wanking and watching the film. The young girl sat next to the other girl the guys were at each end. The young girl stared at the screen and stared open mouthed at the action on the screen. The boyfriend was already playing with her tits from his side and the other girl had her hand on her thigh while also watching the movie. Guys were already moving in closer so I positioned myself right on the arm of the sofa. Her tits were amazing and I could see the boyfriend was really getting into showing them off to the guys gathering around. One guy tried to touch but was quickly pushed away by the other girl who then started caressing her other breast.

One hand was still rubbing her inside thigh and the young girl was staring at all the guys wanking in front of her almost blocking the movie screen. A guy leans over and asks if she wants to watch him come. They all look at this guy who is standing directly in front of them and after a few more pulls on his cock is firing cum out as they all stare at his cock. The other girl reaches out and wanks his cock for a short while and then her boyfriend gets his cock out and she starts to wank him next to her at the same time. The young girls boyfriend now pulls her down so she is laying across his lap and I could see her reaching for his cock. Her legs were open and the other couple moved position so as she was able to get between her legs and pulled her g string to one side and gave us all a flash of her shaved slit.

Then she was fingering her again as we all wanked and watched. My cock was now quite close to the young girls head as I was on the arm of the sofa and I kept it hard by wanking slowly by her face she kept looking at it while playing with her boyfriend’s cock. Her boyfriend nodded towards my cock and then to my surprise she reached over and started to squeeze it. I moved my hand and let her play while she went down on her boyfriend with her mouth. A few mins later she is now wanking me seriously and staring at it then her boyfriend pushes her head towards my cock. Fucking hell she’s gonna suck my cock.  I lay back as she took me in her mouth and tasted I imagine her first strangers cock. I placed my hand on her back and asked the boyfriend if I could touch her. He smiled so I slid my hand round to play with one of her tits. OMG they were so soft and her nipples  incredibly hard.  I started to come and she just held my cock tight as I pumped my seed into her mouth.

The boyfriend looked shocked and so was I but she then pulled off my cock and went straight to his mouth and started snogging him. I could see this was new for him too as she had a mouth full of my seed and was now showing him what a dirty slut she had just been. I was still playing with her breast with no resistance and she was laying back now with her legs wide open. The other girl still licking away between her legs and fingers in her pussy and arse. I need you to fuck me the young girl whispered to her boyfriend.  He said OK and pulled her up so she was now straddling his lap. The other couple could see what she needed and got into the same position next to them. Holding her arse up, he slid inside her. I touched her back again to see if it was still OK to touch and she smiled at me and grabbed my hand and placed it over her tit then started to ride him. I was now fondling both her tits while he fucked her or more like she was fucking him.

3 guys standing right behind her also tried to touch but their hands were brushed away by the boyfriend. Then a guy starts shooting his load all over her back. She does not stop so the other 2 guys are looking at each other wondering if they could do the same. They start to come and the girl is telling her boyfriend they were coming on her still riding her boyfriend’s cock. I’m still playing with her tits and then she comes loudly and slumps down pulling his head into her breasts as if exhausted. The other couple next to us were being groped by several guys and she was wanking one guy off next to her who had a monster cock. As soon as he came the girl pulled his cock into her mouth and even her boyfriend was sucking it with her.

What a great night.

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Asian wife first time dogging

We were on our way home from club rub in London and it was about 3 am and my sexy

 Filipina wife was wearing her silky black short dress with a zip at the front so when walking around in the club we can pull it up or down so as to expose her 34 c tits with lovely hard nipples. She was 26 at the time and Jane had the passenger seat reclined as I used to love playing with her breasts or legs and pussy as we drove home through the near deserted streets at night. As we pulled up at some traffic lights a woman in the bus saw me fingering her as she lay there with eyes closed and her tits exposed. Soon we came off north circular and joined the M1 and I got my cock out and got Jane’s hand to start playing and wanking me as we drove home to Dunstable.

About 20 mins later we were nearly at junction 9 when I said to Jane. Shall we see if there’s any dogging going on at the downs.  She said what’s dogging? So I briefly explained it was people in cars that like to watch others playing, like in the club. She looked at me and said if you like, I want to see. I said OK let’s see if anyone is out this early in the morning. I pulled off at J 9 and we took the A5 to Studham and then the back road to the downs. I knew of a small dogging car park going down the hill just after the Zoo so headed there first.

When we pulled in I could see 3 cars but nobody in sight. So we pulled up opposite the other 3 cars so we could watch if anything happened. Engine off and we sat there in the dark for about 10 mins while Jane was started playing with my cock again and I exposed her tits and was playing with them. Then a light goes on in one of the cars and we watched as guys got out of the other two cars and wandered over to the passenger side of the car that just turned its interior light on. They were looking in the passenger window and it was obvious something was going on in the car. Jane’s eyes were wide and staring into the dark but from where we were we parked, couldn’t see anything. 

I said shall we go take a look? Jane looked nervously at me and said, no I’m too scared. What about if I put our light on and they come and watch us? No she said I’m too shy and someone might recognise me. OK then we can watch from here.  I then moved my hand down to her leg and slid it up between her thighs. She parted her legs slightly and I had a quick feel of her pussy. She was soaking wet and my finger slid up the side of her knickers right into her. I said my god you’re wet and she just moaned and said i want to see what’s going on in the car.  I said OK let’s see and I opened my door to get out.  Jane said you go first and see what’s happening.  OK and I wandered over to where the two guys were standing. 

As I approached them I could see there was a couple in the car and the guys outside  were watching and wanking as the guy in the car was fingering his girlfriend. She had her legs open and her blouse was open with her small tits exposed. He was sucking on her tit while fingering her with his other hand. She looked Indian and about 18 or 19 but very slim with tiny tits. Her legs were open and knickers pulled to one side as she held them over allowing the guys outside to watch. The guy in the car was white and was telling her to watch the guys wanking outside.

I walked back to Jane and told her what was going on and opened her door. She got out and held my hand as we walked back to the other car. The two guys wanking outside looked at us and I could see on their faces they could not believe their luck. I’ve been out many a night in the past and sat for hours and nights on end never seeing any action, just guys in cars or two guys walking into the woods together  but never a couple. So as we approached Jane stood behind me and the guys could see that she was shy and wanted to look in the car.

One of the guys moved to the side and said to me, there you go mate, let her get in there. I motioned to Jane to take his place and I stood right behind her so as to protect her in case he tried to touch her. I said to the guys, it’s her first time and just curious so they just nodded and smiled at each other.  Jane was now right by the window and could see the Indian girl with her legs open and getting fingered by her boyfriend. I held Jane from behind on her waist as the two guys moved in closer still wanking their cocks. Jane had her arms held in front of herself as if trying to protect herself in case anyone tried to touch her.

Inside the car the guy had taken his cock out and the skinny girl was wanking him while he got her to put one leg up on the dash board to finger her deeper and give us all a better view. He must have had 3 fingers in her but she looked so small and tight and he was now pushing 2 in her pussy and 2 in her arse. She was clearly loving it and the guys either side of us were getting really close. Jane was watching the couple and also the guys wanking next to us, so I started to feel her tits from behind.

The girl in the car had now told her boyfriend we were also outside and he must have told her to open the window cos she pressed a button and the window went down. We could all see much better now and the girl asked Jane what her name was. Jane replied and the girl said I’m Layla and this is Simon.

He says hi and then the girl asks Jane if she likes to watch. Jane looked at me nervously and then just nodded and the Indian girl took Jane’s hand and placed it on her small breast nearest the window. Jane was hesitant but because we had played in the clubs with other couples and occasionally let single guys play or suck on her tits she was up for it. So Jane started fondling the Indian girl’s breasts while I was doing the same to Jane from behind. The Indian girl then reached out and slowly pulled Jane’s zip down and I could now pull her 34 c tits out into the cold night air for everyone to see. The guy to my right was looking really excited and looked like he was about to come but stopped wanking and said to me can he touch. I said not yet mate my missus will run away if you do anything now.

 After I said that i could feel the Indian girl pulling my hand off Jane’s tit and fondling them herself. Jane looked at me and said OMG she’s touching me. I slid my hand down her lower belly and then up under her skirt and into the top of her tiny black g string. Her hold up stockings were now exposed and the guys were staring wide eyed at the sight in front of them. The guy on the left had a massive cock and I could see he was so close to Jane’s arm he was trying to get Jane to look. He then started wanking really close to her arm and must have been touching her with it as Jane looked round and smiled at him. He must have took this as a sign it was OK to continue.  He rubbed his cock up and down her arm as the girl in the car was playing with both her tits.

My finger was inside her g string and rubbing her clit. Open your legs a bit babe, Jane moved her leg and had her hands on the roof of the car.  The Indian girl’s boyfriend was fingering away as the Indian girls legs were wide open and I saw the guy to my left, had put his arm in the window and was stroking her leg. Jane saw this and started watching the guy get closer to the Indian girls pussy. The guy in the car stopped fingering her and let the guy next to me touch her pussy. He was stroking her inner thigh and then slid a finger inside. Then Simon asked us if we would like to get in the car.

Jane immediately said, can we? as she was feeling very exposed and a bit scared of the two guys either side. We opened the back door and Simon said to me, let Jane sit in the front with Layla, as he climbed into the back seat behind his girlfriend. We then went to the other side and I told Jane to sit in the front seat while I got in the back.

Simon reclined Layla’s seat back so he could still play with her tits. I did the same to Jane’s seat as the steering wheel was on her side and then Layla turned to face Jane and reached over and slid her hand into Jane’s open zip and started playing with her tits. Jane lay back as I kissed her on the mouth and she closed her eyes while Layla explored her breasts and then pulled the zip down further so she could slide her hand down to her belly and then her pussy. She started sucking on Jane’s tit while fingering her and Jane looked really relaxed and opened her legs more so Layla could finger her properly.

 The guys outside were wanking furiously and I then saw more figures outside gathering around the car in the darkness.  Layla now had 2 fingers in Jane and was kneeling up in the passenger seat. Her window was still open and I could see several arms in the window groping her between her legs. Simon also had his arm under her and was fingering her as he said to Layla. You want one to fuck you babe?

She lifted her head and said yes babe if you want me to. You got a rubber he said to the guy closest to the window wanking his huge cock next to Layla’s arse. I do, said another guy next to him and Simon pulled Layla’s knickers to one side and said get in her and give her a good fucking mate. Layla opened her legs wide and pushed her arse out of the window so he could enter her. He was in her in a flash and holding her hips from behind as he started to fuck her tiny little pussy and skinny arse. Clearly horny and worked up Layla  pulled  Simon closer and started snogging him while saying he’s fucking my pussy babe oohhh god he’s gonna make me come.

 Hands were in the window groping her tiny tits hanging down, Simon was also groping Jane’s tits while Jane was watching all this in shock. Jane did not stop Simon and Layla was still fingering Jane. I now had my own cock out and was wanking and touching Jane and then Layla’s tits, when I could ,cos hands were everywhere. The guy behind Layla must have come cos he pulled out and big cock was now behind her trying to enter her. Layla look round and saw who it was and said that’s too big so she turned round and grabbed it with her hand and started wanking it. Her arse was now facing us inside the car now and Simon was between her arse and licking and fingering her pussy.

Jane’s window was closed but several guys were outside knocking on the window offering their cocks and motioning her to open the window. She looked at me and said no way. So I offered her my cock to suck and she leaned across so as to get in a better position. Layla was now sucking the huge cock thrust into her window and I saw Simon squeezing the guy’s balls at the same time. I started fingering Layla as Jane was sucking on my cock and then the big cock started to come. Layla pulled away and come was shooting all over her face. She pushed the guy away and wiped her face laughing and wound up the window.  Back in the car it was now just the 4 of us and Simon and Layla turned their attention to Jane. Jane sat back down and Layla turned around and went straight down on her pussy. Jane was laying back so Layla slid on top of her and Jane’s head was now between her legs.

Simon was already stroking Layla’s arse and pushing a finger in while I also was stroking her arse and pussy. Jane’s face was inches away and Layla just teased her by holding her pussy and arse up just out of reach but then dropped down onto Jane’s face and Jane instinctively started licking her… OMG this was amazing as I never saw Jane do that before. So the girls were 69 ing in the car and I was now squeezing Layla’s arse and pushing a finger into her pussy and then her arse while Jane watched and licked. I then felt Simon’s hand on my cock and I thought this couple must be really into everything so hesitantly I let him continue and whispered to Jane, he’s wanking my cock. She let out a moan and then said I want to see…. 

I looked at Simon and he smiled so I got in position on my knees in the back seat so my cock was between Layla’s legs and Jane could see him wanking me. I was stroking Layla’s arse and legs and Jane was licking her slit with eyes on my cock and his hand. I tried a finger in Layla’s slit and then poked the tip into her tight arse hole. She must have liked this as she pushed her arse back so more of my finger went inside. Jane was looking at me finger her arse  and then said I want to suck your cock . The guy wanking my cock aimed it at my wife’s face and she could just get the head in her mouth as she was trapped under Layla. My finger was still in Layla’s arse but really deep now and I wanted to come.  I said,  Jane I’m gonna cum… where do you want it. She pulled off and said put it in her arse.

 Really …. ! I said and the guy looked at me and said go for it mate. I never seen her this worked up before.  Layla lifted her head and said yeh fuck my tight little arse while I make your wife come. She went back to licking Jane’s pussy and I positioned myself right over her arse hole. Jane watched as I lubricated her with some pussy juice and then pushed in slowly …  a cry of pain and ecstasy came from the skinny Indian girl as I pushed in as deep as I could. The boyfriend was now playing and squeezing my balls and pushing a finger in my arse! I could not hold back and started shooting my load deep inside Layla’s arse.

Jane was also coming and Layla’s fingers were frigging her fast and she moaned into Layla’s pussy as the wave of feelings overcame her. The boyfriend pulled out his finger and I pulled my cock out of Layla’s arse. Cum was coming out slowly and Jane just stared as my cock came out all covered in my own cum. Layla slid off Jane and we all said how great it was and we should all meet up again. Outside we could see about 5 guys all coming over the windows as they all watched the show and another 2 guys were fucking at the driver’s side door. We said our goodbyes and exited the car to go to our own car and drive home.

The guys outside said fucking ace mate. Bring her again OK.

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The girl with a tattoo on her neck

I usually go for a walk into town most days for a bit of exercise and to get out of the house as I have my own internet business and need to get out at least once a day. Anyway, there a few people I see most days and although we don’t talk due to never being introduced we all see each other most days. There are several girls I see but there is one in particular that this story is about. Sometimes she has a couple of young kids with her 4 and a 1 year old and sometimes she is alone. She has short blond hair but that changes a lot as she is always re inventing her look with different hair colours or styles. Anyway, we do sort of fancy each other as I catch her smiling to herself sometimes like when our paths cross in the town or when I was in a health food shop and she was in the que directly in front of me she turned and we were so close I just smiled and she looked embarrassed and smiled as she turned away. We had never spoken up to this point as she has seen me with my wife and I have seen her wither husband and kids…. 

As I stood behind her in the que I saw she had a barcode type tattoo on the back or her neck and it made me think that she had at some point in the past been a hooker or had an interesting underworld past in Russia or whatever country she came from. She was tall about 5’ 10” and medium build but had lovely long legs and she used to always dress up in fishnet tights like today or some other sexy outfit.

That weekend my Asian wife Jane and I decided to go to Arousal the local swinger / fetish club in Dunstable and on this particular evening it was good because it was a couples only night and very limited single guys. Probably 20 couples and about 10 guys were wandering around and then I saw her sitting in the disco area in a corner…. It was the girl with the tattoo on her neck, with I assumed her husband. She saw me also and looked shocked and embarrassed as we caught each other’s eyes and I am sure I saw her smiling again. Throughout the evening I kept looking out for her and hoped I could watch her playing in one of the rooms with another couple or some guys.

My wife Jane was dressed in a short black skirt and had hold up black stockings and a tiny black g string. The girl was wearing a sort of one piece white swim suit but her breasts were exposed and this made her look a bit shy each time we passed in the club. Her husband was leading her around by the hand and I think they were fairly new to the scene and did not engage with anyone, they were just watching and roaming from room to room like we were also.  Jane does not go in for the full swap but does let guys touch her occasionally and we have had some very interesting group sessions over the last year.

I found myself following the girl and her husband around and tried to get as close to her  a few times but then they went into the cinema room and sat on a long sofa in a darkened corner. I stood with Jane in the doorway and watched for a while as I saw her partner start to play with her tits and place her hand on his cock. Immediately she looked over at me, sort of embarrassed as she knew I was watching her.  I said to Jane, let’s sit down for a while and went straight over to the sofa and sat next to the girl with the tattoo. She pretended not to know me, as I did also being with our respective partners.

I started to play with Jane and Jane had another couple on her right that were also squeezed onto the sofa, the girl was laying back and her boyfriend was between her legs on the floor with his head between her legs. Jane was watching intently and I could see she was getting turned on so I ran my hand up and down her leg and started to finger her a bit. Jane reached over to undo my zip to expose my cock and wank it while we watched the couple next to her. The girl with the tattoo was also so close to me that our arms and legs were touching often and I kept moving my own leg closer to her as Jane eased my hard cock out and I watched as the girl next to me was staring intently as Jane released my cock. I looked at the girl but her eyes were transfixed on my hard cock that Jane was now wanking with her tiny hands.

The girl was also wanking her husband and he was fondling her tits. I opened my legs a bit more so my leg touched her leg and to my surprise she did not move away. This was really horney as we had never spoken before but sort of knew each other and here we were sitting next to each other with her looking at Jane wanking my cock. I moved my hand so it was resting on my thigh but the back of my hand was also touching her thigh. She lay back and I could see her nipples were really hard and her husband had put his hand on her other thigh and was rubbing her inner thigh up to her pussy. She looks at me and I smile back and then he has pushed a finger inside her and she started pressing her leg more into mine. I pushed back and we were as close as we could ever be with our unsuspecting partners either side. When I looked back at Jane, she was now being touched on the leg by the guy licking out his girlfriend on the other side other. Jane was letting him touch her leg and then looked over at me as I was rubbing her other leg.

I slid my hand right up between her legs and pulled her g string to one side giving the guy on the floor a perfect view of her shaved pussy. Jane covered it quickly with her hand but I moved her hand back to my cock and said to her to let him see you babe. The girl next to me was now being fingered quite seriously by her husband and she had turned her body so bare tit was pressing into my arm… fucking hell I really want to touch her tits but her husband seems like he is a really jealous type and not into playing with other couples. I rubbed my arm up and down a bit, as he could not see and she responded by pressing her tit into my arm more. This went on for a few mins and then I saw her start to shake a bit and saw she was coming, her husband was frigging away at her pussy and I was rubbing her nipple with my arm… So sexy. When she calmed down a bit they both started watching Jane getting fingered by the guy on the floor and the girl next to Jane started kissing Jane on the mouth.

Jane was laying back now and I could see the girl on my other side looking at my cock and I just lay back so she could get a better look. Jane was getting well horney and was about to come and when the girl snogging her pushed her hand between Jane’s legs as well, she let out a long moan and started to come. Another 5 mins passed and the girl with the tattoo and her husband next to me got up and left the cinema room.  I then said to Jane, let’s have a walk about and get another drink.  Off we went and I was looking to see where the girl with the Tattoo and her husband were going and we ended up in the bar. I bought a couple of drinks and then saw them at the other side of the room. There was a group of people crowding round a girl getting groped in the middle while she was sucking a guy in front of her and her partner was fingering her pussy. The tattoo girl and husband were in the group crowding round watching and I saw a couple of guys try to touch the tattoo girl but her husband said something to them and they backed off.

The husband then led her away holding her hand and she caught me staring at her and I saw that inward smile again. A while later, we walked into a dark play area and I saw them again but this time looking through a shoulder high viewing window into where there was a  huge rubber coated bed type thing. It was about 4 metres square and had 4 couples on it all fucking and touching each other. I immediately stood next to her with Jane on my left and we were all watching the couples play through the window. The room behind us was nearly pitch black and there were various smaller rooms  without doors where couples were playing and guys trying to get in on the action.

I started to move closer to the tattoo girl and I could see she was smiling to herself again. Jane had my cock out and I had a hand behind her up her skirt fingering her pussy as we watched. Tattoo girl was now pressing her tit into my arm again as her husband on the other side could not see. I moved my arm against her nipple again and made her shiver with my secret rub. I then moved my hand around her back and just stroked her back and arse and then gave her bum a quick squeeze. She did not move and I thought, she likes this so I ran my hand around to the side and gently stoked her thigh and then pressed my arm into her tit again. Jane was getting really wet now and said she needed the loo so I said I will wait here as it is just next door to this room. As she left, I placed my hand again of the tattoo girl’s bum and this time caressed it for a while longer to see her reaction.

I love touching arses, especially the little soft area at the top off the legs just under the buttocks. As I slid my hand down, I noticed her husband was still intently watching through the window so I pushed my hand more daringly between her legs from the back and to my amazement saw her open her legs a bit more so as I could finger her from behind. OMG this is heaven, I am fingering her and her husband does not know. She started to move a bit as I was obviously working her up and she was getting soaking wet. Her pussy juice was running down my fingers so I pulled my hand away and moved it up to my mouth where she looked directly at me as I put my fingers in my mouth and licked her juices off. She had her mouth open in surprise and then I put my hand back between her legs at the back.

Now I grabbed her arm slowly with my left hand and moved her hand onto my cock, she was a bit reluctant at first cos she was obviously scared that her husband may see but as it was so dark, it was virtually impossible so I tugged her hand again and placed it onto my hard cock. She gripped it and then started to squeeze it and rub my balls and then wank me slowly so as  he would not notice what she was doing. She looked me in the eye and raised her eyebrows and gave me a look that was meant to ask “where is your wife” I smiled and nodded towards the doorway and she looked very scared but was still holding my cock. I had two fingers in her now and nobody could see and her husband was still looking through the window. I then though shit, Jane will be back in a minute so while I was fingering her I pushed another finger into her arse and that sent her over the top and she started shaking and I am sure she squirted on the floor. Her husband turned around and she pretended to want to go to the loo and they then exited the viewing room.

Jane appeared soon after and we went to find some more action in the club. About an hour later, I saw the tattoo girl and her husband in the play room where he had her bent over a horse box whilst her hands were tied down. He was behind her and using a few of the whips and paddles on her arse while a group of guys were crowding around and watching. I manoeuvred Jane to the front of the horse box so as the tattoo girls head was directly in front of us. She looked up shocked and as she did so, Jane had already unzipped my cock as was wanking it again, this time directly in front of the tattoo girls head. I smiled and placed my hand behind Jane and started to finger her from the back so tattoo girl could see also. I know how to make Jane squirt but needed some more stimulation to make her come. A couple of guys were also behind us and were watching me finger Jane.  I motioned to one of them that he could touch her if he wanted and soon he was rubbing her tit from the other side and I let the other guy take my place with his hand between Jane’s legs. I moved my hand to the front and as he 3 of us were playing with Jane, I saw the tattoo girl watching Jane wank my cock a few inches from her face.

I knew Jane was about ready to come as she was squeezing my cock a bit too hard and she always does this when about to come. I moved my hand to the front and slid two fingers into her pussy and started to finger her hard and fast to make her come and hopefully squirt. The guy at the back was now wanking his cock and rubbing it on Jane’s back, the other guy was doing the same but now sucking on Jane’s left tit. I kept up the frigging and all of a sudden she wailed and came with a massive gush of piss. I moved my hand and the piss was streaming down just to the side of tattoo girls head. I was also ready to come and Jane kept squeezing and pulling my cock until I just could not hold back anymore. Tattoo girls face was directly in front of me and as I came a hot jet of come hit her directly on the cheek. She was staring at me open mouthed and I so wanted to put my cock into her mouth. Jane had now let go of my cock and had nearly collapsed so I moved forward a bit as we turned to leave and made sure my cock touched tattoo girls face.

I was sure I felt her tongue licking my cock head as I moved close to her face and then saw her licking her lips as we walked away. As we walked away, I looked back and saw tattoo girls husband had pulled her swimsuit aside and had her pussy exposed. Guys were wanking all around and he was fingering her arse with gel and I am sure he was trying to get his fist in her. She was unable to stop him and although several guys tried to touch her and offer their cocks to her mouth he was not letting anyone touch her.

The evening ended a while later and we went to get our coats to drive home. On the way home Jane mentioned to me if I noticed that guy with the tattoo girl and how they did not want to play with anyone. I said yes, they must be newbies and maybe next time they will play a bit more.

A week goes by and who do I end up bumping into in the que at Tesco, the tattoo girl. She was in front of me and wearing a waist length jacket, knee length skirt and flesh coloured tights. She see me and then looks embarrassed and I just lean forward and whisper in her ear.. Nice legs…  She looks at me and then says thank you. I said, where are you from and she just said Regas. I think it is in Lithuania but who cares..  Do you go to the club in Dunstable often? She said no it was their first time. I said my names Dave and my wife is Jane. I did not want to come across as trying to pick her up so told her my wife’s name. She smiled and as she was about to get served, I quickly asked if she would like a lift home with her shopping as I knew she always walked to the town centre and back.

She said OK and then waited for me to finish paying for my own stuff. Then we were walking along on our way to the car park. I was thinking fucking hell this is a bit weird, we are all alone and on my way to the car park. I asked her name and she said Tatianna and where are your kids today? Oh my friend takes them to the nursery with her kids and tomorrow I do for her, so we get some free time for shopping without the kids running around.

She asked me what I did as she was always seeing me walking in the town or driving past her on my way home. I said, I have a couple of internet businesses and like to get out in the daytimes for a while. We arrived at the car and started to exit the car park, where do you live I asked, she said I thought you know, you always see me walking near my home… Yes but I don’t know exactly. I show you she answered and off we go. On the way I ask her, what about your husband, what does he do? He works in London for computer company she answered. Did you enjoy the club the other night? She looked at me all embarrassed and said of course… and I liked when you finger me in the dark room. Really, I said, yes, you make me come and he nearly catch you with your fingers in me. He is very strict Russian man and not let anyone touch me.

As we approached her road, she said, I live in house on corner but you cannot come in house with me, my friend live two houses away and will see you. Go at back of house and I open back gate.

OMG this is going to be an interesting afternoon, I let her out and she walks the rest of the way with her shopping. I drive ahead and go round the back to the garages area. A few mins later I see her open a gate so out I jump and go into her rear garden and then the house. As soon as we are in the house I said to her, what about your children? They come home at 3.30. How are you feeling now I asked her, scared she answered, why is that, cos you know what we did in the club the other night. Your wife know she asked… No, she is ok with playing but I did not want her to see me touching you.. She smiled and I pulled her towards me. Her coat was unbuttoned and I put an arm around her waist and kissed her on the mouth. She responded straight away by grabbing my cock through my jeans and I slid my hand down between her legs whilst still snogging her face.

Her coat fell to the floor and she was on her knees undoing my flies and getting my hard cock out. She started to lick and suck and had a hand under my balls and was squeezing them really hard. I could see she was really horney and she then said, why you come on my face in the club? I said because your face looked so beautiful in front of me and I wanted to put it in your mouth then but my wife was standing next to me and I don’t think your husband would have let me. Yes she answered, he is very possessive and not let anyone touch us. She is now trying to get my cock down her throat and I am thinking this is incredible. I grab her head and pull her away and said please stop you’re gonna make me come. As she stood up I put my hand between her legs and started to feel her pussy through the tights and knickers. She started to kiss me on the mouth again and I somehow got my hand into the top of the tights and was now going down into her knickers and fingering her wet slit. One finger at first but then two and then I can reach her arse hole. I slide the tip inside her arse and she squirms, I then tell her to get undressed. She pulls away and goes to close the curtains and then peels off her white blouse and unhooks her bra so I can see her stunning 36 c tits released.

Standing now in just her tights and knickers I said leave them on for a while, I love tights. She kneels on the sofa looking over her shoulder and looks me in the eyes. Her hand is inside her tights and she is fingering herself while kneeling on the sofa with her back to me. I drop my jeans and pants and take of my shirt and walk to the sofa. My cock is sticking out and she has a couple of fingers inside herself now. I bounce my cock on her arse a few times and rub between her legs with my hand again. Then I slowly pull the tights down to expose her arse and wet pussy. I pull them down to her knees and then part her arse cheeks to watch her fingering herself a bit more.

I get down on my knees and hold her cheeks apart while I start to tongue her arse and pussy from the back. I nearly make her come with my mouth and fingers and then kneel up and start to rub the head of my cock up and down her slit. She reaches down between her legs and grabs hold of my cock and pulls me into her pussy. It slides in and we start to fuck, what an amazing tight pussy, I finger her arse while we are fucking and this seems to send her wild.  I then pull out and place the head to her arse and slowly start to push in. It goes in no problem and I say so you like it here then… she answers my husband likes to push his hand inside, really I said, so pulled out and pushed a few fingers inside. They went in easy so I tried four fingers and it was easy. Next I pushed my fist in her arse and it all went inside and she started to moan and reached round and pulled my arm back and forth so as to fist fuck her arse.

This was incredible and she must have come a couple of times when all of a sudden there was banging at the front door. OMG she said, my friend come with kids, quickly, you go out back door. I quickly get dressed and before I slip out slip out to my car through the back garden I ask her when she is going to the club next? She says, husband maybe go again but he no want to play, but he is away on business with his job next week for 3 days. Can I come to club with you and your wife? I said well I would love to if I can somehow find a way to get you and my wife to become friends..  Please do that Dave she said and I was out the door.

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First time experience of Voyeur

I have to write this down on my note app on my phone as it all happened this evening.

My house has a long garden and a shed at the end. Beyond that is about 5 metres of bushes an trees. Beyond that used to be waste land but last year a school has been built even though all the residents in the area rejected it. Now every morning and at 3-30 pm the street is chock a block with cars and is a parking nightmare.

Anyway… I have just come out of my shed at 7 pm and because it is winter can see through all the bushes and trees directly into the 2 story school. Obviously the kids are all gone but they leave all the lights on till about 9 pm every night. I am looking through the bushes and can see into one of the class rooms that in spring and summer would be impossible due to all the bushes and trees. 

There is a girl laying back on a desk with her legs open and rubbing her pussy over her black knickers.  Her black skirt is pulled up and there are 3 maybe 4 guys standing around her watching.  My view is limited by anyone who stands directly by the windows but they are all at the sides of her.

It looks like she is teasing them but I cannot make out if she is a cleaner or an student.  She looks like a student but at 7 pm I’m thinking cannot be, she must be working with these guys as an office cleaner.! Anyway, these guys are standing around her and I run back to the house to get my binoculars. .. Now I can see much better and she has now pulled up her top and her breasts are exposed and het knickers are pulled to one side. There are flashes of light so someone must be taking pictures. 

A guy is now clearly wanking his cock near her head and another is on the floor between her legs and is about to start licking her pussy.  Two more guys are stroking her legs and holding them open for the guy kneeling down.

Now an older woman has entered the room …. OMG  have they been caught and is the show gonna end.. everyone seems to be focusing their attention on this woman who has just entered the room. A few minutes pass and the guy between her legs starts licking and the guy with his cock out wanking puts his cock In  the girls mouth.

She seems to be enjoying the attention and has now got hold of the guys cock by her head and is seriously sucking him off. The older woman looks like a teacher is now standing the other side of the girls head watching her give head to the guy. Now she is rubbing her own pussy and it looks like has a couple of fingers in her own pussy with her knickers pulled over. Fucking hell is this really happening.. I look down  the garden and everything is quiet In  my house so I now have my own  cock out and wanking as I watch.

The older women has now mounted the desk and is kneeling down with her pussy over the young girls face. Another guy is stroking her leg and then her pussy. Now he is fingering the older woman quite fast and after a minute or so the teacher is squirting or pissing all over the young girls face.

There is a guy holding her face still as the young girl is trying to turn her head. Now it looks like the older woman has taken control of the group. She is face sitting the young girl and the guys are all in a line at the young girls pussy end. I have no idea what is being said but my cock is about to explode as I hold the binoculars in one hand and my cock in the other.

A guy moves forward and has his cock lined up with the young girls pussy.. looks like he is inside her. Another guy is now moving behind the older women.  He is fondling her tits from behind and the older two guys are at the side of the young girl wanking and playing with her very small breasts… surly this is a fellow cleaner and cannot be a student so late at night.  The older woman is now face fucking the girl and the guy behind her, it looks like is fingering her arse or pussy. 

The young girl now has two cocks in her hands, one each side and the guy behind the older woman is about to fuck her from behind. I am trying my hardest not to shoot mg load all over the floor at the side of the shed.  The guy fucking the girl stands back and another guy steps forward… he is now inside the girl.. the older woman  is still sitting on  the girls face and looks like she is being fucked in the arse from behind.

Fucking hell this is amazing and I have to come down  to the  shed every night.. maybe even get to know one of their group and get to join in… OMG they now have the girl turned over and in a 69 with the tea her underneath.  A guy has parted the girls arse cheeks and has his head and tongue in her. The teacher is being licked out by the girl and the guys hands are all over her.

I’m coming. … fucking hell this is so Horney and I cannot hold back.

A guy is now on the desk above the girl and is about to fuck her… he is huge and I can see the girl wince as he must have entered her arse… now he is pumping away…. the teacher is squeezing his balls and looks like trying to finger his arse.

The girl is now shaking and obviously cumming as the teacher is tonguing  her pussy and a big cock is in her arse.   I focus my binoculars onto the teachers face and can see piss gushing out of the girl on to her face. The teacher pulls the girls arse cheeks open and towards her face. The guys at the side are coming all over the two women….

Looks like I will be spending a lot of time behind my shed.

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British Indian – First time swinging club


This is a completely true story. Both my wife and I are British Asians of Indian descent. I have always fantasised about fucking a white women. Until recently, I didn’t realise that not only did my wife fantasised about fucking a white guy, but a few at one time.

To cut a very long story short, we decided that life was too short and that we would both fulfil our fantasies, starting first with my wife’s fantasy. My wife has long straight hair and a beautiful body. She has a pierced nipple and a very thin line over her pussy. Otherwise it is mostly shaven. WE decided that the only way that we could achieve Rupa’s fantasy was to go to a swinging party/club. So having looked on the internet we headed to a place up north so nobody would recognise us. Rupa dressed in a very skin hugging low cut black dress with no knickers. We got to the place and walked in. It was almost only full of young guys, mostly shaven headed with tattoos. I immediately thought of leaving but we decided to head to the bar.

Everybody was staring at us. After 10 mins I needed to go to the toilet and so reluctantly went after Rupa assured me everything would be ok. When I came back there were 6/7 guys around her, with what seemed like the “leader” talking with her. I pushed myself to the front. By this time I was having second thoughts and wanted to leave. However, Rupa was enjoying the attention she was getting but saw I was uncomfortable with the situation and having second thoughts. So very annoyingly, she asked me to sit at the other bar and even more so because the leader ordered me to do it! Rupa nudged me to go . I watched from the other bar. I could see two or three of them starting to rub her leg. As they dd that, Rupa moved her legs apart. As she dd so, the leader started moving his hands up her leg and within a few moments was kissing her on the lips whilst one guy was rubbing hr breasts. Next thing I knew, the leader started leading her by the hand around the corner. There was a big bed in the room. He put her on the bed and took hs trousers off. He lifted her dress around her waist and removed the top half of the dress. He then started licking her completely sodden wet pussy – seriously, it was literally dripping. Rupa was clearing enjoying herself. He then took his huge cock and started to slide in. I don’t think she had ever had a cock so very big and at first her face contorted with pain. The other guys started shouting “fuck her hard” .Oddly enough this really turned me on. He then started to fuck very hard whilst pinning her hands firmly down. Rupa started panting hard and ths turned to little screams – her eyes closed, enjoying it. He then turned her over and started to fuck her from behind. Her tits were flopping all over the place as he rammed his cock really hard into my wife. Some of the guys who were wanking moved to the front. One thrust his cock into her mouth. It was an amazing sight watching her being roasted. After the guy had finished, another guy took over. I could see that her fanny was red raw. So when he had finished I got Rupa to put her clothes on. Some of the guys stated swearing and trying to pull her back. As things were getting a bit hairy we quickly left. Rupa sad that she came at least 4/5 times and loved having cock in her mouth and fanny. We are now planning to fulfil my fantasy. I want to fuck a white woman very hard and very roughly. I have had a few offers from ads I have put in and am reviewing those. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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When I fucked my mates wife in Thailand

Dee was having issues with her husband and had called me after a massive row.. I was sitting in a bar with an old friend in Phuket on the waterfront when I get this phone call from Dee.

Dee was 24 and had this really posh accent.. Perfect body and sexy with fantastic boobs and always wore small tight shorts and a t shirt with no bra.. I used to take her to the internet shop on my bike sometimes when her husband john was not able to take her as he was sometimes busy meeting clients at hotels in Thailand. I always loved feeling her breasts pressing into my back on the bike and looking down at her bare legs at the side as we were riding along.. Although we used to flirt I never made a move on her as she was my mate’s wife. Once we were sitting at Mc Donald’s on the beach front in Phuket and she asked me if guys thought about sex as often as her.. I said well what do you mean and she said.. she thought about it all the time.. every few minutes all day long.. So back to the story.. I get this call a few days later and she was in tears and saying they just had a massive row and she had left him and did not know where to go.. I said don’t worry, meet me outside the Banana disco on the beach road..

When I approached the meeting place I saw her walking towards me crying and so we sat down and I let her tell me the story and help her get it all off her chest. Well after an hour or so and a couple of drinks I said to her so where are you going to stay tonight.. she said she had no money and just walked out without taking anything with her.. So I said well I have just split up with my girlfriend last week and am staying at a cheap condo hotel in the Bangla road so if you want to you could stay there for the night and then decide what to do about him and your stuff in the morning.

She agreed and I then said to her, why don’t we go back to the room and get some food and drinks and watch a movie.. She said OK and off we went on my bike to a 7 eleven and bough some snacks and a bottle of Thai whisky and some coke…
Once in the room she went to the bathroom and I made up two whisky and cokes (that’s what everyone drinks in Thailand as the Thai whisky is very cheap and strong). Once out of the bathroom I gave her a drink and she sat on the edge of the bed… I said do you want to watch a movie and she said yes why not so I can take my mind off things.. I found a movie and it was Dirty rotten scoundrels with Steve Martin. Anyway, I remember the beginning but not much more because of what happened next..

I went into the bathroom and while having a piss saw that she had taken off her knickers and had washed them out and left them to dry on the radiator in the bathroom…I thought that’s a bit weird.. She was wearing a tight white t shirt and some really small tight black lycra hot pants… obviously now with no knickers underneath. I had a shirt and my jeans on and when I came out of the bathroom she was sitting on the edge of the bed facing the TV and video player trying to get the video to play. I lay down behind her and the movie started.. She then lay down also so we were both watching the movie on the tv beside the bed and I was behind her watching it over her shoulder.

After about 10 mins I got up and made another two whisky and cokes and saw her take a couple of big gulps and then lay back down… I got back on the bed and was looking at her laying there next to me and then I just casually put my hand on her hip. She did not move or push my hand away so after a few mins I slowly started to slide my hand down over her hips and then back up to her belly at the front. I heard her sigh and then she lay back into me so we were sort of cuddling with me behind her and my hand was on her belly.

Then I moved my hand up under her t shirt and started to touch her nipples and breasts and again she sighed and pressed her bum into my cock which was not getting very aroused.. This lasted for about 3 – 4mins and then she just turned her head and started kissing me on the mouth and more or less trying to eat my face.. She had two hands on my head and was chewing my lips and really getting into some deep oral kissing and tonguing. She then sat up and just pulled her t shirt up and over her head and threw it on the floor… I could not believe my eyes as she lay back down and pulled me back down to continue eating my face… My hands were all over her and then I was sucking on her nipples while she was climbing on top of me… we were rolling around and I could not believe how horney this girl was and I had one hand up the leg of her tiny lycra shorts and my fingers were in her pussy while we were kissing and she was trying to undo my belt of my jeans….

I pushed her back on the bed and knew we were going to have a wild evening and got hold of her shorts and just pulled them straight off.. She was on her back and I was kneeling down in front of her and lifted her legs up so I could get my hands on her arse cheeks and just pulled her towards me so her pussy was in my face and I started to lick and kiss her while she was thrashing about and I had her legs pinned down and bent double on the bed. I was driving her wild with my tongue and she was not clean shaven but had about 3 days of hair starting to grow and it looked so sexy. My hands were massaging her arse and pulling her pussy deeper into my face and then I moved them round to her front and started to squeeze and play with her breasts and hard nipples…

All of a sudden she wriggled away and said she had to go pee…. I did not want to stop but had no choice as she was off the bed in a flash and into the bathroom… As she sat there having her pee with the door open… I walked in and stood in front of her and took down my jeans.. As I stepped out of them she was grabbing my erect cock through the boxer shorts and then pulled me towards her and got my cock out and stared sucking and licking and kissing it while she was still sitting on the toilet seat… I put my hand down between her legs and started to rub and finger her and as she was still pissing it was so hot and sexy that she started to come while I was fingering her….

When she finished coming and relaxed a bit I went back to the bed and she quickly washed herself a bit and come running out of the bathroom and just straddled me on the bed… The kissing started again but this time was even more intense as she was like a bitch on heat and could not get enough… She had me pinned down and I had a hand between her legs and was trying to get a couple of fingers in her but she was amazingly tight… She then had hold of my cock and was wanking and pulling it and then quickly turned around while still on top of me and was now sucking and literally chewing on my cock… I had hold of her head and told her to go a bit easy as teeth were not the most pleasurable experience with a girl who was going crazy on your cock… All she kept saying was “god I love cock” … “I want to suck your cock all night”.. “are you going to fuck me you’re your cock you dirty bastard” seemed like she was a real dirty talker as well.

I somehow managed to push her off and get her to lay on her back so I could move a bit more but she quickly wrestled me back to the dominating position where she was on top of me again and pulling and sucking me from the top. I had her pussy right over my face and her thighs were each side of my head so I just pulled her arse cheeks apart and licked and sucked on her wet and tight slit… I was fingering her and licking her arse and all the time she was moaning and pressing her pussy deep down onto my face. It was so horny having this young 24 yr old stunning girl sitting on my face and wanking my cock that I could not help but come in her mouth and she just went even more crazy and gripped it tight and held her moth on my cock trying to suck every last drop of cum from me..

That was just the beginning as this went on for a good few hours and we did so many things to each other it all became a blur…. At one point I was fucking her on top and she had a finger in my arse and was squeezing my balls and I pulled out and kneeled between her legs as she reached down and started to rub her own pussy… I said yes let me see you do that to yourself so she was laying there with eyes closed and the looking at me rubbing between her legs and then going faster with her hand. I then said I was going to come and shot my come all over her leg and this sent her over the edge and she started to come and moan loudly while fingering herself in front of me…

Later we were laying down and I was fucking her slowly from behind and my cock slipped out so I reached down to put it back in and it went into her arse…… She moaned and said oh my god… I have never had that before… Do you like it I asked and she just moaned and I continued to fuck her arse for a good 10 to 15 mins…. Then we must have drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours because I woke to find her sucking away at my erect cock again… Wow.. this girl is amazing and insatiable but I’m not complaining… She looked up at me and said do you have any sexy videos with you… I said yes of course (her husband used to borrow some in the past so she knew I had some)

I jumped up and went to put one on and it was of a slim English girl in a car with 3 guys who were all fucking her as the car was going along…. She was watching the video and i was behind her fingering her pussy and her arse while she was reaching behind me and pulling on my cock.. I must have got about 3 fingers in her pussy and she was going wild watching the action on the screen while I was fingering her arse and pussy. Next thing was she had sat up and got on top of me again and was now guiding my cock into her tight willing pussy while still looking at the movie and down at me.. She was going wild and then started kissing me on the mouth again but really hard and biting my lips and it was fucking hurting. She started to bounce up and down on my cock really hard now and I had hold of her hips to hold her steady but also to stop her banging down on me so hard… This woman was like a mad nymphomaniac and although it was great fun, sexy and erotic to start with.. Now it was getting painful and I could see she was desperately trying to make herself come on my cock… I reach around behind her and pushed a finger into her arse and then pulled her down on top of me so I could control the fucking a bit better.. Again she was biting my shoulder and face and lips and I was pushing into her fast and then slow and then fast and had my finger just teasing her arse when all of a sudden I started to pull her dowe hard and thrusting into her deeply and pushed my finger right into her arse… she let out the wild scream that you would not believe… I am sure the rooms next to us though I was trying to kill her as she was screaming so load and as she came it was incredible….

After that session we cleaned up a bit and she had a shower and then she wanted to watch another sexy movie…. I could not believe it… she must have come about 8 or 9 times during the night and morning sessions but still wanted more… So again I put a movie on and was laying behind her again and she was now fingering herself and asking me to kiss her back so I started to kiss her neck and then her shoulders and she had about 4 fingers in her pussy when all of a sudden she come and this time squirted all over the bed…. I put my had onto her pussy and the piss was going all over the place while she just lay back with her eyes closed and I had 3 fingers deep inside her while the piss was still coming out…

Then the phone started ringing and we looked at each other and burst out laughing…. I looked at the phone on the table and could see that the caller was her husband John (my mate), we ignored it but after a few more mins it started again… and this time I said I had better answer it… Of course he started telling me his version of last night’s argument and how Dee had walked out and he did not know where she was….

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