Slut Thai friend of my wife at a wedding

We were invited to a Thai wedding and although I was reluctant to go, my wife who is also Thai said it would only be for a few hours and we should go as it was a very good friend who was getting married…  So off we went and I was sitting there watching all the Thai girls, some with and many without their husbands. The evening went on and I had had about 4 Budweiser’s and had just returned to my chair at the back of the dance floor with a plate of food. My wife was sitting next to me but was jumping up to chat with other Thai girls at other tables and sometimes was gone for a good 10 to 15 mins.. 

The hall was filling up and the girls were getting more and more drunk, dancing on the dance floor and around the sides of the hired hall (probably a couple of hundred people in there.. After about another 30 mins I got up to get another beer from the bar and on my return could hardly find our table as the place was packed. When I got back to our table, I stayed standing as everyone else was also standing facing the dance floor and my wife said she wanted to go and chat with her friend on the other side of the hall. I said Ok and was standing there watching all the girls dancing when another Thai  friend of my wife Suk (recently separated as he had run off with another younger Thai girl) was standing and gyrating around right in front of me.

I was just watching the action but the people behind me were pushing forward which in turn pushed me very close to Suk and I was more or less right up against her back while she was gyrating and dancing to the music. Now Suk was a really dirty slut in my eyes, about 40ish but still small and sexy wearing a tight white mini skirt and top which was pushing her tits in. Her arse was rubbing against my cock and as I could tell she did not mind the closeness, I started to press into her even more as my cock started to come alive. A quick look around and I could not see my wife anywhere in sight so carried on letting Suk rub her arse against my cock and now I had one of my hands by my side so I could have a quick feel of her arse.

I touched her a couple of times and she just carried on as if nothing had happened and then I thought I would be a bit more daring and placed my hand on her hip while asking her if she had seen my wife…  She leaned over and whispered in my ear, if your cock keeps pressing into my back  I’m gonna have to move away. I said oh Suk… come on now, you look so sexy in that skirt what am I supposed to do. She said, if Mai (my wife) see’s us she will go ting tong.. Thai for go crazy.  Then she reaches behind her and starts squeezing my cock… OMG this girl was really hot and was really getting me turned on.. Because of all the people around us, nobody could see what she was doing and I was letting her squeeze and play away.

As she had her hand behind her squeezing me, I slipped a hand down and was rubbing her arse and thigh and then slid a hand up to squeeze her left breast.  This went on for about 5 mins and then my wife appeared and came to sit next to me. I sat down also and she asked, was I ok? because she needed to talk to her friend some more about a business. I said sure, no problem, I will be here so carry on. Off she went again and I was now sitting down but Suk was still standing in front of me and dancing as close as you can possibly imagine. Her arse was nearly in my face and her legs were nearly straddling one of my legs. I saw my opportunity and reached forward and touched her inner knee and slowly moved my hand up her inner thigh as nobody could see what was going on. She pushed her arse back into my face and I just kept stroking her inner thigh and then up to her knickers and pussy.

This was incredible, she was letting me touch her and was still dancing as if nothing was going on. I was now rubbing the gusset if her knickers and she was really hot. A finger was sliding under the edge of her knickers and I could feel the wetness as she was still gyrating around and I slid a finger into her slimy wet pussy. This nearly made her collapse and I had to steady her with my other hand but she carried on as I continued to finger her with one and then two fingers. My thumb had now found her arse bud and was rubbing that also when I could feel her start to shake and nearly collapse again.  I held her up and then pushed a finger into her pussy and another into her arse. She pushed back and down and sighed as she took the fingers and was clearly trying to make herself come. This went in for a few mins and then I said to her to go and take her knickers off and bring them back to me.

Off she went and in a about 5 mins she returns and hands me her knickers which I quickly take and put in my pocket. Have you come yet I ask. No, you make me come or I tell your wife… she says laughing. OK Suk, where you want to do this? Meet me outside by the old tree in the back car park she responds. I watch as she staggers across the room and goes outside. I wait a while and then circle my way around the hall and then quickly walk out the exit.

I scan the carpark and then make my way to the old tree at the back… very dark and secluded so as I approach Suk is standing there smoking a cigarette and waiting. I walk up to her and just grab her arse and start to snog her face. She throws the cigarette on the floor and grabs my cock and is unbuttoning my jeans. I manage to get a finger inside from the back of her skirt but she is more insistent at getting my cock out. Before I know what’s going on she is kneeling down and is sucking my cock and her hand is between my legs and forcing a finger into my arse…. Fuck me what a dirty slut Suk is.

She is having no problem deep throating me and at the same time squeezing my balls and with her finger in my arse I am about to explode. Slow down Suk…. I though you wanted to make you cum… Yes but I want to taste your cum first… then you can make me cum with your mouth and fingers OK.

Whatever you want Suk…. I let go into her mouth and she milks me and fingers my arse like a true pro. Not a drop was wasted and she gets up and pushes my head down. Standing open legged I go straight onto her wet pussy and push two fingers inside. Start to lap and suck at clit and my other hand is round the back toying with her arse. Open your legs more Suk….. She opens them moreand I push 3 fingers in her soaking wet cunt and two fingers in her arse. Licking and fingering away I can sense she’s gonna cum soon so I increase my speed to send her over the top. Piss starts streaming out of her onto my face, in my mouth and all over my shirt.

I grab her arse cheeks and clamp my mouth over her pussy and start drinking her piss and she is holding my head while coming and squirting at the same time.

Now hoe the fuck am I gonna explain my wet shirt Suk… She laughs and says I no tell your wife but you come see me sometimes OK….   OK Suk, I promise.


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Thai  wife’s friend renting a room

So after a night out on her own Pai (a Thai girl renting a room in our home) came home at about 5 am totally drunk and she could not even get her key in the lock. She was separated from her husband and he had custody of the daughter who was about 10. Pai is Thai and 36 yrs of age with a very nice body, tiny little tits but really long nipples. I got to see them at a BBQ one day when she had a loose top and when she leaned forward I could see right into her bra and saw the nipples bent over as they were so long at least ½ inch.


She loves to flirt and I slapped her arse as she walked past a few times in the past but cos I am married to her friend all I got was a sly smile. So when she could not open the door I slipped my dressing gown on and went down to open the front door for her. I was naked under the gown and my cock was always hard in the morning so was sticking out a bit.  I opened to door and she smiled and just fell in so I grabbed her under the arms to stop her falling and as I did so my gown came open and she saw my erect cock. She looked me in the eye and smiled again but also grabbed my cock. I closed the door and said to be quiet as the wife was still sleeping upstairs. She kept holding my cock and walked towards the kitchen so I just let her lead and slid my hand up the back of her skirt and between her legs.


She had tights on and a short skirt and I could feel it was soaking wet between her legs. She must have had sex with someone so I said and who has been in here this morning then Layla? She just pulled towards her and started snogging me while fondling my cock more. I was really turned on now and had my hand inside her tights from the front and managed to get a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy. You haven’t had enough last night then Pai ? No I need to get fucked bad she says. Fuck me please? I just turned her around and pulled her knickers and tights down to her knees at the kitchen sink and pushed her forward.

I pushed my cock straight in and it was fucking soaking. Not only that but it felt really loose. So who #s been fucking you last night Pai? Or was it more than one. I went to see Leroy and he took me back to his house with his mates. Leroy… That sounds like a black dude! Yes, I like reggae and have been seeing Leroy for about a year on and off…he’s married so…  I am fucking away but to be honest cannot feel much it’s all so loose, so I pull out and go for her arse hole.

Have they fucked you in the arse as well Pai ? Yes a few but I need to come…. Oooohhh I want to cum so bad.  I grab a courgette (much bigger than my cock) and hand it to her and say use this while I fuck your arse you dirty fucking Thai slut. She grabs it and immediately gets it between her legs and starts fucking herself with the courgette. That’s it babe, make yourself cum… think about all these big black cocks you were sucking and fucking last night… all Leroy’s mates fingering your pussy and cumming in your mouth… You like that don’t you Pai ? Yessssssss I can’t help it….I’m cummmmmming ooooohhhhhh fuck my arse you dirty bastard she screams….. I cum in her arse and let her collapse on the kitchen floor.

Now does that make you feel better ? Yes thank you…I go to bed now and she gets up and walks to the stairs still clutching the courgette.  See you in the morning Pai.


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Night out at TG (Torture Garden) – London

We had decided to go to TG in London for a night out and Jane was wearing a black see through blouse with buttons and no bra so her amazing 34c tits and nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric. A black PVC skirt and sheer thin black tights with no knickers.

I had my leather trousers and black lycra Tshirt.

We had wandered around for an hour or so and were getting horny watching all the near naked couples and one totally naked guy with his girlfriend who was topless and just had a tiny g string dancing to the Techno music. This guy’s cock must have been 10 inches long, fully erect and wide with a big bulbous cock head and a cock ring. As he danced it just swung and stood at attention.  We thought he must surely have taken some viagra or something for it to stay so hard. Everyone was staring at it and his girlfriend just kept holding it and dancing next to him and he in turn was fingering her from behind… Jane saw stunned at the sight and could not stop staring at his cock as we were dancing very close to them. The girl then grabbed Jane’s hand and placed it on her boyfriend’s huge cock..

At first Jane pulled her hand away as she was scared and nervous but as the girl held her hand again and the guy kept dancing, Jane kept her hand on it and started dancing while holding his cock… I was amazed and wish I had my phone to take a picture but phones were banned in the club so I had to just keep the memory. .. The guy puts his arm around Jane and his other arm around his girlfriend while the girls danced with him both holding his giant erect cock. I could see the guy running his hands up and down Jane’s back and at one point saw him groping Jane’s arse while he was watching her breasts bouncing up and down.

After a few mins Jane let go and we smiled at our new friends and went to sit down for a while and have another drink. After a while we were wandering around the dungeon area and watched a stunning Indian girl being canned and groped by an old guy that was demonstrating the art..

Every now and then he would stop canning her ( her beautiful arse was covered in long red weal’s) and stroke her arse slowly giving her I assume, pleasure and pain but she was clearly really turned on as when he fingered her as she was tied to the whipping horse his fingers were soaking with her juices.

Jane said she is so beautiful why does she like being canned? I just smiled and led Jane over to the couples only door and joined the que to get in.. Jane said what’s in there? I said it is just a room for couples only to relax and play away from all the single guys that can be a real pain when any action between couples start… They are like packs of wolves and crowd round and any couple trying to have fun and start groping until the couple either go with the flow and let 5 or more men all finger and grope her or they get pissed off and stop playing and walk away.

When we get into the couples room we see a free corner and go sit down. Looking around we see several couples all playing together so Jane reaches for my zip and unleashes my cock. I just lay back and let her play while watching this black girl being licked out by another guys wife next to us and the two guys were watching and wanking over them. Then who should come and squeeze onto the corner sofa next to us but the girl and big cock who were on the dance floor.

The girl sat next to Jane and big cock (still erect and looking massive) sat next to his girlfriend.  They immediately started snogging and he was fondling her tits. Jane was looking at them while wanking my cock so I started fondling her tits too. The guy looks me in the eye and smiles and nodded at Jane’s tits so I undid a few buttons so he could see them better…. Jane was really turned on and was staring at his cock again and watching the girl. I opened Janes buttons to the bottom and let the blouse fall open and because of how we were all cramped into the corner, her left breast was almost touching the other girl’s breast. I saw the guy brush Jane’s tits several times and each time I felt her shudder and heard a sigh.. Then I see the girl was holding Jane’s hand while she was still snogging and letting her man play with her.

The guy was now running his hand up his girl’s inner thigh and was fingering her as she opened her legs more so they were now also touching Jane’s leg. He then whispered something to her and she turned her head to Jane and started kissing her on the mouth while moving her hand up onto Jane’s tits. I moved my hands away and watched her play with Jane’s tits and nipples while her man was seriously giving her a good fingering and was snogging Jane. I slide my hand down and started stroking Jane’s legs and soon Jane her open her legs and let me finger her too. The girl then took Jane’s hand and placed it on her guy’s huge cock again and Jane stopped kissing and looked at what was happening and me with my hand between her legs and started wanking the big cock and snogging the girl again.

I said to Jane – are you OK? She just turns to me and says yes babe are you?

The Big cock guy now kneels between his girlfriend and Jane. Jane is still wanking his huge cock and his girlfriend is now seriously fingering Jane. Big cock then makes his move and dives between Jane’s legs and is licking away at her pussy while the girlfriend has moved to Jane’s mouth. Jane is laying back now just letting this all happen so I decide to let it continue and see where it goes.  The girlfriend has now reached over to me and is fondling my cock and I willingly let her while watching what they are doing to Jane.

Jane is panting like a dog and the guy seems to be fingering her while giving her the best licking of her life. Then he comes up and asks ne… You want me to fuck her for you? Not can I fuck her… !!!

I nod and just hope Jane will be willing to try this massive cock. The crowd around us now is thick and there are several couples really close and standing already fucking. He positions himself in front of Jane’s pussy and starts to rub the head up and down her tiny slit. His girlfriend is talking to Jane and stroking her face, tits and kissing her mouth. Then he pushes the head in and Jane arches up, a bit more and she is holding onto the girlfriend and then he is inside her. Not all the way but about 4 inches and the girth is stretching her pussy really wide.

Jane is still panting and the guy grabs her breasts and starts to push in and out slowly. Jane is somehow taking it and I am wanking like crazy watching this going on in front of me. Then he starts to get faster and Jane is grunting and shouting OMG OMG his girlfriend has her hand between them frigging her clit and then she is kissing her mouth again. He goes on for about 5 mins and his cock is now at least ¾ of the way in and he pulls out to show everyone her gaping pussy. He hold s it open for us all to see and then pushes his huge cock back in..  More fucking and then Jane starts to come violently screaming and shaking and the guy just pulls out fast and shoots his load all over her stomach. The girlfriend jumps down and starts cleaning up his cock with her mouth and I clamp my hand over Jane’s pussy and 4 of my fingers slip inside with no effort at all. The crowd is still staring and hanging around but I get Jane up and we make our way out of the couples room.

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We were invited to a party by my mate

We were invited to a party by my mate Gary who had already told me what happens and I told Jit my 24 year old wife of 2 years from Thailand.  Slim and 4′ 8 with stunning breasts a bit about it but did not want to scare her from going so played it down and just said it was couples only and there will be other Thai girls there.


So on the night I told Jit to shave her pussy and wear a sexy short white silky skirt, white button up blouse and her tiny knickers and bra set that were so thin and skin tight her nipples poked through and her camel toe slit was showing. We had a bottle of wine before we called the taxi and we were now on the way to the address Gary had given us.


When we arrived it was a big house in Radlett, Hertfordshire  and there must have been about 12 other couples and a few single guys. We were invited in and given a large glass of punch each that tasted very strong but could see everyone else drinking it so we went along. In the kitchen are there was a finger buffet and fruit, sandwiches and a bowl of sweets. Couples were mingling about and then I saw Gary walking towards us and he had his wife Nantana, also Thai with him. Nantana started to chat with Jit in Thai and was wearing a fishnet body suit with nipples poking through the mesh and nothing underneath. I could not help staring at her shaved pussy through the mesh and Gary was smiling as he saw me staring and said wait till you see what happens later in the playroom.


Jit and Nantana were in deep chat so Gary said come on let’s give you a tour of the house so you can see what goes on in the various rooms. The lounge was incredible with a huge white round leather pouffe in the middle of the room surrounded by another 3 long curved white sofas and it was really dark except for a red light hanging down over the centre pouffe. 


A few couples were sitting around watching and cuddling so we then went into another room that was like a dungeon with various BDSM benches and stocks, a whipping cross and a cage. Upstairs we were told were 5 bedrooms which could be used but normally the doors were to be kept open for voyeurs to see inside.


More couple arrived and we were offered more punch and I was suspecting something else was in the drink as I was starting to get aroused just watching the girls especially Nantana walking along in front of us. Gary then reached out and grabbed his wife’s arse and she looked back and just smiled at me… I thought hhhhmmmm maybe I could have a grope too. I nodded to Gary to do the same to Jit and I grabbed his wife’s arse as he did the same to Jit. Jit was shocked at first but because of the punch (or whatever else was in it)  she just let him grope her. I had slid my hand between Nantana’s arse cheeks and could feel she was already wet and nearly managed to finger her. Fucking hell I thought, this is gonna be an interesting evening. I then moved forward and put my arm around Jit’s shoulders to reassure her all was ok and she responded by grabbing my cock and said why you so hard already and smiled.


We went into the lounge and sat on one of the sofas just as two girls had climbed onto the centre pouffe.  The were starting to kiss and touch each other and a few more couples quickly took up any free spaces on the sofa. We looked around and could see in the dim red light several couples either playing together or playing with the couple next to them as a group. All eyes were on the two girls on the white pouffe and one was now completely naked on her back while the other was straddling her face making her lick her pussy while fingering and licking the girl underneath..


Jit was staring in disbelief with wide eyes while Nantana had slid in next to her and I could see her hand on Jit’s leg. Gary was the other side of her and had started fondling her breasts and Nantana’s other hand was wanking his cock that he had let out. Jit looked over and saw what Nantana was doing and then Nantana was whispering something into Jit’s ear. Her hand slid up Jit’s leg a bit more and then she moved in and kissed Jit on the mouth.


I was amazed and in shock but started to feel Jit’s tits while also watching all the action starting up around us. There was a lot of attention on Jit and Nantana as they were clearly the youngest and best looking girls in the room and because Jit was so small. Nantana now had her hand between Jit’s legs and was clearly fingering her and was clamped onto her mouth French kissing her. I moved my hand down onto her other leg and slid my hand up her inner thigh to see how wet she was and met Nantana’s hand. She grabbed my hand and pushed it into Jit’s pussy to show me how wet she was… soon we were both fingering her at the same time and her legs were wide open with several couples crowding round to watch.


Gary had peeled his wife’s body stocking down from the top and her 34 c tits were on show and he was letting another guy fondle them while he was fingering her pussy. I grabbed Jit’s hand and moved it onto my exposed cock and she started rubbing me while Looking at all the people watching our group on the sofa. Gary had now got between Nantana’s legs and was licking her pussy through the body stocking and the guy who was playing with her tits was now openly wanking while his wife was sucking on her tits.


I turned Jit round and started kissing her on the mouth and pulled her onto my lap while still fingering her. She had hold of my cock and as I pulled her knickers to the side she slid down onto my cock and started to fuck me really slowly. I lifted her skirt at the back to expose her arse and let the watchers see my cock going in and out of her slit. I then pushed a finger in her arse and she started to get faster and then another girl was kneeling down on the floor and stroking her legs and arse. Jit stood up and let this new girl peel down her knickers and then climbed back onto my cock while the girl started to put her tongue into Jit’s arse… Jit was bouncing up and down and then moaning into my mouth as I tried to kiss her and then said… she’s fingering and licking my arse and started to come and shake while I held her on my cock.

Great evening to say the least…. And lots more stories to tell.

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Slut daughter of my wife’s friend.

Mandy is a 19 yr old half Thai and English daughter of Noi. Born in the UK so has a typical British girl schooling but speaks fluent Thai and English.. I managed to make Facebook friends with her so as to see some pics and see what she posted to her mates.

This girl is stunning, budding breasts, long legs, beautiful angelic face thanks to her mum… Typical English secondary school education and now college with her stupid school mates one of who is already pregnant and a single mum… her future is probably going to be the same…. just a matter of time and who she lets fuck her without and protection.

So this stunning girl is always messing around with her younger brother about 10 yrs  I think, they chase each other around the garden and roll around play fighting all the time. One afternoon I am watching her at a summer BBQ in the garden. She has these tight black leggings on and a very thin  boob tube top but obviously no bra underneath. She knows I am looking but still acts like a little kid with her brother chasing him around the garden and letting him catch her and roll around together on the grass.

A few times I see her catching my eye but I have to be careful with my wife and about 10 more people in the garden.. A few weeks go by and then my wife organises a birthday party for me at our house.. The gusts start to arrive, mostly Thai girls and women in their 30’s – 50’s but also Noi, Mandy and the son of whom I cannot recall his name.

I have now had about 3 beers and a bottle of wine and the girls are chatting and drinking and everyone seems to be well pissed for a Sunday afternoon.  Mandy is now playing the stupid slut again and rolling around with her brother on the sofa and floor of our living room.  She is wearing tight black jeans and this time a bra under a sexy low cut top. I catch her a couple of times looking at me when playing around with her brother and I know she was watching me watching her.

I was pretty drunk by now and was getting a bit daring and I had moved onto the floor in a laying down position.  Mandy was also laying down with her back and arse facing me and my legs and feet in particular were very close in fact inches from her arse. I am looking around the room to make sure no one is suspecting anything going on and then I see her look over her shoulder with a naughty look in her eye. I moved my foot so as when she moved my foot poked into her arse cheek..

No response…. hmmmmm but she must have felt my foot on her arse.. a few mins later she rolled back again this time right onto my foot and turned and looked me right in the eye. OMG this girl is horney and wants to play.

Nothing I can do here so all I can do is play along… a bit more touchy feeling until the time came for them to leave.  As the wife’s friends all left, the typical hugs and kisses and then to my surprise. … Mandy is standing there so I hug her and give her a peck on the cheek and let my hand slide down her back onto her arse. A quick squeeze and she looked directly into my eyes and smiled. Ae you a virgin I whispered and she just nodded and turned to leave.

That evening I get a Facebook message from her saying thanks for the party.  I thought that’s strange, I’m in my late 50’s and she is 19 .. What is going on! I keep logging into Facebook but do not get anymore messages for a week or so and then  I get a message from her asking if I ever use Snapchat! Well up till now I never had but replied saying sometimes what’s your user id ?

She sent it through and I quickly signed up. Messaged her and realised I needed to send a live picture and found how it works is people send pics with each message which are deleted a short time later.  It started out very innocent but the  she asked me if I thought she was attractive and good looking and she had attached a pic of her full length body in a white skirt and red halter neck top.

I said of course you are but I would like to see more.. She responded by saying do you like my legs? The pic was of her sitting down on a chair just her waist and legs. Can I see you she said? What do you mean see me.. ? I want to see your cock? What the fuck I thought. . Next message was you like my knickers?  The pic was of her with her legs open and her crotch on show.

I opened my trousers and let my cock out, already hard cos of her pic and sent her the snap shot.. Next message was a pic of her pulling her knickers to one side with her legs wide open and the message was… can you teach me please?  I said no problem and sent a really good close up pic making my cock look huge.

Meet me from college tomorrow was the last message with her standing up with a finger in her pussy with one leg up on the chair.

Next day I am like well, cannot focus or concentrate, wondering if this is all one big wind up or what. I am waiting outside her college and she comes out with a girlfriend. .. she sees me and then heads towards me as she said goodbye to her friend. As she jumps in the car I said are you sure you want to do this? and can you know you must keep this a secret… She answered yes I can and yes I want you to teach me all about sex and what the guys want. I heard my mum talking about you to her mates. What do you mean talking about Me, what was she saying? Well you know your ex ? Yes. Well she’s still mates with my mum and she told my mum all about your threesomes and stuff you used to do together, she said you taught her everything and it was the best sex she ever had. What! She told you that? No, I overheard them talking about you.

Fucking hell Mandy, that’s news to me, good news but I never thought she would be blabbing it all over town.

Don’t you have a boyfriend Mandy?  No, she said, lots of guys want to take me out but my dad is gone and my mum is a slut and has different boyfriend’s every week. I hear them fucking her and once I saw a cock as a guy came out of the bathrooms naked. He was black and it was huge. He didn’t even cover himself up, he just smiled at me and winked.. dirty bastard.

Listen Mandy, I find you incredibly attractive and we can do whatever you want but, it has to be our secret OK?

OK she answered, can we go for a drive now?

Yes, let’s go out of town as the last thing I need is someone telling my wife they saw you in my car. So put your seat right back and lay down out of sight till we get out of town. I turned onto the Bedford road and started driving. About 10 mins later and we were in the countryside driving down the old A6 towards Bedford.

I kept looking down at this vision of a girl smiling up at me from the passenger seat. She had black leggings on and a white blouse tied at the front. I could see she was wearing a bra, so I said, open your blouse a bit more Mandy, I want to see those beautiful tits of yours. She giggled then undid a few buttons and pulled the blouse open. I reached over and before I touched her for the first time said, Can I touch Mandy? Yes… and …… Can I touch you? she answered back

I stroked her breasts which must have been about 34 b, not big but seriously not small either, her nipples were hiding in the bra so I slid my hand inside one cup and caressed the nipple and squeezed her tit. Ohhhh that’s so good she moaned. Her nipples were hard and quite big for a young girl. More squeezing and rubbing and then I pulled her tit out from the cup and admired it while flicking the nipple and trying drive at the same time. Good job we are on a long fairly straight country road.

Take your bra off Mandy but leave your blouse on in case anyone see’s in the car. I’m gonna stop soon as there’s a dogging spot at a layby near Clophill. Dogging spot! Yes, but it should be fairly quiet in the daytime so we have a bit of fun. With that I slid my hand over her belly and down over her crotch. She looks directly at me but did not stop my hand exploring, so I slid it down under the waist band of her tight leggings and onto her bare belly. I started teasing her a bit by rubbing her clit and barely touching her pussy but each pass over her pussy, I could feel it getting wetter and wetter.

Mandy had her eyes closed and her hands were squeezing her own tits, so I slipped my hand down deeper and pushed a finger deep inside her. She arched her back and grabbed my hand and pulled it as deep as she could into her pussy. As she held my hand there I pushed another finger inside and started to frig her harder. This sent her into some kind of spasm and she started pissing all over my hand inside her leggings. Fucking hell Mandy, are you hot or what, I love it when girls squirt and cum. OMG… I never done that before Mandy says, I have cum but you made me feel, OMG that was so… dirty… no Mandy that was incredible, not many girls can squirt and cum so think yourself very lucky.

We pull into the long layby at Hangmans hill, near Clophill and find a quiet place to park the car. Then I put my seat back a bit so as I could sort of lay next to her and immediately went down onto her mouth and started snogging her. She responds and my hand is now back inside her soaking wet leggings and fingering her again. You want to get out of these I said after kissing her for a good few mins. We can lay them out to dry for later. She peels her leggings down and I pull her knickers down as well to see this beautiful pussy with just a thin coating of hair and her amazing little pink slit. My hands are all over her breasts and then suckling on her nipples while sliding my hand back between her legs. Open your legs babe…. She parts them and I push my two fingers back inside, put one leg up on the dashboard… I help her move it up and her legs are now wide open. Fucking hell Mandy, you look superb and I’m gonna taste that pussy of yours now. Has anyone even been down on you Mandy? No… what you going to do? Well Mandy, this is what most guys will want to do when they first get to see your pussy, I don’t know why, it must be a guy thing. We just need to put our tongue inside and your gonna love it.

I move around and put my hands under her arse so I can pull her pussy closer to my mouth. As soon as I start licking and sucking she is moaning and writhing around, oooohhhh that’s so good. I manage to get one finger in her pussy but cos of my position was a bit restricted. So I fingered her with the one finger while licking and sucking on her clit then I felt her arse hole and started pushing a second finger into her arse… What you doing she squealed… relax Mandy, you want me to teach you don’t you… Yes but….. Don’t worry Mandy, just relax and enjoy. I feel her hand between my legs searching for my cock, so I let her undo the zip and said undo the belt and the top button.

After a bit of a struggle she manages to get my cock out and is holding it and squeezing if while I am busy licking her out. A few more mins and I come up for air and start to snog her face again so she could taste her own juices on my mouth and face. You like that Mandy? Can you taste your pussy on my mouth? Yes, and your cock is so hard, can I do the same to you? Of course Mandy, I would love you to suck my cock. I lay back and she immediately goes down on my cock, sucking and slurping and I had to tell her to go slowly and keep your teeth back as it hurts if your teeth grate my cock. OK she says.  

I show her how to wank my cock and lick the end and then how to go faster and then slower to hold me back from cuming too soon. If you sense a guy is gonna cum babe, just squeeze it hard at the base and stop sucking for a while until it subsides. You won’t be able to stop it every time as some guys come very quickly no matter what. Do you want to see me cum now Mandy. Yes please…

Just then another car pulls in the lay-by and parks right behind us, shit, there’s a car behind us Mandy, Pull your blouse over your tits and sit up OK. We’re gonna have to move so, I re position my drivers seat and start the engine. As we drive out Mandy has put her seat up also but is still naked from the waist down. I aim back towards Luton as we need to get home soon and drop Mandy at her bus stop.

Listen Mandy, you can keep playing or sucking my cock as we drive and I want to play with that beautiful tight pussy of yours a bit more. She opens her legs and I am fingering her as we drive while she is wanking and smiling at me and my cock. Hmmmm it’s much bigger than I thought and it looked different on Snapchat she said. I push my fingers in deeper and start to move them faster again to make her come. She is now milking me so well that I feel I am about to cum so said Mandy, I’m gonna cum now so you want to see yes? Mandy stares closely and continues to wank me, a bit faster please, she increases her speed and then OMG I spurt all over her hand and dash board… she is giggling like crazy and holding it still…. OMG you come so much, it’s everywhere!

Grab those tissues in the glove box and clean yourself up but lay back and let me finish you off as well. I go back to fingering her and rubbing her clit and start to tell her that I am going to take her to the next level tomorrow. You want to come out again and we can continue with your education young girl? Maybe you want me to fuck you with my nice big cock or even cock’s… should I bring a friend? Mandy has her eyes closed as I am talking and I get another finger in her so 3 fingers now pumping in and out, you gonna squirt for me again Mandy, I want to see you piss all over my hand when I make you come OK…  Yeeeeeeessssss then she cums and starts spraying her piss all over the dash board and windscreen. When she comes down, we both start laughing and she says sorry for getting the inside of the car all wet. No problem Mandy, it was well worth it and I can get it cleaned it at the car wash on the way home.

So message me on Snapchat when you want to meet tomorrow I say as she jumps out at the bus stop.


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Asian wife cuckold 6 London show

Layla is dressed to kill with a long white evening dress with a split up the side to her hip. Bare sheen natural stockings and expensive silk white g string and matching suspenders. White high heeled shoes, low cut neckline and no bra. She looked stunning cos of the contrast between her dark Indian complection and the white silk dress.  I have a suit jacket with casual trousers. 

I have borrowed my sons Bmw X6 for the evening as wanted to make a very good impression. We pick up David and Angela from their very nice cottage in Redbourn nr St Albans and Layla and Angela hit it off immediately chatting about fashion, business and whatever. Dave and I rode in the front so we could let the girls chat away in the back. Dave was dressed similar to myself and Angela wore a very expensive evening dress in a light purple colour, she sort of looked like a stunning British girl working as a Thai Airways air hostess but tall and very attractive. Her hair was long and blond and her tits looked about 36b and pushed up to make them prominent in her evening dress. Looking at her, you could never believe that she was not into sex with poor old Dave. 

We parked at the nearest NCP to the London show at Raymonds revue bar in the centre of Soho and Angela remarked that I though we were going to a Burlesque show… Yes we are Angela, this used to be a very seedy area in the past but now all the shows are high class for the tourists and people like us I suppose. She seemed happy and Layla had linked arms with her as we entered the theatre. 

The show area was on a large stage and tables seating 4 – 10 people were spaced out in front. We were shown to our table that was near the front but a little bit secluded to the side. We let the girls sit next to each other while I sat next to Layla and Dave next to Angela on the other side. 

The waiter came and took our drinks order and as we were ordering Dave said Angela does not drink alcohol, I hope you don’t mind. Not at all Dave, I’m driving tonight so Angela and I will be on the J2O’s. Layla also said she would have the same as Angela and Dave had a Bud light.  so the lights go down and the show begins. Wow to be so close to all these very beautiful virtally naked girls with their perfect breasts on show was highly arousing. 

During the show Layla kept checking my cock by giving it a quick squeeze and at least twice I caught Angela watching Laylas hand disappear under the table. I pretended not to notice her and just stared at the show girls. Are you enjoying the Show Angela, not too raunchy for you I hope. It’s very good actually and very tastefully done. The girls are absolutely stunning. Do I detect a bit of Lesbian attracton here… could that be why David and Angela are not having any sex in their marriage.

Layla also mentioned when Angela and her went to the ladies room that she was very touchy feely with her and how Amgela  commented about her tits and no bra. She seemed to be sitting very close to Layla at the table and their legs touched several times. Layla felt as if she was pressing her leg to hers a bit more than an occasional accident so she kept still and let her do it. She also told me she saw me  squeezing your cock and she seemed to be turned on by it.  

After the show we decided to go back to Angela and Daves house in Redbourn as it was on route home and having a bottle of wine or two was out of the picture.  Layla said to me, I think Angela really likes me so can I sit in the back with her again on the way home. Go for it babe, I’ll look after Dave. On the way home Dave was fairly quiet and I said for him to relax and put the seat back if he was tired. Great show he said, what do say Angela? Yes David I enjoyed it immensely and your new friends are so lovely. 

Layla and Angela were sitting right next to each other and I could just see in my mirror that they were holding hands as they were chatting away. Very interesting, I was thinking. A while later I glanced in the mirror and saw Layla laying back and Angela was laying into her arm as if falling asleep on her. Layla looked at me in the mirror and gave me this wide eyed surprised look. So I just kept quiet and let Dave sleep and I adjusted my mirror down to see what if anything was happening in the back.. to my suprise Angela was sucking on  one of Laylas tits while fondeling the other one. Layla had her hand on Angelas head and was stroking it softly. 

This continued all the way down the M1 motorway for about 25 mins and when we arrived we all went into their house in Redbourn.  Layla and Angela went into the kitchen as Dave showed me around and  we eventualy sat on this big curved sofa facing a huge TV. Dave mate.. I think your wife is into girls you know.. I mean she was really into the showgirls and I think she also has a soft spot for Layla. 

Why do you think that Adam? Well did you see what they were doing in the back of the car on the way home? No,  what was that then Dave said looking interested and a bit shocked. Well they were sort of making out, Angela was sucking on Laylas tits… What…. your having me on mate…. give me a break. Dave mate, seriously, Layla also said she wanted to see her tits in the ladies room. 

Dave looked stunned. Listen mate, don’t spoil the situation by saying anything now. Can we get the mood a bit more sexy and seductive this evening…. like do you have any well sexy movies or whatever. 

Not that Angela would want to see.. 

What about first time soft core lesbian movies …. Well there’s loads on the net. Is your tv interent connected? Yes why? Well leave it to me, I have an idea. Can I borrow your computer to just find something that may work? 

Layla and Angela eventually come back into the lounge carrying some coffees and sit down to continue chatting. I come back in and Dave is looking at me like a scared cat. Hey Layla, did you explain to Angela about Amsterdam last week and our initiation? No not yet we’ve been so busy chatting about the show girls and how sexy they were. Angela does know about our game though…. she was really shocked at first but she admits she’s very inexperienced in all sexual things. she doesn’t blame Dave in any way and understands he needs sex more than her and she thinks it is due to an uncle that raped her when she was very young. 

Dave goes over to Angela who is now starting to sob and saying how sorry she is and how she will really try to make things better. He hugs her and she starts to hug him back. Listen you two, maybe our job tonight was to get you teo back on track so if you prefer, Layla and I can be on our way and you two can kiss and well do whatever to want. 

No please please don’t go, I really saw a different side of myself tonight and felt feelings I have never experienced before. I have never met anyone like Layla and feel very close,  so if you don’t mind…. I want to make David and my life better but I am afraid sex is not my thing or hasn’t been for the last 8 years. No problem Angela, I am sure that Dave would welcome any positive change so can I make a suggestion.

Tonight has been great and I know you saw Layla playing wth me under the table at the show…. Yes I saw, Angela admitted. And how did it make you feel Angela? I’m not sure…… jealous, naughty, horney, I wanted it to be her touching me. And have you ever been with another girl or woman before? No never, not until tonight in the car when Layla let me lay on her and she placed my hand inside her dress onto her breast. Then she pushed my face down onto her breast. And you enjoyed that? OMG my stomach was all butterflies and I felt so …..  I don’t know and she bursts into tears again. 

This time Layla puts her arms around her and they hug as Angela cries her heart out. Dave is standing there open mouthed. Put the tv on internet and I will start this movie I found. It’s a soft porn lesbian thing that I am sure Angela will like. Why don’t you sit over here next to me Dave, so we can watch. 

 Dave and I are sitting over here and Angela…. this is your evening so you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with ok. Maybe you just want to watch the movie or sit  with Layla… whatever you feel …. OK. Layla, are you OK with helping Angela, you know I will let you do whatever you want. I just like to watch Angela so if your feeling relaxed and don’t mind, we can start the movie. 

The lights are off and the movie starts. Angela and Layla are sitting together on the long sofa and they start to hold hands like the back of the car. The movie starts with a couple of girls that are standing in a kitchen chatting and after a short while they are getting all touchy feely until one girl starts to kiss the other one. 

I’m not gonna bore you with all the details of the movie as this is all about Angela and Layla. Anyway, Layla is now laying back , just like in the car and Angela is holding Layla’s hand. Layla moves Angela’s hand up into her deep cut  opening of her evening dress and onto her breast again. This time Angela instinctively seems to know what to do. As Angela caresses Layla’s beautiful small breasts Layla moves Angelas face up to hers and they start kissing each other for the first time. 

Layla is also touching Angela’s tits and soon has them out for us all to see, they must be 36b and very firm. A little embarrassment from Angela but Layla is now stroking her tits and her nipples show she is well turned on..  Then Angela is stroking Layla’s leg through the long split so Layla looks at me and parts her legs a bit so Angela can explore. Layla is still kissing Angela and her hand is on her inner thigh probably also rubbing Layala’s pussy.

On the Tv the movie has progressed to one of the girls sitting open legged on the kitchen counter while her friend is licking and fingering her to orgasm. Our wives are really getting into each other with snogging, hands rubbing breasts, legs and pussies. I want to taste your pussy Angela…. can I please? Layla said. Angela’s hand is now right between Layla’s thighs and obviously fingering her. Layla lets the top part of her evening dress slide right down off her shoulders exposing both her naked brown tits. Angela sighs and immediately stars sucking her nipples again. 

Layla lays back more and opens her legs wider giving Angela easier access and letting us have a better view. I look over at Dave and he is staring open mouthed while rubbing his growing erection probably also thinking back to last week in the Health club where we let him taste and finger Layla to orgasm. Now Layla is letting his wife do the same thing. 

Layla has now pulled Angela’s evening dress down as far as she could so she then  said.. We need to get out of these dresses and stood up to let her dress slide to the floor. She steps out and pulls Angela to her feet and helps her remove her  dress also. 
What a vision…. our two wives standing in just underwear and stockings. Layla then un clips Angela’s bra and then starts snogging her again in a standing position while rubbing her back and arse and breasts. Layla pushes Angela back down on the sofa so she is seated and then kneels on the floor in front of her stroking her legs and parting them slightly with her hands. Are you going to let me taste you Angela? OMG what am I doing! Just lay back and relax Angela…. do you want to see the boys playing with their cocks while they watch me make you come with my mouth ? Angela closes her eyes and opens her legs a bit wider. Layla can now slide her fingers up the side of her knickers and into her very wet pussy. Using her other hand she pulls the knickers to one side and then goes down on her licking and sucking and fingering. I could see Angela’s pussy had a thin covering of hair and looked very sexy and inviting.

I am now dropping my trousers and getting naked so I say to Dave… well mate you gonna get in on the action or you gonna sit there and watch? Dave smiles and strips off also, His cock looks huge and seems to be throbbing. Angela is now rolling her head from side to side while pulling Layla’s head and tongue  more into her open legs.  Then suddenly Angela lets out this long moan and starts cuming. Layla holds her down and continues licking and bringing her down slowly. They lay together hugging and lie still for a few mins. 

Hey Babe Layla says to me.. you want to taste Angela cos I know she wants to taste me. I scuttle over and kneel next to Layla.. Layla then jumps up before Angela could stop her and is straddling Angela’s face with her own pussy. She pulled her knickers to the side and says Angela please taste me…. I move in and am holding Angela’s stockined legs apart then carry on licking and eating out Daves wife. 

Angela is clearly getting into it now and starts repeating OMG your pussy is so smooth and beautiful…. OMG please don’t stop. Layla says to her… Would you like Adam to fuck you… he is very good and will make you come again. Or would you like David to join us and they can both fuck us? Angela tries to talk but Layla is forcing her pussy into Angelas mouth… Do you like my taste Angela..? I love the way your getting your tounge into me. Dave is now standing by Layla and she sees him so reaches over and starts wanking his cock…. Woeeee look at David Angela.. his cock looks delicious… can I taste it? Angela looks up and nods as Layla pulls Dave closer and starts to wank and suck his cock directly over Angelas head. Dave is stroking Angelas face and then has a quick feel of Laylas pussy. Oh yes Dave please finger me while your wife is licking my pussy I want to cum now…. Dave pushes two fingers in to Layla as Angela watches him frig her fast. suddenly Layla cums and pulls Daves fingers out and sit back on Angelas face. Hmmmmmm that was so nice Angela.. 

Here wank your husbands cock while I change position. Layla gets into a 69 position and tells Angela … now watch as Adam fucks me… I get up and position myself at Layla’s pussy. You can wank him or suck  him if you like Angela as she dives down and starts licking Angela again. Dave has now moved to Layla’s  head and Layla reaches out and starts wanking him again. I want to see you fuck your wife David…. look how wet she is…

Have you ever seen her so turned on? Dave let’s Layla suck him a while to get him well lubricated then she says Angela, Adam is going to fuck me now , you want to watch, yes? yessss Angela moans. Layla is writhing around on top of Angela and their bodies are in full contact. Fuck me Adam…. I push straight into Layla and start sliding in and out. Angela is holding her but cheeks and seem to be pulling them apart so she can see everything. 

Dave is now entering Angela and he tries very slowly cos he does not want her complaing of pain. but Angela is well beyond that stage now and is shouting Fuck me David… I want to feel your big cock cum in my pussy. OMG I can see Adam’s cock fucking Layla .

Angela is still licking and stroking Layla but also fondeling my cock and balls so I pulled out and let her play with me a bit longer and then I felt her mouth on my cock so I let her taste and wank me, then she is licking Layla again so as soon as I could I re entered Layla and continued fucking. Layla then says to Angela…. You want my husband to fuck you? I want to watch him fuck you Angela… just like I’m watching Dave fuck you now… Dave pulls out and Laya is sucking his cock again and fingering Angela at the same time. 

I pull my cock out and offer it to Angela again and she reaches out for it then starts to suck it again. I smile down at her and say, better keep Layla happy shall we and move round to where Dave was standing. Layla then slides off of Angela and moves around so she can start kissing and playing with Angelas mouth and tits. I look at Dave who gives me an accepting nod then kneel between Angelas legs. I slowly enter Angela and hold her hips, teasing at first but then starting to build up momentum. 

Dave is now standing near the girls heads wanking so Layla grabs him and tells Angela to help her make him cum. Between their snogging they are taking turns licking and trying to deep throat Dave but because of his size could only get half in. I’m gonna cum OMG I’m cummmming Angela cries. Dave then starts cuming and Layla took some in her mouth and sprayed the rest over Angelas tits. That was also my cue to shoot so pulled out of Angela and wanked myself a couple more mins and shot all over her stomach. 

Well that was an interesting end to the evening and I wonder if Angela will be going out with Layla alone anytime soon.

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Asian wife cuckold 5 – In the Health club


After last weeks Amsterdam experience we had been fucking like rabbits day and night recounting what happened at the private residence and Layla told me that while she was being fucked by this stallion Arab guy while his wife translated during the fingering and lesbian play she was propositioned to be his guest at one of his London  residences. The woman with him was one of his wives but he apparently had 4 more wives and was very wealthy. He had given her his number but the invitation was for only for her …. not me.
If she / we agreed, she would be picked up in about 10 days on the following Saturday evening at 6pm and be brought home on Sunday evening at 6pm.

We did not know what to do, so we put it on hold and decided to go to Bannatynes health center in Luton for a look around and see who was in the sauna and steam room and relax in the pool. It was just past 9 am and all the early punters had exited the club and there were just a few people swimming so we jumped in the hot tub as it was free.

I love to show Layla off and like it even more if unsuspecting guys don’t know we are together. A guy appears from the Steam room and I nod for Layla to smile at him while I lay back with my eyes shut. He jumps in the hot tub  and sits near to Layla and she just lays there watching the last few swimmers with her sexy tits bobbing up and down and I catch him staring at her  tits while squeezing his cock under  the water. Suddenly she gets up and without saying a word steps over him and climbs out if the tub. Her pussy must have been inches from his face and I just watched as she walked over to the sauna room.

I looked over at the guy who was still in the tub and said fucking hell mate, shes a looker. Yeh right he answered and had a slow scan around the pool to see who else was around. Then he is climbing out and heading for the sauna. I give him a few mins and then head for the sauna room too. Inside was an old couple who must have already been in there. Layla was laying down on her towel on the top bench and the guy was sitting to her left, near her feet on the lower bench. I walked over and sat on the lower bench near him and we had a great view of Laylas legs and full body.

Layla turned so we could both see her tits and belly better and closed her eyes. I watched as the guy was staring between her legs at the tiny white bikini and her camel toe was clearly visible. Her thighs and bare belly was covered in globules of sweat that was running down her brown skin making a wet patch over her sexy little camel toe.

The old couple said something about it being too hot now and left. I was now feeling quite aroused and started squeezing my cock in a sly way but the guy next to me could see and was also doing the same. Nothing was said and Layla rolled over onto her back with her hands ender her head facing the ceiling. Her legs were parted just enough for the guy to see between her legs to her pussy. The guy next to me was now quite hard and had both his hands in his lap to hide his growing erection.

I was also getting harder as Layla opened her legs more and then sighed that it was too hot and she wished this was a ladies only sauna… I took the hint as the guy was sort of speechless and replied… Don’t mind us luv… this has always been a mixed sauna and people do what they want no problem. Well I wanted to take my bikini off but can’t with two guys in here can I she answered.

More silence and then I said, well would you feel better if we were all naked and just use our towels? Layla giggled and replied… I can’t do that I’m married and my husband might come in. I turned to the guy and said, what do you say mate, shall we go commando so this young lady feels more at ease? Layla looks at him and smiles and he just nods and said yeh why not.

I stand up and drop my swimming shorts and my cock springs out as Layla giggles and said OMG your so hard! Can’t help it looking at you laying there with your pussy on show. It’s not on show, is it? Well we can see your camel toe and it’s really sexy so a bit hard not to look.
She reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra and the guys eyes nearly pop out of his head. Laylas nipples are very dark brown and jutting out like little beans. her 32 b tits are firm and she rubs her breasts with both hands. Oh that’s better she says and then looks at the new guy. Well my names Layla, what’s your name she asks the guy. Ohhh hmmm I’m David he stutters, well David are you gonna take those shorts off cos I cannot take mine off if your still wearing yours. OK he says and slides his shorts down and off.

Wow another hard cock, you two had better stay over there cos my hubby might come looking for me soon. Layla peels off her bottoms and lays back on the bench facing us proping her head up with one hand. Her bare slit was just visible and she pulled he knees up to her breasts  but from our lower position had a fantasic view between her legs. Do you like watching girls in the pool and sauna David? David cannot take his eyes off her and my cock is getting really hard wondering what’s gonna happen next.

Layla opens her legs a bit and watches his eyes… Do I make you hard David…. You sure make me hard Layla I responded… the guy quickly looks at me as I am openly wanking now and he is wondering what is going on. I decided to take it a stage further, Can we see a bit more please Layla? She looks into David’s eyes and opens her legs a bit more. We could now clearly see her shaved slit and dark brown but thin pussy lips slightly open. OMG That looks beautiful David says…. Layla slides her hand down and rubs her lower belly and cups her pussy.

Can I see your cock as well David? David moves his hands and exposes his cock to Layla. Let me see you both wank your cocks but keep your towels near in case someone walks in. Layla then starts rubbing her tits and fingering herself while watching me and the guy but also the door. I am nearly coming as David has moved closer and his face is now near her open knees about 12 inches from her pussy. She starts moaning and rubbing and pushing one then two fingers into her self and then rubbing her clit quickly.

I say to Layla.. Can David touch you Layla? David looks over at me in shock and I say… Don’t worry David, I’m Layla’s husband and I like to watch. David is speechless and Layla is really turned on and I can see she needs more. Well Layla, are you gonna let him touch those beautiful tits and pussy? why don’t you let him taste your sexy sweet pussy babe. You really want me to let him touch me Layla says all innocently. Yes babe I want to see Dave here kissing your mouth and fingering you. Go on Dave, she will let you now I have told her it’s ok.

Are you sure babe, Layla asks again…. yes babe let him feel you a bit, I want to see it. David reaches up and caresses her firm little tits and then goes down to suck on a hard nipple. Layla holds his head and moans as his other hand slides between her legs and is now probing her wet slit.

I block the doorway and continue wanking while Layla gets finger fucked by our new friend. You want to taste her mate? Get down there and have a good licking before someone comes and our little party is all over. He moves round and Layla still on the top bench straddles his face while he kneels on the lower bench and holds her knees wide open and goes down on her.

Fucking hell it’s horny to watch and I nearly came but wanted it to last a while longer so stopped wanking and just watched Dave finger fucking and licking Layla out as she moaned and held on to the bench with both hands.

Layla starts to come as Dave is seriously finger fucking her pussy and starts pushing another finger in her arse. Layla comes immediately and grabs his head pulling his face into her pussy while he tastes her love juice for the first time. I cannot hold back anymore and start spurting all over the floor. Someone is pushing the door behind me and coming in the sauna , Layla already has her towel  wrapped around her and is climbing down from the top bench. I open the door and walk out to give Dave a Layla a few more seconds to look normal and get out.

In the changing room I start chatting to Dave who he tells me he is 51 and in a sexless marriage. How long you  been married mate? Just under 10 years now. So what happened, she couldn’t have been like that from the beginning could she? Well I’m sad to say yes, Angela has never been into sex, everytime I try to get her interested she never responds.

Everything else is great and we have a good marriage, she’s a really stunning and educated woman. Business is always on her mind and even when we did make love the few times in the first couple of years… she would start talking about shopping or something totally irrelevant while we were making love so always killed the moment.

In the end I got so fed up with being pushed off or rejected I started watching movies and more recently dogging.

Well mate that must be really frustrating for you. What about introducing her to some sex clubs or watching videos with her. In the early days we did try the sex club scene but after a couple of boring evenings in Arousal where there were like 30 + guys and 2 or 3 couples she said no way ever again. She used to get horny watching a sexy vid but again finding one which did not have things in like group sex or more than 2 people became a mission.

So Dave, you seem to have enjoyed Layla and our bit of fun in the Sauna today. My thing is I love to watch her with other guys.  What if Layla and I try to help you and Angela revitalise your sex lives?

How you gonna do that Dave says… She won’t do anything with me let alone another couple. You will be suprised what turns people on Dave.. I mean… 6 months ago I was just a normal guy, but one night Layla came home soaking wet and obviously  had been fucked stupid. Her breath stunk of cum and when I got her to tell me what happened she broke down in tears begging me not to leave her. So I made her tell me all the details and I was turned on like never before. She had gone out with a couple of her work mates and then got gang fucked with her 2 Thai mates by 4 Pakistani guys.  I was so fucking turned on listening to how it all unfolded, I have been into letting her go out with her girlfriends, watching her with guys we meet like just now in the sauna ever since.

Let me tell you mate, your wife just needs to find out what turns her on… Tell you what, we are going to a show in London on Friday evening. Why don’t you and Angela come along as our guests… you can tell her we are friends from the Health club and we have a couple of spare tickets.

What sort of show? Well it’s a very classy burlesque stage show like the moulon rouge in Paris. Then after that we can have dinner or come back to ours or your place for a drink or two if you prefer. Well that sounds great if I can get her to come, but what else you got planned? Nothing at all planned Dave, I take every day as it comes and see what happens. But let me tell you, even if your wife doesn’t want to play or whatever, no problem.

How would you like to show us these dogging places you know about? Maybe Layla will let you go a bit furthur next time and you seem fairly well endowed compared to me so here’s my number.

On the way home I told Layla about Dave and his sexless marriage and the invite to the London show. That could be interesting and we can see what this Angela is like.

A few days later and Dave  has called confirming that they would to come to the  London show. He said Angela is really looking forward to it and wants to know what to wear. I told him is was a dressy glitzy evening dress do for the ladies and us guys can be in a Tuxedo or just smart casual. I suggest we both be smart casual. The tickets are for the early show which starts at 7pm so we will be out by 9 pm and can do whatever.

How about we will pick you up at 5pm so we can get to London and find parking etc. Ok see you on Friday evening.

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