Sexting with my ex

Background info .

Jane was 25 and in the Philippines when we met. I was 42 and over the next 4 years we were very happy and had some great times at many Fetish / swinger clubs in the UK.

Unfortunately, she had an affair with her driving instructor and got pregnant! So we divorced. I re-married a couple of years later and still keep in contact with her at Xmas and birthdays as we had a really good 4 years together and I must admit, some of the horniest experiences of my life with Jane.  

Anyway, back to the story, the other night, I was feeling horney, as my wife is not into sex anymore and In a drunken moment, sent Jane a text…

M: Hi Babe, How you doing? Saw you was with your daughter and Colin (the driving instructor) and your sister Rey in Cebu last week on Facebook.

Jane: Yes we were on holiday for 3 weeks visiting my family. Long time no contact. So are you happy now? and where you living?

me: I’m living in Thailand now and semi retired. Have a hotel to run, so busy as usual.

Jane: You must love living there again with all the stories you told me about your last ex wife and what you did together.

Me: LOL, well its been a long time now babe and many more stories to tell but I keep thinking about you and when we used to go to the Fetish clubs in London.

Jane: I think about that too but it seems so long ago.

me: So are you still having problems with him?

Jane: No not really, he’s a good guy and dad but we don’t do anything together. I just see my friends and he works driving lorries all night.

Me: So he is driving lories now?

Jane: Yes…a few years now.

Me: Don’t you have a part time boyfriend then… if you’re so unhappy with him.?

Jane: No… What about you?

Me: No, I don’t have girlfriend. I’m very happy with my wife buf the only problem is.. She doesn’t like sex.

Jane: LOL me too, I don’t remember when we last had sex together… He’s weird and just not interested.

Me: Same same, I just watch sexy movies or wank thinking about you and what we used to do in the clubs in London.

Jane: I just see my friends and look after my daughter now. My sister was asking about you when we were in the Philippines last month.

Me: Really… Why is that babe?

Jane: I think she fancies you

Me: Well babe, I did think about linking up with her up after we split up, as I knew she fancied me.

Jane: What do you mean?

Me: Well, you know what she did one evening after she came home from work?

Jane: No ! what did she do?

Me: Well you were in the kitchen and she came in your mum and dads house and sat opposite me in the arm chair and we started chatting. She had just split up with her boyfriend and was living at home with her new born baby.

Jane: Yes I remember, so what did she say?

Me: Nothing I can remember.but she was wearing that really short skirt and tights and her tits were huge and leaking milk and she was so small, 21 yrs old and so sexy..

Jane: I don’t understand. So what happened?

Me: Well she was sitting opposite me and I remember her opening and closing her legs?

Jane: What!

Me: Hey it was not me… she was coming on to me! Are you getting jealous?

Jane: No, So what happened?

Me: Well she was sitting in the armchair in front of me and was parting her legs so i could see right up her skirt. She was doing it on purpose and looking me directly in the eyes. I knew she saw me looking and it was turning her on. Her tits started leaking again and she covered them with her hands but opened her legs wider as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. I could see up her short skirt to her little white knickers and pussy.

Jane: What happened next?

Me: I reached down and touched her leg but your dad walked in the room and and saw what she was doing and sent her upstairs to change.

Jane: You dirty bastard. So you fancy my sister then?

Me: No but at the time it was really horny and she was always rubbing her leg against mine when we sat together.

Jane: She has a new boyfriend now but still asks me about you.

Me: What I want to know is.. What have you been doing cos I know you told me a couple of years ago you were not happy with him.

Jane: We had a lot of problems cos he is so jealous. So now, I do my own thing and he does his.

Me: so where are you now babe,

Jane: At home

Me: And are you alone?

Jane: No, I’m on the computer and he is watching tv.

Me: My wife has gone out for the evening with her friends. Can you send me a picture please?

Jane: What sort of picture? I know you… you dirty bastard…

Me: Send me a shot of your tits or go to the bathroom and send me a pussy shot…. hmmmmmm

Jane: I can’t do that, he’s sitting on the sofa opposite me.

Me: Do you get turned on when we chat like this?

Jane: Yes

Me: Do you remember when we were in the club in London and my mate gave us some sweets and his wife was not with him that night.

Jane: When you asked me to let him play with us and I sucked his big fat cock. LOL

Me: Yes and he told me a year later you were letting him finger you while we were walking from room to room in the club.

Jane: OMG… I don’t remember much because we had taken the sweets and I was so turned on.

Me: Remember when there were 5 guys crowding around us and I had your tits out and legs open and was fingering you as that old guy stepped forward and cum right in front of us?

Jane: Yes and Gary’s cock was so wide I could not get my hand or mouth around it..

Me: You getting wet babe? Bet you’re rubbing your pussy now?

Jane: He keeps looking over at me so I can’t. … I’m by the computer.

Me: My cock is so hard now chatting with you. Go to the bedroom and send me a picture of your tits please?

Jane: Ok but I want to see your cock then.

Me: Did you get the pic?

Jane: hhhmmmm Yes. You look so big and why is it all sticky… are you using gel?

Me: Yes and I had a couple of sweets so feeling well horny. Just seen your pic…. Oh babe your tits are still amazing and your nipples are hard. What about a pussy shot babe?

15 mins pass and then a pic comes through with Jane sitting on the bed in tights and no knickers with her legs open.

Me: What happened?

Jane: He nearly caught me taking a pic of my pussy so I told him I was taking a shower then going to bed.

Me: So you gonna play while I tell you another true story? Get nice and wet and then send me a pussy shot. But you gotta tell me a true story as well. OK?

Jane: OK, you know I love hearing your stories but not the made up ones. Tell me a true story.

Me: Are you shaved or hairy now?

Jane: Shaved… Tell me about what else you did with my sister?

Me: That evening when your dad caught her flashing me her pussy up her short skirt, I was coming out of the shower and she was in the hallway so I let my towel fall open and she stared at my cock. She could not look away..

Jane: You dirty bastard… you were teasing her LOL.

Me: Yes I wanted to show her I was interested but you were always around so couldn’t do anything at the house. So remember when she called you a few days later and said she was gonna be late home and I was in town?

Jane: Yes I remember

Me: Well, I saw her at the print shop she worked at in the mall just befote she finished and offered her a taxi ride home with me but when in the taxi she snuggled up to me and was getting really touchy feely so I put my arm around her and she pressed her tits into me and held my hand. Next thing was, she said, can we go to the viewpoint before we go home. That’s when she rang you.

Jane: Ok… go on

Me: I started to touch her tits with my other hand and she started kissing me on the mouth.

Jane: What…. she really fancied you then!

Me: and I had got a hand in her blouse and she was trying not to let the driver see what we were doing. Then she told the driver to go to the viewpoint instead of home. Anyway I carried on snogging her in the back and the driver was smiling and watching in the mirror. Reya said, the driver is watching us…. so I told her it was dark outside and in the back of the car, I’m sure he can’t see anything so we carried on. She was getting really turned on and I had her blouse unbuttoned and had my hand inside her bra playing with her swolen tits. They were huge with big nipples leaking milk. I started sucking one and slid my hand down over her belly and she just grabbed my hand and said no the driver will see. I said, don’t worry he doesn’t know you and it’s more fun with someone watching . She giggled and said… What you want him to watch us!

Jane: So you were doing my sister in a taxi and you love being watched LOL! Here’s another pic coming… I’m in bed and soaking wet you dirty bastard…

Me: So I put a hand on her knee and opened her legs a bit. She had that short skirt on with black tights. I got my hand between her thighs and started sucking on her nipple. She started moaning so I kissed her on the mouth again and I got my hand on her pussy and was rubbing it over the tights. I remember it being so fucking hot and she was squirming around. The driver must have had a hard on cos she had her legs wide open and I was inside the top of her tights and going into her soaking wet hairy pussy.

Jane: She is very hairy down there…. Did you get the pic? God your making me so fucking horny. What did you do next?

Me: wow love the pic… your pussy is shaved smooth and I want to eat it. Hhhhmmmmmm

Your sister was letting me finger her and was laying across the taxi back seat with her legs wide open and then taxi pulled into the car park of the hilltop view point. Find a quiet spot I told the driver. He parked up and turned off the lights and engine and turned around to see what we were doing.

Your sister was about to cum as I was fingering her fast, i was trying to make her squirt like you do when i do that. and she said… He’s watching us OMG. I said calm down and let’s give the poor driver a good show and started kissing her again.
Let’s show him your tits and I opened her blouse and pulled her bra up.

The driver stared open mouthed and said mama mia she is beautiful.
How old is she sir?
21 I answered, and she has just had a baby… look at all the milk coming out. I squeezed her tits and milk was squirting out and I just told her to relax and motioned for him to touch them.

Jane: You let the taxi driver touch my sisters tits!

Me: Yes babe LOL you know what i like, and I know you have your fingers in your pussy now and I want you to push a finger in your arse as well, imagine I am there doing it to you like before.

Jane… What happened next?

Me: I let the driver play with her tits and she just closed her eyes and let him while I went back inside her tights and fingered her some more. She started to really like it so I pulled her tights down some more and she tried to stop me. But the driver was leaning over and sucking on her tits now and I managed to get her knickers and tights down to her knees.

Jane: You bastard… you made me come but don’t stop..

Me: The driver was looking at me parting her legs and I nodded for him to touch her legs and pussy. Your sister just cum again as soon as he fingered her.

We let her calm down a bit and for the next 20 mins, she was letting us do whatever we wanted to her. I peeled off the rest of her clothes and we had her naked on the back seat with legs wide open and taking turns to finger fuck her and then I got undressed and made her 69 me with her on top so I could lick and taste her pussy while the driver played with her tits. The driver had his cock out and was trying to get her to suck him but she would not but she did wank him until he cum all over her tits and hand.

Jane: Is that a true story?

Me: Of course… ask your sister. Tell her I told you all about it and I’m sure she will admit it, to you anyway, it is all true. …. It happened a couple more times but that can be for another time. Now it’s your turn. Tell me a true story so I can stop texting and you can make me cum.

Jane: I don’t know many true stories. I only have one really but can’t talk about it…. as it’s too … well… not right I suppose. I never told anyone but suppose I can trust you so here goes.

When I went back to Cebu in Sept, I went alone and left him and my daughter at home as I had to go do some important stuff with lawyers and the house I bought for my mum and dad.

Me: Just sent you another cock shot… Like it? So what happened then?

Jane: It was with my dad’s friend.

Me: What! you went with your dad’s friend! How old was he? Tell me all the details. Did your dad know? Sorry…

Jane: LOL I knew that would turn you on. He is about my dad’s age 59 or 60 and always flirting with me when my dad was not around. He saw me in Robinsons mall and asked me to go for a coffee with him.

Me: So your dad did not know anything?

Jane: Of course not, he would kill me.

Me: So what happened?

Jane: Well he asked me if i wanted to go out that evening to the big casino and I said OK but just for a few hours or my dad would ask loads of questions cos he knows i’m married but alone in Cebu and night time!

Me: So how did you meet him? My cock is so hard babe… are you in the bed now and making yourself wet?

Jane: In my dressing gown on top of the bed and yes my pussy is shaved and really wet you made me cum twice. So I met him outside Robinsons at 4pm and he picked me up in his pick up truck. I was wearing a low cut beige dress and skin coloured tights and my uplift bra. He always is looking at my tits so I wanted to tease him. As we drove to the Casino he kept touching my arm and telling me how beautiful I was and did I like Casinos. I said yes.. what are we going to play?

He said…. Can we play a game?

What sort of game? I asked him.
Well what if I give you 10,000 pesos to play blackjack any game you like. If you win and you come out with more than 10,000 pesos, you can keep all the winnings.

What if I don’t win and lose your money?
Then we go to a hotel and you let me fuck you .

Me: And you agreed?

Jane Of course. I was bored and wanted to get out from my family for one evening. So at the casino he let me try all the different games and after about 30 mins I had lost about half of the money LOL. Then we went to play roulette and I won a lot back but then lost it all shortly after. He kept buying me drinks and I was feeling really drunk and he kept putting his arm around me and touching my tits and arse.

Me: So you knew he was gonna fuck you then?

Jane: well I had no choice, so I had another drink and he had to hold me up as we left the casino. He drove to a hotel and we went to the room and I just fell on the bed. He started to undress me and I remember him kissing me and he had his hand in my tights and fingering me.

Me: Fucking hell babe… he was your dads mate. Shit I’m gonna cum but want to hear what happened next.

Jane: I know but he would not stop and he had my dress undone and my tits out. He was fingering me and sucking on my tits and I was so drunk I just let him do it. Then he pulled my bra off and my tights and knickers so I was laying naked on the bed. He undressed and when I saw his cock it was huge.

Me: How big babe?

Jane: Bigger than you and really fat…. about 10 inches. I tried to wank him with one hand but I needed to use two hands, I was so drunk. He tried to make me suck him but I could not get it in my mouth. His cock head was too big. So he turned me around and started licking and fingering my pussy again and he made me come.

Me: Great story Jane, so what did he do next?

Jane: He made me kneel on the floor bent over the bed like a dog and was licking my arse and pussy again and then tried to get his cock inside me. OMG I’ m cumming now…

Me: Fucking hell Jane, So he got it inside you then?

Jane: Yes and it hurt at first but he held me down and just kept pushing and telling me to relax… then he got it in. He fucked me for 2 hours in all diferent positions and made me wank him into my mouth as well. I was so drunk I just let him do it.

Me: Great story Jane. Is that all ?

Jane: Well not really cos he wanted to see me again a few days later and said he would take me to dinner and a Ladyboy show at a big hotel.

Me: Did you go?

Jane: Yes but he had already booked a room there and his friend turned up for dinner after the show.

Me: And what happened babe?

Jane: Well he said his friend had just got divorced and he wanted to help him out. So he invited him to his room with me and I though we were just going to talk with him.
Me: Are you kidding me. Why did you go to his room with another guy!!

Jane: I know I’m a bit stupid sometimes, I should have suspected something. Anyway they both started kissing and touching me and…..

Me: What happened next babe?

Me: Jane are you still there?

15 minites go by and then I get another message from Jane

Jane: Can’t chat now. He came in and saw me fingering myself and started shouting.

Me: Where is he now?

Jane: I don’t know, downstairs I think. He’s coming back.

I did not text back but 20 mins later my phone rings.

Me: What happened Jane?

Man: Who is this?

Me: It’s Dave, I suppose you’re Jane’s new husband Colin!

Colin: Yes and I was watching her playing with herself on the bed and messaging you.

In the background…
I hear Jane shouting at him “give me my phone back”
He shouts back at her… not till I see what you two have been saying.
Phone goes dead and I am getting worried for Jane.
Another 20 mins and my phone rings but its a video call.

I answer and

Jane says – He’s read all the messages and seen the pictures i sent you, my open legs, tits and my pussy and your cock pictures. He said if I don’t do what he says now he will kick me out and take custody of my daughter….

Sobbing…. So what does he want you to do…?

Colin grabs the phone and says – not her… both of you. I want you to watch what I do with her while “YOU” (he shouts) Tell us another fucking so called true story.

He holds the phone camera towards the bed and Jane is laying naked and crying.

Colin: I’m gonna set up the camera so you can see the bed and I want you to do the same cos I want to see you as well.

Me: Fucking hell mate. Take it easy.. don’t hurt her she looks really upset.

Colin: UPSET – How do you think I fucking feel after reading about you and her and her fucking her dads friend and his fucking mate!

Me: OK calm down, Let me just get a beer and set up the camera on the desk.

I grab a budweiser and go over to my sofa.

Colin: Ok, I want to hear a story about what she did with you. SHOUTING AT JANE – What one shall we get him to tell us ay Jane?

Me: I know one….. when we went to a fetish club in London and she well both of us were high on E’s.

Colin: Yes she told me you made her take Ecstasy and do things to her in the clubs.

Me: Firstly mate, I never made her do anything! and we both took E’s the 1st time together, about a year into our marrige when we were both introduced to the clubs.

Colin: Whatever.. so tell me the true story and no fucking bullshit Ok.

Jane had stopped crying and was drinking a coke from a glass bottle and by the bed were some sex toys and dildos…

Colin: I am fucking angry as fuck but never been so turned on as I am tonight after seeing her fingering herself and reading all your fucking messages. So I want to see what it’s like with a threesome on the video cam. Open your legs babe and let Dave here see your little shaved pussy again.

Me: Fucking hell mate she still looks tight and how she got her dads mates cock in there is amazing. I used to love making her squirt when she comes.

Colin: Squirt! I’ve never seen her do that.

Me: Well me too until she took Ecstasy and we had sex in the clubs or the car on the way home. Let’s get her worked up a bit and then I will explain how to make her cum and squirt.. You better get a towel on the bed or we can do it while she is standing up in front of the phonecam.

Colin: – Jane, Play with that dildo while Dave here shares another story.

I watch as Jane starts pushing a flesh coloured dildo in and out of her pussy. He is laying next to her fondeling her tits and they are both watching me on my cam. I am naked on my sofa and start telling him about how I made Jane squirt for the 1st time in Arousal a fetish club in Dunstable.

We had taken a couple of sweets each (E’s) and walking around the club checking out the different rooms and watching couples and sometimes groups of guys playing with couples. We were in this dark room and some guy standing next to Jane was wanking his cock right next to her. She told me he kept rubbing it on her arm and hip. I said, let him do it a bit more and let him touch Jane.

Cos we were horny as hell and I was fingering her from behind, and Jane was wanking my cock as we watched about 3 couples fucking through a glass window. The room we were in was pitch black but this guy wanking next to Jane was trying to get us to invite him to play. Jane told me he was rubbing her arm so I exposed her tits and nodded for him to have a feel.

He started playing with her tits and I was still fingering her from behind so I whispered to Jane. Have a feel of his cock babe. She reached down and he let go of his own cock as Jane started wanking him. So now she was wanking us both while me and this guy were exploring her tits arse and pussy.

Jane was now being fucked in a spoon position facing the phonecam and I could see Colins cock going in and out while they both listened to me talking and they watched me wanking on my phone.

Back to the story.
This guy was now rubbing Jane’s arse and legs so I moved my hand away so he could explore between her legs. Jane just stood there and told me he was fingering her and she was gonna cum. I said, let him bring you off babe and I started fondling her tits and kissing her on the mouth. Suddenly Jane started moaning loadly as this guy had two fingers in her from the front and was frigging her really fast.

She screamed I’m cumming… oh no he ‘s making me pee. I slid my hand down to her pussy and she was squirting all over my hand and the floor. It was fucking the sexiest thing we had ever done. When Jane calmed down the guy thanked us for letting him join in and he left the room.

We then went for a walk about and ended up with 3 guys watching me fingering Jane in a dark corner while they all crowded round us and groped Jane’s tits and arse as I made her squirt again like the guy showed us in the dark room earlier.

Talking to the phone cam –
Me: Jane looks ready to cum so why don’t you make her squirt for us both… ?

Colin: What do you want me to do?

Me: Get Jane to stand at the end of the bed with her pussy facing your phone cam. Now open your legs Jane and let him finger you. You need to push 2 fingers in from the front and start frigging her fast with your fingers in as deep as you can.

Thats it. Keep doing that and she will cum and squirt but when she starts to pee… Keep your fingers inside and keep moving them fast.

Jane could not hold back as she remembered the story and was watching me cum at the same time on my sofa. She was gushing all over his hand and even when he did stop, she continued pissing all over their bedroom floor.

Colin: : Fucking hell Jane, your so turned on and if these stories are true, why don’t we make love anymore. Maybe we need to go check out these clubs or do you just like sex with other guys?

The phone cam goes off and I wonder what’s going to happen between them now.

Jane messaged me the next day and said he was like a man possessed after he turned off the phone, and he fucked her all night long.

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Asian wife shared with an old friend.

I had known Tony and Denise for about 20 years as we were mates from our school days. Tony married Denise when they were both 21 and had a couple of sons who had now left home and I had married my 1st wife around the same time but we divorced after 4 years.

We then lost touch for several years and I had met my Thai wife Pian and had lived in Bangkok for about 5 years. Our sex life was very active and we had tried everything. Sometimes we would pick up a girl in a bar to come home with us and sometimes a ladyboy or a hunky guy from a gay bar (not that I am gay but just so we could have a mmf 3 some.

We then moved back to the UK and one day I bumped into Tony in Mc Donalds in Bedford. We had a long catch up chat and swapped phone numbers. My new Thai wife was really small and petite and 32 yrs old while I was 40. She was 4′ 8″ and only 45 kgs with the most amazing body and tits with long 1/2″ nipples to die for. Her pussy was so small with no outer lips, just a slit and we kept it shaved for most of the time.

She absolutely loved sex and we used to have many sex sessions with her telling me all about guys who could not stop staring at her and we would fantasise in bed about picking a guy up who fancied her and having a 3 some or 4 some if they were married. Other times we would talk about real guys and girls we played together with in Thailand.
We had started seeing Tony and Denise quite regularly and Denise seemed to like Pian and went shopping together while Tony and I would have a few beers and chat about old times. Obviously the topic of Thai girls and what it was like living ib Thailand came up and Tony was asking loads of questions after I told him about what goes on there and our sexploits etc.

So you’re swingers then Tony asked. Well not really swingers like in the UK but we do like the Fetish clubs in London and play with couples and singles in the club but have never swapped partners and gone off separately. Well not here in the UK but in Thailand, one time Pian went to a hotel with this guy we picked up and I went back to our apartment with a girl we picked up..

That story is in another of my totally true stories but this one is about my old mate Tony.

Tony admitted that although he loved Denise they had not had sex in years and Denise was not interested anymore.

Oh sorry to hear that mate I said, why don’t you come with us to club rub in London next week with Denise, it may get your love life re ignited.

No way Tony said, she’s really not into anything like that.

As the weeks went by I noticed that Tony was always staring at Pian whenever she was around and even asking questions about some of the experiences I had told him about. Pian also told me she caught him staring at her several times so I told her about Denise and him not having sex anymore.

She giggled and said, I saw him staring between my legs yesterday when we were in the pub and Denise was in the toilet. You were at the bar and I let him look while I pretended to be looking at you near the bar.

I think he fancies you babe… shall we have some fun with him, but don’t say anything to Denise, she will probably go nuts.

Pian did not answer but I could see she was turned on and noticed her showing more of her legs and tits when Denise was not around.

The following Saturday we went round their house and Tony told us, Denise is going to a work mates birthday party and he did not like the woman or her husband, so he was going to drop her off and she was gonna get a taxi home as it would be a late finish.

No problem mate, why don’t we all go in our car and drop Denise off and then go for a quick drink at a pub I know in Dunstable on the way back.

Yes … you do that you miserable bastard Denise shocked us all by saying.

She then laughed and said she was only joking and it would be good for Tony to go out with us for a drink.

We dropped Denise off at 7pm and then drove to the Hunters Lodge at Whipsnade near Dunstable. Pian was wearing a short lycra skirt and a white blouse with an uplift bra making her tits really stick out proud. As we entered the pub I let Tony walk in front of me and behind Pian and watched Tony staring at her legs and tits. I smiled at Pian and she looked a bit nervous as she could see I had a plan to have some fun. I ordered some drinks and got a glass of Cider for Pian. She gets tipsy quite quickly on a couple of glasses Cider.

As soon as we got chatting Tony was asking about Thailand again and as Denise, his wife was not around, he wanted to ask Pian how she felt about having sex with guys or girls we pick up.

Pian responded, I OK if I pick the girl or the guy but if I no like them, we not take home.
Pian asked Tony about Denise and he told her that it was about 3 years since they last had sex…

Oh My God she said… we do every night… watch video and morning too.

Tony got another round in and I could see he was trying to look down Pian’s blouse and all the other guys in the pub were also making their sly glances at Pian as she looked really sexy in her short skirt and thights.
I decided to go for it and said to Tony,

Hey mate how would you like to come play with us tonight? Tony looked totally embarrassed and shocked and started stuttering about he’s never done anything like that before and what do you mean play with you tonight.

Well the night is young and I suggest we go for a drive and we can chat some more in the car… Pian had now had 2 Ciders and was getting flirty so I said to Tony,

You two sit in the back and I will drive around and find another pub somewhere.

Pian looked at me and I smiled and said let’s make Tony happy tonight. I was driving a Jaguar saloon and the interior was cream leather. Tony climed in the back with Pian and I drove out of the car park towards some woods we know near Studham.

Tony was clearly veryy nervous as he was not speaking at all so I said to him

So what do you think of Pian’s gear tonight mate. Do you like her tits or are you a leg man….. ?

Tony was slow to answer and then said I’m a tit man.

Really, me too and Pian has the most incredible tits. Silence again… I drove through the lanes and as it was now dark I said to Pian. Hey babe why don’t you show Tony your tits….

She giggled and said No, I can’t I’m too shy and he is married to Denise. Listen babe, poor old Tony here, has not had sex in years and would really love to see your tits. Anyway, nobody can see in here as its dark outside. Just un button your blouse and let them out for a while.

I’m gonna try to find a dogging spot I heard about and I want Tony to take a few pics for us …

Silence in the back, so I said,

You want to see them don’t you Tony… ?

Hhhhhuuum…. well only if she wants to, he answered.

Go on babe.

Pian starts to unbutton her blouse and Tony is sitting upright watching her. I look I my mirror and her blouse is all unbuttoned and her bra is on show. There you go mate, what do you think of those tits mate?

Beautiful he answers.

Have a feel mate and see how big her nipples get. I see some movement in the back and Tony has his hand inside Pian’s bra as he starts fondelling her tits.

Fucking hell mate, they are fantastic.

Un hook your bra babe and let him play while I drive.

He starts to play with both tits and I hear Pian sigh and lay back on the rear seat and cup Tony’s head as he starts sucking on her long and arroused nipples.

Feeling good babe…?

Hmmmmm …yes darling I’m feeling nice and relaxed here.

Is she getting wet mate…. ?

Tell me what’s going on babe as I am driving and can’t see anything yet.

He’s rubbing my knee and leg now and sucking on my tits. Hmmmm he is rubbing between my legs and pussy babe..

Tony starts kissing Pian on the mouth and when she can she tells me, he is inside my tights babe and fingering my pussy…. oh babe i so wet now, you gonna stop soon?

Pian is laying on the back seat as Tony has one hand down the front of her tights and knickers and is alternating from kissing her mouth and her tits.

Is she nice and wet yet mate…. ?

Yes, yhe’s so fucking juiced up and sexy mate. You’re lucky bastard having a wife like this.

Open your legs babe so he can rub your pussy better.

Ohhh babe she moans … Can I take these tights off?

Yes babe I’m sure Tony can help you….

I can smell her wet pussy in the back and Tony now has a couple of fingers in her and she is laying on the back seat with her legs wide open.

He’s fingering me babe and I want him to make me come….

Push all your fingers inside her Tony, she loves that, if she’s nice and wet.

Really he said…. Yes mate you won’t get your fist inside as she’s too small but she loves being stretched wide andmI’m gonna stop soon as I can see a car park up ahead.

As soon as I stop the car I turn around and start to watch as Pian let’s Tony finger fuck her. I reach over and start playing with her tits and Tony gets even more excited and starts sucking her other tit again. I am so turned on now I get my cock out and start to wank slowly as I watch Tony fingering my wife.. ..

So you want to fuck her or do you prefer her to wank your cock or suck it?

Pians head is rolling from side to side and she is trying to rub her clit as he is trying to.get 4 fingers inside her.

Let me show you how to make her cum mate…. I reach down and push two fingers deep inside Pian’s pussy and start to frig her really fast. She wails and arches her back and starts to cum with a low groaning sound that I just love.

When she comes down I say, Tony mate, you want to fuck her or go down on her sweet little pussy… ?

He was down on her without hesitation and grabs her arse cheeks under her and pulls her pussy into his mouth. Fucking beautiful Tony keeps saying … Can I fuck her then?

Yes mate, I’m sure she’s ready for a cock now…. but let her suck you for a bit first as she does a fantastic blow job… cum in her mouth or pussy mate she loves it either way.

Tony climbs out of his clothes as I finger her a bit more. Then Pian slides around so her head is under Tony’s cock. She grabs his cock and starts sucking and wanking him as he dives back down on her pussy with his tounge.

Her pussy is like a teenagers mate…. so small and tight.

I am wanking now and Pian is pulling me closer so she could suck my cock.

Tony is lapping g away at her pussy while Pian is squeezing his erect cock

I cannot hold back and start cumming in her mouth. Tony sees what has just happened and got between her legs, so I held her ankles while he pushed his cock deep inside my wife. Pian starts to moan and wail as Tony starts fucking her like a wild dog…

To be continued

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The Van Man

The Van Man

This is a story about a guy I met while I was dogging in Clophill on the old A6 the main road from Barton to Bedford. The area is a well known dogging spot and is in a long off road lay-by next to some woods. During the daytime it is a rest area from the busy main road and lorries and cars can pull in for a while. There’s even a catering van and picnic area but after dark it is a great dogging spot.

Cars are parked up in a long line and sometimes big trucks and vans are there as well with drivers sleeping and some are well aware of the activities in the cars and woods around them so stop over here regularly to have some fun.

I’m a 55 yr old guy and one evening while sitting in my car in the darkness, watching various cars pull up and turn off their lights like myself. They then either go for a walk in the woods or stroll past other cars to see if there’s any action going on inside. Mostly it’s single guys but occasionally a couple who like to put on a bit of a show or let a few guys join turn up also. They usually go into the woods for serious action as people crowding around a car is too obvious and draws a big crowd.

Anyway, on this particular evening, I see this big white Mercedes Sprinter van pull up, the driver turns off his lights and just sits in the van like myself in the car, waiting for any players to arrive. I am smoking a cigarette and have my window down when I see the guy from the van get out and start walking towatds me. As he passes my car he casually says… been here long mate…. not many cars out tonight then?

I responded by saying, only been here for about 20 mins and just a couple of lorries parked up front there and a couple of cars that stopped for a few mins then left. It’s still early though.

Yes, the guy answered back, bit too early I suppose. Do you have a spare smoke mate?

I offered him a cigarette and he lit it up.

So what you into he asks me?

Well, depends on with who and if female involved. I answered. I’m not into the fat ones or the old slags that just want a gang bang with as many guys as poss. …. but there was this young girl here last week, fucking hot mate, about 16 I think and her boyfriend let 3 of us finger her and she sucked us all off.

So you not into guys then? He replied.

Well…. done a bit of mutual wanking while watching some couple shagging in their car and this guy started wanking my cock so I did the same for him.

Great stuff, I’m into what ever’s going on. Guys, girls couples, dogs and gang bangs he answered.

Dogs! I was a bit shocked he would say that to a stranger.

Yeh dogs…. you would be surprised how many women are into dogs… they may not think so at first, but once they get a taste for it, they can’t get enough.

You’re having me on ain’t you mate. I replied.

What’s yer name mate? he asks me.

Dave I responded and yourself?

They call me “the van man” he answered but to me mate’s it’s Ned.

Good to meet you Ned. So you always go dogging in your van then?

Yep… that’s why they call me the van man. Come on I’ll show you inside then you’ll understand.

I was a bit apprehensive but he seemed harmless and was by himself, unless there was someone else in the van and they were hunting for guys or girls to catch and do what ever in the van! My imagination was getting ahead of me. I said OK mate, and got out of my car and walked with him towards his van.

From the outside it was just a typical courier drivers white van, long wheel base, high top with side door and back doors but as he opened the side door I was stunned to see how he had transformed the inside… It was like a small apartment with a carpet on the floor. All the interior sides were panelled in wood. There was a brown leather 2 seater sofa across the bulkhead of the van next to the sliding side door he just opened. The wheel arches inside were boxed in making them like extra seats on either side. There was a very thick double mattress at the back and plenty of room in the centre carpeted area and a couple of large bean bags. He could easily have a party with 8 -10 people in this van and cos of the height you could walk around freely.

Then he opens a wooden panel over the sofa and there was a 22″ flat screen TV attached to the bulk head. It runs on 12 volts so with the engine running we can watch videos via my ipad or any smart phone. I’ve got about 50 sexy movies downloaded from the net. I can also record via a couple of secret cameras.

Come and see meet Tom in the back.

We step out and he closes the side door, we walk to the back where he opened one door to reveal a long dog cage. From inside the van it just looked like a long wooden box at the back behind the mattress. Inside the cage was a big black dog with shiny coat and to my surprise was not barking it’s head off like most dogs you meet for the first time.

Nice dog I say

Ned just says, Yep, this is Tom, he’s well trained and enjoys our trips out most days. I better let him out for a quick run as he can get a bit restless in the cage for too long.

He opens the cage and the dog jumps out and runs off into the woods, sniffing around and doing what dogs do.

As we are standing there having another cigarette another guy walks up and says … Hey Ned, how you doing mate.

OK Andres… and you?

I just come from Barton hills but nothing going on yet. Just as we were all standing there, a lovely looking Jaguar XJ40 pulls in and drives past us all and parks up a few cars away up the lay-by.

Eye eye Ned says… I think that’s the old guy with his missus from last Sunday at the Downs. You two get in the van and I’ll go see if their up for some fun tonight.

Me and Andres walk round to the side door and jump in Ned’s van. We can’t see outside but Andres opens the TV cover and presses a few buttons then we have a split screen appear on the TV showing the front and back view outside the van. Fuck me, this Ned guy had thought of everything.

As we watch on the screen, Ned is standing by the Jag talking to the couple in the car. I said to Andres, so you known Ned long then?

A couple of years now he answered. We do courier work for the same agency.

What he uses this van to do courier work as well?

Yeh, it’s his own van and all he does is chuck the bean bags on the sofa, stand the mattress upright and tie it back and the dog cage collapses flat, so it’s just like any other courier van. Most jobs are just small packages or light loads so the sofa and mattress is not in the way.

As we watched on the Screen an old guy about 65 gets out of his car and then a very sexy looking much younger woman steps out of the side door, probably about 45, slim and wearing a knee length dress. Looks like a new Jag so he must be fairy well off. He holds the woman’s arm and they all start walking towards the van. The dog sees what’s going on and comes bounding back to Ned and is sniffing around. The woman pats him on the head and the dog starts licking her hand.

The side door opens and Ned introduces Andres and me to the couple. They climb in and we let them sit on the sofa while I sat on a wheel arch box seat and Andres sat on the edge of the mattress at the back. Ned introduced the couple as John and Sue and said Sue was new to dogging but they met me last week at Dunstable downs and I saved them from a group of 4 stupid young Asian guys in a car.

Ned said they were being harassed and were about to drive away but he managed to get John and Sue to follow him to another quieter car park a few miles down the road in Studham.

So we all had some fun in the privacy of the van and Sue had her first real dogging experience . Sue looked embarrassed but John said…. listen guys, I can’t satisfy Sue like I used to, age and all that but I do like to see Sue having a good time. We met a guy on the internet and he was very well endowed and we let him stay the night where he fucked Sue in our bed all evening and until the early hours. Sue was blushing but John hugged her and said we need to try new things so last week we met Ned and Tom.

Shall we let Tom in now or do you want to chat and have a drink first Ned asked the couple. Sue looked really nervous and said

Can I have a drink please?

So Ned said to Andres, can you go and put Tom back in his cage please while I open a bottle of wine for Sue.

Next to the sofa on the floor was another wooden box and once opened from the top, inside was a cooler box with wine, beer and coke with glasses. He poured Sue some wine and I had a can of Budweiser with Ned and John the husband declined saying not when he was driving.

Andres jumps back in and closes the door. So how do you feel after last weeks meeting with Tom? Ned asked Sue.

She looked down and John said. When we got home last week, Sue was so horny we fucked like crazy and talked about it all evening. We decided we want to learn more and as you were so accommodating with your van and could control Tom your dog… Well Sue wans to try more.

Fucking hell, what’s going on here! Am I in luck tonight or what… most evening’s I go home bored to death after sitting in car parks for hours and nothing happens and then tonight, I meet the van man and Andres.

Sue is relaxing a bit now and they are all chatting about other dogging spots and the type of guys to avoid like the cars full of young asian men. John has his hand on Sue’s knee and is slowly stroking her leg.

Ned asks Sue if she would like another glass of wine and she smiles amd says yes please. John’s hand is now between Sue’s upper legs and her flowery dress with buttons down the front is rising up her thighs.

Open your legs a bit darling and show our new friends your knickers and hold up stockings. Sue takes another gulp of wine and let’s John open her legs. Andres and myself are just sitting there quietly but Ned knows how to get them to relax. He opens the music player and a sexy techno beat starts to play and he sits on a bean bag on the floor to the side of the couple.

Shall we show our new friends your newly shaved pussy darling?

But first, let’s open your dress and un hook your bra and show the boys here your lovely 36 b tits. He starts unbuttoning her dress and then let it all fall open revealing a matching black and red bra and knickers. Then he starts to rub her tits and slides a hand into the top of her bra. Sue must be early 40’s and about size 10 so very fit with nice long legs in flesh coloured hold up stockings.

Sue finishes her wine and hands the glass to Ned who places it back in the box. If you want another drink or anything just ask OK Ned says.
Sue is laying back and John has pulled one of her tits out and is twirling the nipple. Her legs are slightly open and Andres has already released his cock and is slowly wanking behind me on the mattress. Sue looked amazing and really sexy and was clearly shy with 3 strangers watching as her husband was stroking and parting her legs and exposing her tits. Let’s take the dress off daring and we can all get more comfortable John said.

Sue stood up briefly and let the dress slip off her shoulders and John said turn around and show our new friends your beautiful sexy arse and long legs.

Sue did a slow turn and sat back down. John then parted her legs again and slowly run his hand up her inside thigh and brushed her pussy as she lay back and closed her eyes.

I am watching in awe as this vision of a woman is letting her husband open her legs and stroke her belly, thighs and pussy in front of us.

Un hook your bra darling and expose your tits, there’s a good girl. Sue reached for the front clasp and un-hooked her bra to expose her beautiful tits and hardening nipples.

Ned moves closer on the floor and starts to run his hand up her leg and inner thigh area. John looks at Andres wanking on the mattress and says, look what your making our friends do Sue… Are you teasing them?

He then pulls her panties to one side exposing her shaved pussy that was clearly dripping wet. Neds hand was right next to her pussy and he slid a finger inside her as she moaned and lay back with eyes closed again.

I am now rock hard and have to get my cock out so start wanking but John said, come over her guys and have a feel of my lovely young wife here.

Andres was there in a flash and sat on the arm of the sofa and immediately started playing with Sues tits. Sue looked at him and he started snogging with Sue. Ned wad now kneeling between her parted legs and was fingering her while watching Andres kiss and fondle her tits.

John got up and motioned for me to take his place next to Sue on the Sofa. I like to watch he said. So I changed places with him and started stoking Sues breasts with Andres as Ned was now holding Sue’s legs appart and had his head down licking away on her pussy.

Sue reached down and grabbed my cock so I let her play with me as Andres continued snogging her face. This went on for about 5 minutes until Sue let out this long glutteral moan as Ned must have made her come with his tongue and fingers.

John was taking pictures on his phone and said to Ned, Hold her legs open and let me see her pussy. He took more pictures and then Ned says to John, shall I let Tom in now and John just nodded.

Fucking hell they are gonna let the dog in!

Sue was still panting and I was wondering what was gonna happen next so I started fingering her sexy tight cunt as Ned had moved away and was going to the mattress. He climbed on and lifted the wooden panel over the dog cage. The dog popped his head up and suddenly was in the back of the van with us. OMG… he comes straight over to us and his head was between Sues legs licking away at her pussy.

I was still fingering her and the dogs tongue was licking my fingers and her pussy all around. Sue looked down at the dogs head between her thighs and started moaning and squeezing my cock harder. Andres had now climbed up on the arm and was getting Sue to wank and suck him while Ned was taking his jeans off and wanking his massive and I mean massive cock. He must have been 10 inches long and it was really fat but with a small pointed head.

John seemed to be sweating and was looking anxious but Ned calmed him down by saying. Tom looks big but he’s a very friendly and good dog, he won’t hurt Sue, he just loves the taste of pussy.

John relaxed and started getting his own cock out and started wanking while taking more pictures. Tom must have pushed his tongue very deep inside Sue cos she let go of Andres cock and my own and grabbed the dogs head with both her hands pulling him in and screaming he’s in me OMG he’s fucking me with his long tongue. .. ohhh please don’t let him stop…. OMG… please don’t stop.

Sue comes again trembling and moaning and we all watch as the dog backs away. Sue is rubbing her pussy frantically as she had this amazing long orgasm.

John says Are you OK darling?

I think our friend Ned here can help you get fulfilled tonight and points towards Ned.

Sue just lays there holding her pussy and sees Ned sitting of the edge of the mattress patting the dog on it’s head and wanking his huge cock.

Let’s help her onto that nice big cock of Ned’s shall we. Andres and I help Sue up and she walks past her husband sitting on the boxed wheel arch while Ned lays back on the mattress. Sue climbs on top and positions herself over Neds cock and grabs it hard. I don’t know if I can get this inside but want to try. She rubs the head between her legs and starts to sink down on it.

We were looking on and Andres was holding the dogs collar to stop him sniffing between Sues legs and arse.

She gets about half of it inside and says, it’s too big, I can’t, it’s too big…

Ned pulls her down on top of him and says, just relax and move up and down slowly. We watch as Sue tries to move up and down and sure enough, after a couple of minutes it looks like more of his cock is going in. Sue is being held down quite tight as Ned is pulling Sue down onto his monster cock and then he shouts to Andres, Let Tom go now.

Come on Tom he calls…

The dog is licking Sues arse and Neds cock and balls in no time… seems like his favorite treat. The dog had a long but thin cock and the rest of us all watch and wank as the dog mounts Sue and see him trying to get into her arse. After a few thrusts, he manages to get in and Sue starts yelping.

Ned has nearly got his whole cock in Sue now and is trying to get in rhythm with the dog thrusting in She’s arse. Sue is clinging to Ned and screaming OMG he’s in my arse. ooooohhh my gggooooddd

We can see the dogs knot banging against Sues arse and being quite slim it was a fantastic sight to see. Sue had her legs spread and her pussy stretched open accommodating Neds massive cock and this huge black dog was in her arse, trying frantically to get the knot in as well.

Andres moves in and starts pushing the dog down when suddenly, Sue lets out a scream. Ned says relax, relax Sue….

Sue just keeps panting as the dog starts seriously humping her fast. Ned is holding he and keeps saying..

Do you like my big cock in your Pussy Sue… ?

Do you like your husband watching you fuck other guys Sue…?

Do you like my dog licking your pussy and fucking your arse Sue..?

I’ve never seen a dog fuck a woman before in real life and wad amazed at how he got the knot inside and how Sue is not sreaming the place down. The dog is going really fast and starts to cum. Ned holds Sue tight and says, just let him come and relax.

OMG I can feel him pumping his sperm in my arse… it’s still going…. It feels ooohhhhh John the husband comes first and grabs his phone to take more pictures. I cum next as Andres is climbing on the bed and trying to get his cock in Sues mouth. She is so worked up, she opens her mouth and he starts deep throating her while holding her head with both hands.

Ned tells Sue to try to relax her anus so as to let the dogs knot out but they were still tied together. Andres cums in Sues mouth and pulls out to try to get the dogs cock and knot out of Sue. After a bit of pulling it slipped out and Tom started cleaning himself up. A few more licks to Sues pussy and arse and then Ned tells Sue.

Pk babe, let’s turn you over and get you comfortable on your back, I’m gonna make you come now with my big cock in your pussy or do you want it in your arse like Tom did?

Sue does not answer, she just rolls over onto her back and let’s Ned climb on top. He gets the head into her pussy again and slowly starts to fuck Sue. Her legs are wide open and Ned pulls them back so she is bent double and he can get his cock deeper. The husband is climbing around trying to take pictures from every angle so Andres and I move over to the mattress and play with Sue’s tits and clit while Ned pounds away.

I’m gonna cum now Sue …. in your pussy or arse?

Cum now, cum now in my pussy she pants.

Ned pushes in all the way and unloads his cum deep into Sues cunt as Sue screams I’m coming too and lets out her long gluttoral moan.

The dog is still sniffing and licking around Sue and Neds cock and pussy so he said to Sue. I think Tom wants more… are you up for it Sue?

Sue grabs the dogs cock and starts to play with it, rubbing his balls and pulling the sheath up and down exposing his pink pointed head. She pulls him closer and tastes the end of his cock.

Can I make him cum like this Sue asks Ned, I’m too stretched and sore down here, pointing to her pussy.

Try him, Ned says

So Sue gets the dog next to her on the mattress and it lays down on its back. She wanks his cock and rubs around his balls. His cock gets long and the know swells up while Sue bends down and dtarts sucking and tasting the dogs cock.

John say.. darling, did you enjoy Neds cock?

Yes darling

and are you going to let more strangers fuck you when I tell you to?

Yes darling, if that’s what you want

I want you to make that dog cum now in your mouth and let me see all of it as he squirts in your mouth.

OK darling

Can we get the dog on top of her? John asks Ned

Ned moves over to the mattress and gets Tom on his feet as Sue lays on her back. He makes Tom straddle Sues face and sue resumes wanking him and licking the end. John Iis taking more pictures as sue brings the dog off again. I am staring at Sues open legs and say to John…

Can I get in there please?

John looks at me wanking again and nods so I slide down to lick and kiss Sue between her legs while she suck off the dog. I cannot believe Ned managed to get his monster cock inside Sues seemingly tight little slit. But with a bit of probing I managed to get 4 fingers in her and went to town on her clit to see if I could make her come again.

Sue say.. He’s coming now and holds his cock steady as streams and streams of cum fill Sues mouth. It was going all over her face as her mouth was full and she let it all dribble out for her husband taking more pictures.

I needed to come myself so slid up Sue and got my cock inside her while she released the dogs cock. I pumped away for a few minutes and come for the 3rd time while Sue was rubbing her own clit between us. She climaxed seconds later and we just lay there hugging and smiling at each other.

What a night with the van man ….

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Very 1st time to the fetish club

Let’s start with a bit of background info about us,  I’m Dave 48  English and of medium build and Jane my sexy Filipino wife of 4 years now is 29. We married when she was 25 and was, well still is, very shy when it comes to sex. She is very attractive as most Filipino’s are at that age, slim to average build, about 4’ 11” and 55 kg’s so quite a small girl and had the most amazing 34B tits with perfect sticking out nipples when aroused. Our sex life was already very good and she was usually shaved cos I just loved licking her pussy in the evenings. This story is about the first time we were introduced to the London Fetish club scene a few years ago by a mate and have been going once a month for about 3 years now.

Everything in this story is a true account of what I remembered from that first night. My old mate Gary had told me about the fetish / swinger / sex club scene at work and said, why don’t you and Jane come and see if you like it. I mentioned it to Jane that evening and she seemed OK about it, so told her that we had to buy some Leather or Rubber outfits to get admitted but did not tell her much about what went on in the club, in case she flat out refused to go.

Gary had already told me various stories about the clubs he went to and how there were virtually naked girls walking around and there were many opportunities to join in with couples who were playing / having sex in various rooms or the dungeon areas etc.

Anyway, I was intrigued and had never imagined this type of thing going on in the UK. Previously, I had been living in Thailand with a Thai wife (now divorced and married to Jane from the Philippines) and had many experiences with my ex in Thailand at various bars and had threesomes, foursomes and some wild parties, even with Ladyboys etc. but those stories are / will be posted under different headings.

So the Saturday evening approached and Jane and I got our gear together in a bag and drove up to London. The Club was called Club Rub and it was held once a month and on this occasion, in a 2 story pub in Houndsditch in centre of the financial district of London. But they also used several other locations all in central London over the last few years but sadly they have now closed down.

So when we arrived at about 10.00 pm, it had just opened and was fairly quiet. We met up with Gary and his Thai Wife “Milky” and were shown where to get changed into our gear. I had a Black lycra T shirt and some small leather shorts with a front zip and black biker type boots. Jane had a black dress that was fairly short and laced up at the front showing her breasts if she loosened the ties or could pull it down completely leaving just the skirt on, small black silky knickers and black hold up stockings. She looked fucking amazing and was as shy as hell dressed like that, wanting to just sit in the corner and not walk around. So we sat in the bar area having a drink while watching the place slowly fill up with Gary and his wife. There was also a TV up in the corner of the bar area showing some hardcore sex movies.

Jane was shocked at the movie’s being shown in the bar but with all the new people arriving, in really interesting costumes, she soon got used to it and after a couple of drinks she was more relaxed. About 11 PM it was getting very busy and Gary had asked us if we wanted any sweets! I said “sweets” what do you mean? He laughed and said, “Sweets” is the street slang for E’s  (Ecstasy). Now up to this point in my life I had never taken any A class drugs, I had smoked weed and marijuana but never any hard drugs like cocaine, heroin or ecstasy.

Gary then said, it’s very different to the hard stuff the junkies take and most clubbers take E’s at the raves and clubs every weekend. 

I said to Jane, what do you think, you want to try one.

She looked at me and said “I don’t know” what do you think?

She was totally inexperienced so I said to Gary, are you sure it’s not gonna send us into some weird trip or anything?

He laughed and said of course not, just try one and see how you feel later, then if you like it I can give you some more.

He handed us a couple of tiny pink pills and we apprehensively took one each, he said better drink water for the rest of the evening as alcohol numbs the effect of the E’s. 

After about 30mins, Gary said, How do you feel?

  1. I answered, can’t say as I feel any different.

It usually takes about an hour to kick in, we are going to have a walk around, do you want me to show you around?

OK, I answered and grabbed Jane’s hand as we followed Gary and Milky out of the bar area into a curtained off dungeon area.

This is where people like to play on that stuff later, Gary said pointing to all the weird contraptions.

There were all kinds of equipment there from whipping benches to stocks and crosses with hand restraints etc.

And in here is the couples room, a bit quiet now but will be full up later, single guys not allowed in here, only couples.

Jane and I looked at each other and she looked a bit scared. I said don’t worry, we are only here to look around and see what goes on. About an hour had passed and we were still feeling the same as we sat down in a different bar area up some stairs called the chill out room.

Are you feeling the sweets yet or do you want another one each? Me and Milky had a couple each earlier and they are pretty good.

Yes, give us another couple of sweets please mate, I don’t think one is strong enough.

He gave us two more pills and we took one each… The club was really full now and it must have been about 12. 30 am. The music was pumping and we started walking around again and were amused to see Gary and Milky dancing away to the heavy Techno music with a big smile on both their faces as they were stroking each other on the face and body. I looked at Jane and she had this strange look on her face and was squeezing my hand and saying I feel all tingly and hot… you will look after me… you will look after me won’t you?

Of course I will babe… then I felt this wave of whatever come over me and I felt absolutely ecstatic and warm also… Fucking hell, I though… is this why it’s called ecstasy! … I felt fantastic. I looked around the club and a few girls were walking around with their tits out and some had virtually nothing on at all… Some guy was being led past us with a sexy girl holding on to his exposed and erect cock. I put my arm around Jane and she immediately hugged me and went to squeeze my cock.. My god, she must be feeling horny as she has never done that before in any pub or even at home. Her eyes were all over the place as there were so many couples and single guys starting to dance or snog or even touch each other up in corners and on the dance floor.

Now I started rubbing Jane’s back while she was dancing and she was still squeezing my cock through the leather shorts. I had my hand up the back of her skirt now and had placed a hand on her lower back, just as this incredible wave of pleasure came over me and made me feel incredible and really horny.

I pushed my hand inside her knickers and immediately fingered her arse hole from behind. Jane went into a spasm and said OMG that feels incredible and then un-zips my shorts and pulls my cock out. It was hard as rock and she was rubbing and pulling it and started leading me across the room holding onto my cock, just like the couple we saw earlier. She had lost all her inhibitions and was really getting into the scene. The dance floor was heaving, so we went towards the curtained off dungeon area and saw various people being used and abused on the equipment.

One big tall Indian girl was bent over this horse box and was being whipped by this weird looking fat guy who had a case full of different whips and straps. Each time he lashes her arse and upper thighs for a few strokes, he would stop and then caress her arse softly with his hand and then delve in between her legs and finger her a bit. Then he pulled the knickers to one side so we could all see him fingering her arse and pussy together with 2 fingers before he went back to using a different whip on her.

Jane was still holding and wanking my cock and I was groping her from behind and playing with her tits. I don’t remember when but at some point I must have undone Jane’s front part of her dress as her tits were out and exposed for everyone near us to see. She did not even try to cover herself, she just let me touch her and rub her tits. A couple of guys standing next to us were also staring and I noticed they had their cocks out and were wanking and one asked me if he could touch her! I said no mate we’re new here… sorry.

We moved over to another bench where a crowd was gathering around and there was this big amazon looking girl with fantastic 38 c tits and a big black strap on dildo about to fuck this equally stunning girl that was laying down on the bench. We squeezed to the front and Jane was in front of me directly next to the bench as the Amazon girl (I later found out her name was “Strap on Jane”  and has her own website) pushed the huge black dildo into the girl and started fucking her. Jane was in the best position to see everything and I was playing with he exposed tits from behind while also rubbing her arse and legs.

The sweets were really taking effect now and I was seeing all sorts of beautiful shapes and patters in the darkness and when I looked at certain people, they seemed to shape shift and their skin turned all like a spiders web.. Feelings or waves of tingling sensations kept sweeping over me but I was still very much aware of everything going on around us.

Jane then turned around and said lets go look around some more, so she led me by the cock again and walked out of the dungeon area back into the dance area with her dress down around her waist. Her stunning 34 b tits were on show for all to see and even when we met Gary and Milky again by the bar she did not even attempt to cover up. She was really enjoying the club and started chatting away with Milky as if she was full dressed.

Milky then turned to Jane and said your tits are great, can I feel them?

Jane just let her feel them and then Gary leaned over and said,

Let’s have a feel too Jane and just grabbed her other tit.

This went on for about 10 – 15 seconds and then they started dancing again as Jane and I were also bopping away to the Techno beat. I could not believe Jane was letting them feel her tits, she was just standing there letting them grope her.

There was so much action going on around us in different rooms and with girls, couples and single guys but I cannot remember all the details because when on the E’s, the next day all my memories seemed to disappear quickly. So what I am writing here is only a very small account of all the things that happened that first night on the sweets and at the club.

Next thing I remember is Jane and I sitting on some chairs around the side of the dance floor and Jane had got between my knees on the floor and was wanking and sucking my cock. To my left were another European looking couple just watching her and smiling at me and to my left was this vision of a girl (Korean with her English husband, we became clubbing friends later at subsequent club events) with just a tiny g string on, no bra but her nipples were tied so as to make them stick out permanently all night long. Her legs were long and smooth and she was sitting directly next to me with her husband on her other side.

As I opened my legs more to let Jane get in closer, my leg touched hers and instead of moving it away, she just left it there and I could swear she was rubbing her leg up and down mine as she watched Jane giving me a blow job. I wanted to touch her leg but decided not to in case her husband did not approve. There is this “code of conduct” in the clubs and you must always ask permission from the girl or couple before actually touching or joining in with them.

Later in another part of the club, I remember Jane and I sitting in a corner somewhere and we were watching this guy finger his wife on the bar. The girl was sitting on the bar and her husband had her laying back while he was fingering her quite hard and fast.  About 5 guys and a few couples were standing around watching and playing with each other while the guys were openly wanking. This lasted about 5 mins and eventually she came shuddering on the bar and squirted all over his hand, chest and the floor. The audience applauded and several thanked the couple for a good show.

I was still fingering Jane while we watched and her tits were still exposed, but the top of her dress had been put back on her shoulders. Her legs were wide open, hold up stockings covering her thighs and legs and I had pulled the knickers to one side showing her bare inner thighs and smooth shaven pussy. My finger was going up and down the slit and in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

The attention turned from the girl on the bar to me and Jane as she must have looked stunning sitting there with me, a 26 yr old sexy Asian girl and me a much older guy playing between her legs. The guys crowded around us and one couple stood right next to me on my side and the guy was fingering his wife virtually next to my head. When I turned around my face was level with her pussy and I could have physically tasted her if he just moved his hand away.

 Anyway, Jane was watching all the guys in front of us wanking their cocks slowly while they were all watching me finger her and occasionally rub her tits. The waves of ecstasy kept flowing over me and I assume Jane also which made her lose all her inhibitions while on E’s.

This old guy of about 60 stepped forward still holding his very erect cock and said to me, “I am about to cum so would you mind asking the young lady to watch me please”

I turned to Jane and told her what he said, so she turned and watched him as he stepped closer and brought himself to orgasm right in front her all over the floor.

She just stared and then reached out to touch him as he stood there going limp. She wanked his cock a little bit more but he was finished now and although I was shocked to see Jane touch him, I was excited at the same time.

The guys moved in closer as they must have thought Jane was game for live playing and this black guy was kneeling down right in front of her staring at her pussy while my fingers were going in and out. He reached up and put a hand on her leg but Jane looked at me and shook her head so I told him… sorry mate, she’s new here. He then wanked a while longer until he came on the floor directly between Janes legs. Another couple of guys were so close, they were almost on top of us and if they came, would have shot their load all over Jane and myself.

We decided to get away from the group forming around us, have a walk around and see what else was going on. The couple’s room was just across the room and we decided to go in there and see what was going on. Inside this curtained off area it was pitch black and there were bodies all over the floor on big cushions and I think some kind of mattress in the middle. We found a space and slid to the floor and tried to see what was going on but it was so dark. The ecstasy was still making us see all kinds of shape shifting and waves of all I can describe as ecstasy flowing down us physically.

As my eyes got used to the dark, I saw a guy right next to me being sucked off by his wife or girlfriend, who was on all fours between his legs. Her tits were hanging down and he motioned for me that it was OK to feel them so I reached out under her and started feeling her breasts. The girl looked up from sucking the guy and then grabbed my cock through my leather shorts and gave it a quick squeeze before resuming the action with her man. Jane was watching this and decided to get my cock out again and started unzipping me. I carried on playing with the girl’s tits and then went a bit lower down her belly and started rubbing her clit while the guy just smiled at me and egged me on. Jane now had my erect cock out and was wanking it and I saw this other guy with his wife stroking Jane’s leg on the other side of her. I kept watching and the guy was whispering something to Jane but I could not hear. Then I saw the girl move in front of Jane and start to chat with her while they both touched Janes legs and then the girl started playing with Janes breasts. I was still rubbing the girls clit next to me and she was really soaking wet, when she stopped sucking her man and stared sucking me…. Oh fuck… what’s Jane gonna do!

Jane just looked on and still had hold of my cock and looked me in the eyes and smiled. I smiled back and shrugged my shoulders and she then looked back at the girl in front of her kneeling down and rubbing her tits. Her husband now had his hand going up the inside of Janes thigh and was obviously getting closer to her pussy. I saw Jane close her eyes and grab his hand as he must have entered her pussy and then she let go of his hand and let him continue exploring her shaved slit.

Fucking hell, here we are in this dark room with two couples doing things we would never have dreamed of previously each side of us and because of the atmosphere and virtually everyone highly sexed up and on Sweets or whatever… it was like a non stop sex party with stuff going on everywhere. Jane was now being well and truly fingered by this guy next to her and his wife was playing with Janes tits and then started kissing Jane on the mouth.

The girl sucking my cock was wanking her husband on my right and Jane was getting fingered on my left with that guy’s wife snogging her. Jane must have cum because the couple sort of backed away and smiled as Jane gripped my arm and was trembling and saying

OMG they made me come… She was fingering me with her husband while kissing my mouth…

The girl sucking my cock had moved back to sucking her husband and we had decided to get up and go get some water from the bar.  At the bar we saw Gary and Milky again and they asked how we were doing. We had a few words and then off they went back dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

In the corner of the room was another crowd of people, I said to Jane, let’s go see what’s going on over there. In the corner was the Korean girl bent over a chair and her g string had been pulled down to her knees. Her husband, the English guy was standing next to her head and was stroking her head and occasionally her tits underneath. By her arse was a guy dressed like a Roman warrior with chained chest harness and some Roman looking thing covering his cock but his arse was completely bare. He was fingering the Korean girl and by the look of it, he was alternating from her pussy to her arse.

The crowd was a bit thick but I managed to push Jane through and I could see over her head. The guy had her arse cheeks parted and was licking and slurping her arse hole in between fingering her. Then I saw he was actually fisting her arse. Fucking hell, what a sight, he had his whole fucking fist in her arse and she was moaning while her husband held her head down and squeezed her tits. Jane was looking wide eyed and the English guy saw us and waved us to come over to him. I told Jane and we somehow managed to get closer to them and Jane was standing right next to the Korean girl and the husband said,

Ginn (the Korean girls name) really likes Jane, Can you get Jane to play with her tits while that guy is fisting her? 

I told Jane and she looked at me with this strange look and then the guy repeated the request to Jane. Jane reached forward and under Ginn and started feeling her tits… I started feeling Jane’s tits and opened the front of her dress again as Geoff looked on smiling. Eventually Geoff also started feeling Janes tits. This went on for a good few minutes and then Ginn started to come and the guy fisting her stood back to let her pull her knickers back up.

Ginn and Jane started chatting and they seemed to be getting on really well and then  suddenly, the lights all went out in the club and the music stopped. The lights came back on and everyone started filling towards the toilets to get changed and then collect our coats at the cloak room.

Time was about 4.30 AM and Ginn and Geoff were our new found clubbing friends and we said our good buys. Gary and Milky caught up with us and said, there is an after party at someone’s flat in London, did we want to go? We declined as the sweets effects were now wearing off but still I was feeling more than horny and had not come yet. I found out later that one of the side effects of E’s is that it makes it hard for guys to ejaculate. After long time usage, guys cannot even get a hard on but I soon found a work around a year or so later by taking a viagra whenever I take a couple of sweets.

In the car, I was amazed to find that I was perfectly aware and OK to drive (contrary to what you readers may be thinking) It was nothing like smoking weed or being drunk… That I do not do if more than a couple of drinks but never when I have had some marijuana… That makes me feel really weird when driving so never drive under the influence. On the way home, I could not help but play with Jane… I had her tits out and skirt up fingering her while driving through the middle of London at 5 AM and remember seeing a bus full of people staring down at Jane from the bus while sitting at the traffic lights. She was just lying there with eyes closed and oblivious to the audience in the bus. I fingered her all the way home down the motorway and also had my cock out and wanking all the way home as well. What an amazing feeling when on E’s and I just could not stop playing with either Jane’s pussy or my own cock.

When we exited the motorway, I remember I was rubbing Jane’s clit and the traffic lights were red, so I pushed two fingers deep inside her and started to frig her really fast. This is one of the things that brings Jane off quickly and sure enough she started to cum just as the lights changed to green but this time was a first because she also pissed all over my hand and it was squirting up in the air as I had to continue driving and she just lay there panting and holding her pussy.

OMG she says after a few mins… That was incredible, I never cum like that before… it was so intense and I just could not stop the pee coming. Sorry babe I made a mess in the car she sighed.

We both laughed and I said no problem babe, I can’t wait to get you home and eat that pussy and fuck you. We could not get into the house fast enough and as soon as we were on the bed I pulled her knickers and dress off and left the hold ups on. I was naked in no time and dived between Jane’s legs and started licking her pussy and arse. She never ever let me near her arse hole previously but tonight she was like a bitch on heat and I was the same. I started to recount how the guy in the couple’s room was fingering her with his wife and then we talked about a few other encounters and soon I was inside her fucking like crazy. I had a finger in her arse and she was loving it. I pulled her over on top of me and fucked her as hard as I could with my finger in her arse and she started coming again which at last sent me over the edge and I exploded in her pussy. I am sure we fucked for hours and eventually fell asleep until the late afternoon.

That was our very first time at a Fetish club and taking sweets. There are many more true stories about our clubbing experiences so if you enjoyed this story, please comment or like.

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Jane gets fingered on the coach.

We had decided to go to Brighton for the day by National Express coach and as it was full, Jane ended up sitting next to this oldish guy,  probably in his 60’s. I was in the seat opposite Jane with the asile between us. Now Jane is 26, fairy small, petite and from  the Philippines. She has stunning 34 b tits and nipples that stick out when aroused and on this day she was wearing a white flowery cotton dress with a low cut neckline with buttons down the front. Her bra was very thin and her nipples were showing through slightly making her look really sexy. 

I could see the old guys eyes light up as she sat down next to him and as I sat in the seat opposite he probably had no idea we were travelling together. The journey started and after about 15 mins we were on the motorway M25 and I noticed he kept looking at Janes tits. Jane looked me in the eye and giggled so I winked and smiled then sat back and pretended to nod off to sleep. 

Now Jañe knows I love to watch and we have had a few sexy clubbing experiences where we have had some soft sex with other couples and once with a few single guys where we let them fondle her tits and finger Jane in a dark cinema at the club. 

So as I am slyly watching, I see the old guy rubbing his leg next to Jane and Jane was letting him. I will now let Jane contine the story cos I could not see what was actually happening but Jane told me all the details after we got off the coach in Brighton and we could not wait to check in to our hotel and we fucked all afternoon as she told me the details of how the old guy made her come several times on the coach. 

Janes account – The old guy started pressing his knee and leg next to mine and then as i did not move my leg away, he started rubbing it up and down. I was’t sure what to do but it was sort of making me feel horney. He wasn’t attractive or anything but he was just making me feel aroused. When I looked at you and you smiled and winked at me I felt it was ok and decided to let him continue and see how far he would go. 

When I looked down to his lap he had a blanket over him and I could see he was playing with his cock under the blanket. He saw me looking and just continued and then I looked him in the eyes and he smiled at me. Now I know I should have moved my leg away and give him a dirty look but my eyes went back to his lap and I could not move my leg. OMG he is rubbing his left hand up my thigh and it feels so naughty. He must think I’m alone on the bus  and I just let him touch my leg. After a few minutes of letting him rub my leg I smile at him and say to him, you shouldn’t be doing that you know. He smiles back and says you have the most beautiful face and tits young lady. Then he moves his right hand over and cups my right breast and gives it a squeeze. I felt so fucking horney and he moved his hand back down under the blanket and started wanking his cock again. 

I was getting wet and I couldn’t help touching my self for a second then realised we were on a coach and you were sitting opposite me. I knew you could not see what he had just done but I saw you looking at his lap while he was playing with himself. He was still stroking my leg with his left hand and then  he whispered in my ear, can you help and old man out here, my wife died several years ago and I have not had the pleasure of intimate relationships or sitting with a beautiful young woman for many many years.. 

He then took my hand and placed in under his blanket, his cock was out and it was fucking huge. As I put my fingers around it I realised it must be really wide as my fingers could only go half way around it. He pulled the blanket up more so it was nearly up to his chest and then moved it over me also to hide what he was making me do. I started exploring his cock and rubbed the head with my finger tip and he was already leaking pre cum so I rubbed it all around the head of his cock as he just let out this long sigh and said yes good girl, good girl. I then felt his left hand slide up over my thigh and up under my dress in between my legs. I was trembling as he inched his way up slowly caressing and sort of teasing me. Then he reached my knickers and said, oh my dear girl… what lovely smooth legs you have and I feel your knickers are alread damp.  
OMG I wanted him to finger me but he just rubbed my inner thighs and ran his finger up and down the outside of my little white panties over my clit and feeling my slit. I knew you were watching but you could not see under the blanket so I thought OK I can tell you all about it later. His cock was throbbing in my hand and getting even bigger so I felt around a bit more and then got my hand down into his trousers and found his balls. Wow what huge balls, this guy is like a horse, I squeezed them a bit then he pushed his finger inside my knickers and rubbed my sticky wet pussy juice up and down my slit.. Then he pushed two fingers inside me and started frigging me very fast. OMG I came within seconds and clamped my legs shut and held his hand down on my pussy till I came down and stopped cumming. 

This is when I realised you must have seen this so I looked over and saw you playing with your cock under your blanket and smiling at me. Good job the guy sitting next to you was asleep. 

The old guy started rubbing and fingering me again but more slowly and exploring in my wetness. I opened my legs again to give him easier access and started wanking his cock again under the blanket. He now had two fingers in me and was whispering in my ear again. He was asking me if I had a boyfriend and did I like him fingering me like this? I said yes it’s nice and I’m married. Really young lady! and what would he do if he knew you were being fingered my an old man on the bus? 

I don’t know, why don’t you ask him and I started wanking his cock harder. He’s sitting next to me here and wanking his cock watching us. The old guy looked shocked but then a big smile appeared and he said, My my you two are swingers and he’s a cuck. We’re not swingers but we do like to play in the clubs and now on the bus I giggled. So why don’t you ask him if he likes the show? That’s when I asked you if you mind the old guy touching me and you said, no babe carry on and tell me all about it later. His cock is huge and I am holding it under the blanket now. Fucking hell babe can you show me? 

So what did he say the old guy asked? He said it was OK and he wants to see your cock. I looked around to make sure nobody else was watching, then reached down and pulled the blanket back to see and show you his massive cock. After I saw his cock I felt really naughty, leaned down and started sucking him off. I could only just get the head in my mouth so I wanked him while cupping his balls and squeezing them. The old man just held my head and whispered, your husband is looking at me and I think he is about to come dear. 

He then pushed my head down harder and I started to gag and cough so he let me up a bit. Then he said, carry on girl, I’m gonna cum soon. I went back down on him and he pushed his hand down the top of my dress and started fondling my tits inside my bra and then he started coming in my mouth. I kept wanking his cock slowly as he filled my mouth, I didn’t want to swallow cos there was way too much so I sat up and kissed him on his mouth and gave him all his cum back. This shocked him a bit but he soon started to lick his lips and we had a sticky wet passionate snog with his cum dribbling down both our faces. 

His hand was now back between my legs and he had about 3 fingers in me and I was about to cum again and he was trying to kiss me again, but I did not want that and felt a bit embarrassed kissing an old guy on the bus, someone might see us. So he started whispering in my ear again. Your husband knows I’m fingering you and am your pussy and he is looking at my hand under the blanket between your legs. Open your legs wider young lady, let him see you are letting an old man finger his young wife on the bus. Yes open them wider now. He then pushed another finger in me and my legs were wide open. I didn’t even care who could see, I just needed to cum again.

 He was forcing all his fingers and thumb inside but could not get his fist in as I my pussy’s too small but when he whispered to me your husband is coming now, his eyes are closed and he’s smiling, it sent me over and I grabbed his hand again while I cum again and peed all  over his hand and the seat. OMG it was so naughty as the bus was full.

Then you reached over and grabbed my hand and said to me, that was amazing babe, do thank the gentleman and let him get cleaned up, we are approaching the bus station soon. 

As soon as we got off the coach you started asking me what happened and to tell you how it all started. I started to tell you and you waved to a taxi so we got in and headed for the hotel. You pushed your hand up my dress and were feeling my pussy in seconds and the taxi driver was listening and watching in the mirror. Come on babe, I can’t wait, tell me what he did…

As I started telling you the taxi driver was smiling and looking at me in the mirror. I said how can I tell you here, the driver is listening. 

Back to me telling the rest of the story. 

You don’t mind, do you driver? No mate, I see and hear all sorts driving a cab.  So Jane carried on telling the intimate details as he watched us in the mirror. I start fingering Jane and kissing her neck knowing the taxi driver is getting as turned on as ne. I unbuttoned Janes dress and started squeezing her tits. 

Fucking hell babe you wanked his big cock under the blanket on the coach? The taxi driver was staring in the mirror in disbelief. Then you let him finger you and you squirted all over the coach seat… Open your legs babe.. I pulled her knickers to the side and said to the driver… fuck me driver, her pussy is soaked, look at this. The driver tilted his mirror down to see Jane laying back with one tit exposed and hanging out of her bra, legs wide open withe exposing her bare shaved pussy to the driver. 

He nearly lost control of the cab and so I said, I ‘m gonna take her to the hotel and fuck her now. So did you like looking at  her tight little pussy and tits mate? 

Fucking Ace he replied as we pulled up at the hotel.

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The dentist gets hypnotised and used

It all started when I was in my 30’s after going to a live and very funny hypnosis stage show at a nightclub with my ex wife and another couple who were friends of ours. The hypnotist was an Australian guy called Martin St James and billed himself as “the naughty hypnotist”.

That was over 30 years ago and now in my 60’s I am writing some of my most interesting stories. After the show I became absolutely obsessed with learning hypnosis as my ex wife and my dear old friend were two of the people out of about 20 in the room that went on stage and were made to perform the most funny routines on stage. Now my wife would never ever do what she did on stage unless she was truly under his spell but on this evening she surely was.

Anyway over the next few years i started reading books on the subject and even paid £2000 to do a stage hypnosis training with another UK hypnotist who let me (as part of the training) be his assistant at 3 very sexy hen party events where he had girls sucking off a blow up male doll with huge cock and doing lesbian acts with other hypnotised girls.

These acts were very risque and bordering on obscene to many people but I learned the trade so to speak but never became a stage performer due to my own stage fright but just did private bookings and eventually became a hypnotherapist. Then about 10 years later I came across a guy who taught  black opps hypnosis  techniques… as used by the military and interrogation  police work and involved putting people into trance by using
confusing sentences and language without even touching them physically. Once the subject was in trance post hypnotic suggestions were made and then the trance was deepened as they became more and more controlled and opened up to reveal their true secrets.

Anyway I digress as this story is about sexual domination and I will give you the details of this very interesting encounter with my very slim and sexy Indian dentist and the stunningly attractive new Muslim girl at reception desk…

I had a bad toothache and was stunned to see this new muslim receptionist wearing a full black hijab with head covering but not the face mask. She was about 19 or 20 and saw she had an engagement ring on but also had an opening at the front of the hijab exposing a long thin slit and area of her bare chest. Her face was also stunning and she had eye make up etc. This always annoys and irritates me as I feel these muslim girls love to wear make up and dress in sexy gear under the stupid hijab simply to make a statement to us westerners that they will not conform to our way of life.

So I decided to have some fun with the girl and as I was making the second appointment, I used the confusing questioning technique and ended by giving her a suggestion to give me an appointment the same evening, in fact the very last appointment of the day. Now as anyone knows in the UK, the appointment system is crazy. You nearly always have to come back the next week or later to have whatever treatment done.

So my ending command was to squeeze me in as the last appointment and to tell the other staff members to go home at 5 pm as she would assist the dentist on my session at 5pm. I wanted her to be in the room with me and the dentist. I also placed the suggestion to call her boyfriend and family that she would be working about an hour later that evening. And to pick her up at 6 pm. When in the dentists room, I also used the technique on my sexy Indian dentist and her assistant… I told her that the receptionist would be assisting her this evening as I had the last appointment and her regular assistant a fat and unattractive  older woman could go home. They looked confused as I spoke but soon carried on with my examination.

After the examination and usual teeth cleaning the dentist said, at the next appointment I would need to have a filling and gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. Just before i left, I reinforced my suggestion / command for her to ĺet the assistant go home at 5pm. They looked confused again but did not say anything and the dentist started typing into the computer.

I arrived at 4.55 and was let in by the muslim girl receptionist just as the last patient and the other receptionists and assistants were leaving. As soon as the door was closed I reached out to shake her hand and she looked at me strangely but still took my hand and I quickly used my rapid induction trance technique and dropped her into a standing trance, then deepened it with “your feeling relaxed and going deeper and deeper” commands. I walked her over to a chair and told her to sit down whilst I started reinforcing the trance by squeezing her arm and repeating “you are feeling safe and well and every time i touch your left hand you will go deeper and deeper”. When you come into the dentist room you will be wide awake and be perfectly normal. You will assist the
dentist and come back in the dentists room at exactly 5.10pm. But when ever I touch your hand you will go back into this relaxed and warm feeling state and start to feel very aroused and horney. When you see me touch my cock you will also reach out and start to squeeze it through my jeans and you will act like you are with your boyfriend alone in his bedroom. You will do everything I say and when I snap my fingers and say wake up, you will be wide awake and feeling refreshed and fine. You will not remember anything that happens in the dentists room, only that you feel awake and refreshed. She is sitting on he chair with her head bowed down deep in trance.

I snapped my fingers and say… 3 2 1 wide awake and feeling fine. She lifts her head and gets up looking perfectly normal and says for me to follow her into the dentists room. The front door is locked and I follow her up the stairs. As I enter, I say to the receptionist, are you going to come and assist us today? She replied, yes everyone has gone home and you are the last appointment. I will be back in 5 mins. As she leaves the room I reach out to shake the dentists hand and as soon as she holds my hand, I squeeze it and pull down sharply saying sleep…. the same deepening commands followed until she was standing there with head down and me squeezing her arm and going deeper and deeper into trance. I told her that as soon as the filling was done and I touched her left hand and
said the word sleep… you will come right back to this wonderful relaxed and calm trance state then follow my voice and my voice only. Nothing will disturb you and you will only hear my voice. When you leave this room you will not remember anything and will be wide awake and feeling fine. 3 2 1 wide awake and feeling fine.

She lifts her head and I walk over to the reclining chair and lay down. The receptionist enters the room at exactly 5.10 and they start doing the filling together. About 15 mins pass and they are finishing up when I reach out and touch my cock…. The receptionist stares at my hand and a sexy smile appears on her face…. she then reaches out and starts to squeeze my cock.  My attractive Indian dentist stares at her in disbelief but I grab her hand and command strongly  – SLEEP. The dentists head drops and she is in trance. The next few mins are spent deepening the trance with them both and I reinforce that as soon as they leave this room you will not remember anything.

The muslim girl is still rubbing my cock so I command  her to undo my jeans and take it out…. she pulls down the zip and then undoes the top button. Her hand feels incredible squeezing my cock and balls through my tight pants and then pulls the front down as my cock springs out. She grabs hold and starts to explore and stroke me slowly and I tell her to make it hard and play with my balls.

As she is stroking, I command the dentist to get her phone and also the receptionists phone and to start taking a few close up pictures of the headscarf wearing muslim receptionist playing with my cock. She gets up and gets the receptionists phone and opens the camera. Start licking my cock and balls and finger my arse. You take a picture but not with my face in the shot, just her face near my cock. As she licks the head she takes it all in her mouth and wanks me slowly as her head bobs up and down.

I reach down and start rubbing her arse and legs through the hijab…. now suck your finger and keep fingering my arse while you suck my cock. Dentist you take another picture …. OK now take off your uniform and stand here in just your underwear. She starts to strip as i push my fingers between the receptionists legs and start to rub her pussy. The dentist is small and beautiful but has really large tits squashed into a sports bra so as to not get in the way whilst working on patients. I always love feeling them brush against my head or arm during treatment. Take off your bra and come closer so I can feel your tits and offer your nice big Indian  nipples  to my mouth.

Now play with my cock with her… i suck on her beautiful nipples as she plays with my cock and the hijab wearing receptionist is squeezing my balls with a finger in my arse and sucking the head. My other arm is now behind the dentist and pushing into her arse and pussy. I get a finger inside and she is quite hairy and dripping wet. Open your legs I command the dentist. Another finger slips inside so i start fingering her really deeper now. 

Take your knickers off and lower this chair right down then come over to me and straddle my face i want to taste your sexy Indian pussy. Does your husband like licking your pussy? No Sir, he is always too busy and tired. I see, well today you are going to get some real pleasure. New command, every time I or your assistant here, pushes 3 or 4 fingers in your arse,  you will have a huge orgasm and squirt pee. Do you understand? Yes sir. 

Now come here and put your leg over my face. The dentist was now trying to get her leg over me but was too short so I said get on the chair  and crouch down on me facing your assistant. The tool tray was moved away and she climbs up on top and lowers her hairy little slit down on my mouth. My tongue was inside her and she grabbed the sides to steady herself. I had hold of her hips as she moaning in pleasure whilst my tongue went to work. I tell the assistant to stop sucking my cock and to pull my jeans off. Now get the dentists camera and take a picture of her sitting on my face and my cock standing up. She moved to the end of the chair and took the picture. Good now pull up the front of your hijab and stand next to me here. Her legs were smooth and soft and her knickers were red and tight and very sexy as I could see her slit so run my hand up her inside thigh and felt her sweet little muslim pussy. Now play with her tits a bit and the run your hand down to her pussy and rub her clit so we can make her come. 

I’m now fingering the assistant and licking the dentist pussy while the assistant is rubbing the dentists clit. so I bring my other hand up and start toying with her arse. I lubricate my finger in her copious juices running down her thighs and into my mouth, then slowly rub around her anus. She is griping the sides to steady herself and moaning loudly so I slowly push my finger deep into her arse and she lets out this long moaning sound as she comes shaking and I move it around in her arse a bit more to continue her moaning then suddenly she starts pissing into my mouth and all over the assistants hand.. she moves her hand and I push her up a bit so the piss is now gushing all over my stomach and cock. I’m still fingering the assistant so push another finger in but god she was tight and frigged her until she started moaning also coming on my hand. 

Get down off the chair now and go suck my cock up to full hardness I told the dentist. And I told the receptionist, you take off your knickers and get on my face i want to taste you now. Dentist take another picture of her pussy on my face then get on my cock your gonna fuck me now and you are with your lover who you have not seen for weeks so want to make love to him. I feel my cock slide in and the dentist starts to move her hips up and down. The assistants pussy is beautiful and small, just a very thin slit and hardly any hair. Are you a virgin I ask the musim assistant yes she answers. And does your boyfriend play with your pussy and tits? Yes sir but I never had full sex. Dentist… play with her pussy and clit and make her come while I  suck her pussy and lick her arse hole. Her pussy tasted so sweet and she trembled as the dentist started stroking her clit and then pushed a finger inside. I was now licking her arse hole to let the dentist have more access to her pussy. Put two fingers in her now and make her come. You can squirt when you cum. A few mins later and she starts to cum so I push a finger in her arse to send her over the edge. 

I was trying to hold back but am now about to cum in the dentists pussy so told her to keep going but reach down and squeeze my balls. 

Now get down and take you hijab off. She climbs off my face and I grab the dentist hips and start to fuck her hard and deep. I pull her down so she is on top of me and finger her arse again to make her come and as she started her long moaning again i forced 3 fingers in her arse and she started squirting again, the hot piss was gushing all over my belly and cock made me shoot my load deep inside her pussy. 

The assistant was standing in just her red panties and no bra, so I get up from the chair. Lay on the chair and dentist, she is your new lover and you are going to make love for the first time. Next time I see you receptionist and I say “dental lovers” you will give me an appointment for the evening i choose at 5 pm, do you understand. Yes Sir. Ok Dentist, Start kissing and caressing her. They start kissing and stroking each other and I am watching and wanking my cock back to hardness at this erotic sight. I walk around them feeling between their legs and stood behind the dentist fingering her pussy to get her ready for my cock. Her hands were  all over the assistants fairly small 32b tits so I told her to feel her pussy and finger her to make her come. As she slid her hand down and started to finger the assistant I pushed my cock inside her from behind. Held her hips firmly and started fucking her hard and fast. Her legs were trembling and the assistant was moaning as she was being fingered and taken over the edge by another girl for the first time. 

Just before I shoot my second load I slip a finger, then 2 into the Dentists arse and she has a massive come again and squirts all over the floor.  I pump my cum into her pussy and then pull out and grab their cameras to take a few more pictures. After they had both calmed down a bit i told them to get into a 69 position on the chair and clean each other up with your tongues. 

I cleaned up and got dressed whilst watching them pleasure each other and then commanded. Dentist, you will shave your pussy and keep it smooth from tomorrow morning and you will both wear an anal plug everyday when at work and outside your homes.  You may only take it out when at home and keep it hidden from your families and husband. Do you understand? Yes sir. 

I set the alarm on one phone and said. When this phone alarm goes off, you will both wake up and get dressed. You will become secret lovers and meet in this room every evening at 5.00 pm after all the staff have gone home. You will not remember anything about what happened in this room and will only be lovers when in this room together. 

When you see the photos on your phone you will hide them in a secret folder and go to a quiet place every evening wherever you are at 9pm and bring yourself to orgasm looking at the pictures. Do you understand. Yes sir. OK you can continue playing and in a few  minutes finger each other in the arse. After you have both cum, you can get dressed and go home.

I will see you again next week.


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Japanese wife who loved anal

I met Kumi at a fetish sex club in London when I was 42 and she was 28. I’m an average build white British guy and Kumi was a really small 4′ 8″ but perfectly proportioned girl that wad recently divorced. I used to see her every month at Club Rub, sometimes with a strange skinny looking English guy with long mousy blond hair and she was always high on Ecstasy or something else as one night she looked totally out of it and was almost unconscious most of the evening. On this evening she was being groped by this tall black guy in a corner in the couples room and he was exposing her tits and fingering her while she was laying there letting him play with her and she was gripping his huge black cock but she almost seemed totally out of it.

I had a good feel of her pussy and arse as I squeezed myself in next to them on some big floor cushions and she just let me explore. Soon he was carrying her out of the room and I felt her pussy again and she was soaked like she had just pissed herself. 

Anyway the next month I was chatting with a mate who knew her and she walked in the club all upset and we were introduced and I sat with her most of the evening listening to her sob story of how she had been used by the skinny long haired boyfriend. We hit it off and I ended up in the really dark couples room with her where she let me finger her and she seemed to love giving me a blow job while she pushed a finger or two in my arse… Very interesting and sexy girl so we met up the next evening at another club… she loved coke and ecstasy and was a real slut in the club letting loads of guys and couples play with her tits and finger her while she was with me and all the time kissing me and dragging me around by my cock. 

I loved it when she said she wanted to pee and this guy sitting next to us that was wanking and watching us play lay on the floor and she just crouched down over his head and pissed in his mouth and all over his face. I started finger fucking her while she was in mid flow and with the guy slurping on her pussy and me with a finger in her arse and another in her pussy she came shuddering and nearly suffocated the poor guy.

6 months later we were married and the sex was incredible… the ex husband had apparently  left cos he could not keep up with her sexual demands and drug taking..  Every evening she wanted to watch hard core porno or we would be out at a club or afterparty where she loved to get fucked or more often than not rimmed and fisted in her arse… I found this a bit weird at first but most evenings when we got home she would get me to lay on my front and play with my balls and arse. Many mornings I would wake up with her sucking on my cock with a finger in my arse and squeezing my balls until I come in her mouth then she loved to slide up the bed and start kissing me with her mouth full of my cream… 

She loved being fisted in her arse and we had progressed to her wearing an anal plug to make it stretch and she had even got me to wear one while out together in the evenings. Then she says she wants to move back to Japan as herfather died and her mother was alone with her two younger sisters. I was in between jobs and she said her family were quite wealthy and owned a nightclub business and we would not have to work. Just help her mum run the club as her father was now gone.

Sounded like a great idea so I said ok lets go. Kumi was ecstatic and told me the sex and club scene in Japan was far better than Europe. We arrive in Japan a week later and this is when the story gets very dark and extreem. Her mother was amazing and looked like her sister. Her sisters were also incredible and were always walking around half naked and were obviously sleeping together and openly had sex with each other in front of me and their mum… the mother Tatumas was also clearly encouraging them and flirted with me constantly.  

The night club was more like an underground sex club and had various rooms and play areas with BDSM, torture, watersports, beastiality, slave training and so much more. 
The first few weeks were incredible and I had seen things that I had never even imagined or seen on any video. There was even a separate part to the club for exclusive members only where about 10 women were living in a dungeon under the club and all were there under their own free will and placed there for 3 – 6 months by their husbands for training..

The training was harsh with whippings every evening and every kind of debauchery done to them everyday by members who would turn up and do whatever they wanted… one girl was tied to a rack with her arms and legs spread and in a doggy position over a specially designed padded box for 24 hours. Her eyes were blindfolded and she was used by at least 40 men and women during that time. When she was not being throat fucked or fisted she would be whipped until her legs and pussy were covered in red weals. Her pussy and arse was gaping as most people wanted to fist her and one girl almost had her whole arm inside while her partner was deep throating her with his cock. 

Please comment if you want more of this story.

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