Japanese wife who loved anal

I met Kumi at a fetish sex club in London when I was 42 and she was 28. I’m an average build white British guy and Kumi was a really small 4′ 8″ but perfectly proportioned girl that wad recently divorced. I used to see her every month at Club Rub, sometimes with a strange skinny looking English guy with long mousy blond hair and she was always high on Ecstasy or something else as one night she looked totally out of it and was almost unconscious most of the evening. On this evening she was being groped by this tall black guy in a corner in the couples room and he was exposing her tits and fingering her while she was laying there letting him play with her and she was gripping his huge black cock but she almost seemed totally out of it.

I had a good feel of her pussy and arse as I squeezed myself in next to them on some big floor cushions and she just let me explore. Soon he was carrying her out of the room and I felt her pussy again and she was soaked like she had just pissed herself. 

Anyway the next month I was chatting with a mate who knew her and she walked in the club all upset and we were introduced and I sat with her most of the evening listening to her sob story of how she had been used by the skinny long haired boyfriend. We hit it off and I ended up in the really dark couples room with her where she let me finger her and she seemed to love giving me a blow job while she pushed a finger or two in my arse… Very interesting and sexy girl so we met up the next evening at another club… she loved coke and ecstasy and was a real slut in the club letting loads of guys and couples play with her tits and finger her while she was with me and all the time kissing me and dragging me around by my cock. 

I loved it when she said she wanted to pee and this guy sitting next to us that was wanking and watching us play lay on the floor and she just crouched down over his head and pissed in his mouth and all over his face. I started finger fucking her while she was in mid flow and with the guy slurping on her pussy and me with a finger in her arse and another in her pussy she came shuddering and nearly suffocated the poor guy.

6 months later we were married and the sex was incredible… the ex husband had apparently  left cos he could not keep up with her sexual demands and drug taking..  Every evening she wanted to watch hard core porno or we would be out at a club or afterparty where she loved to get fucked or more often than not rimmed and fisted in her arse… I found this a bit weird at first but most evenings when we got home she would get me to lay on my front and play with my balls and arse. Many mornings I would wake up with her sucking on my cock with a finger in my arse and squeezing my balls until I come in her mouth then she loved to slide up the bed and start kissing me with her mouth full of my cream… 

She loved being fisted in her arse and we had progressed to her wearing an anal plug to make it stretch and she had even got me to wear one while out together in the evenings. Then she says she wants to move back to Japan as herfather died and her mother was alone with her two younger sisters. I was in between jobs and she said her family were quite wealthy and owned a nightclub business and we would not have to work. Just help her mum run the club as her father was now gone.

Sounded like a great idea so I said ok lets go. Kumi was ecstatic and told me the sex and club scene in Japan was far better than Europe. We arrive in Japan a week later and this is when the story gets very dark and extreem. Her mother was amazing and looked like her sister. Her sisters were also incredible and were always walking around half naked and were obviously sleeping together and openly had sex with each other in front of me and their mum… the mother Tatumas was also clearly encouraging them and flirted with me constantly.  

The night club was more like an underground sex club and had various rooms and play areas with BDSM, torture, watersports, beastiality, slave training and so much more. 
The first few weeks were incredible and I had seen things that I had never even imagined or seen on any video. There was even a separate part to the club for exclusive members only where about 10 women were living in a dungeon under the club and all were there under their own free will and placed there for 3 – 6 months by their husbands for training..

The training was harsh with whippings every evening and every kind of debauchery done to them everyday by members who would turn up and do whatever they wanted… one girl was tied to a rack with her arms and legs spread and in a doggy position over a specially designed padded box for 24 hours. Her eyes were blindfolded and she was used by at least 40 men and women during that time. When she was not being throat fucked or fisted she would be whipped until her legs and pussy were covered in red weals. Her pussy and arse was gaping as most people wanted to fist her and one girl almost had her whole arm inside while her partner was deep throating her with his cock. 

Please comment if you want more of this story.

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The massage girl turned out to be…..

True story and was a really weird experience.  I was walking along in Phuket, Thailand and this really stunning,  tall girl with long hair and a low cut top showing her breasts said as I walked past…. you want massage? 

Now I had been to Thailand several times and thought I was fairly streetwise but this girl was absolutely stunning.  she grabbed my hand and I just let her lead me inside the massage shop. I think I asked how much but they are all about 350 baht per hour (about £8) and if you go for the happy ending they expect a tip of 500 – 1000 baht but that’s negotiable. … I don’t normally go for the happy ending as its usually just a quick hand job and very clinical with oil and tissues to clean up and all over in less than 5 mins… Far better to take a girl from a bar or freelancer for the same money but several hours or all night with her.

Anyway, I let her lead me inside and I was led to a curtained area and got undressed to my underpants. She placed a towel over me, standard practice and then started massaging my feet. All very normal but within about 5 mins she was kneeling by my side and holding my hand while massaging my arm… 

This is where it was not normal as she was more like caressing my arm not massaging it.. also they normally spend about 10 mins on each leg, same on arms then last 20 mins of your back, neck and shoulders.. (5 mins before the hour is up… you want happy ending etc.)

So I was laying there with eyes closed and letting her caress my arm. Then she slid her hand under the towel onto my chest and belly.. again it was a soft caress not like any massage I had ever had and i had had hundreds…. wait till I tell you about the hubble bubble massage me and a mate had on our very first trip to Thailand.. 

So she is caressing my chest and belly with one hand but still holding my hand in hers. Next thing she does is start kissing my face and mouth…!  What the fuck. I could not beleive it but cos she was so fucking beautiful I just let her continue. Her hand was now sliding over my growing erection and she was still kissing me and whispering something in my ear… I could not undetstand what she was saying so just kissed her back while her hand was squeezing my cock… 

I moved my other hand up to her head and was stroking her hair while she kissed me and then I went to feel her stunning breasts… as soon as I touched them she sighed deeply and clamped her mouth over mine and sqeezed my cock much harder.  Fuck me, I was so turned on and wanted her to get my cock out and do whatever she wanted… but this went on for another 5 mins and I had one of her big tits out and sucking the hard nipple…. but I started thinking why is she holding my hand so tight.  It was my hand nearest her crotch… so I started thinking…. could this be ….. I moved my hand from her tits down her belly and onto her crotch. 

She had these small tight jeans material hot pants on and really sexy long legs. As soon as I got to her pussy she grabbed my hand and stopped me feeling her. I said I want to feel you and she answered… you know what I am? I quickly realised I was right and  replied of course let me feel your cock.

 She smiled and released her hand to let me feel over her hot pants. Problem was they were so tight it was just like feeling a woman… They tuck their cocks in so well between  their legs, you can never tell while they are walking around. 

She then  whispered to me… cannot do here… Can go upstairs but 500 baht?

I was so turned on I just said OK lets go. She led me by the hand again out of the big room with several other people all behind thair curtains.. I grabbed my jeans and tshirt and we went through a door and up 3 flights of stairs to another room with a bed and chair. She told me to lay down on the bed and said, play your cock and watch me, I get ready….

I am laying down wanking my cock as she peels off her blouse and releases these huge and beautiful fucking tits with big nipples… how any ladyboy can get tits and nipples like that is unbelievable.  Next was her hot pants… she undid the button and pulled down the zip and eased them down her long legs to the floor.  As she stepped out of them I saw the bulge between her legs and she stands next to me by the bed… 

I reach down and she parts her legs slightly and squeeze the bulge over her knickers… then she pulls them down and this huge fucking cock springs out that was tucked between her legs. It was getting harder by the seconds and I just grabbed it and was feeling it getting bigger and bigger in my hand. She was now wanking my cock and I was playing with her balls and cock in turn. She kept saying, you sexy man.. I like you too much you make me horny too much… 

She then goes down on my cock and starts sucking it like a real expert. Her hand is cupping my balls and a finger is going into my arse… Stop I start saying, I’m gonna cum… I want to play more first…. I don’t think she understood a word and just carried on fingering my arse and squeezing my balls while deep throating me. 

Her cock must have been  at least 8 inches and mine was only 6…. I loved the feeling of her cock in my hand and wanted to change position before I shot my load. So I pulled her head off my cock and she looked at me confused. Then she said you want fuck ? I did not answer but she pulled me off the bed and sat me on this chair…. 

What the fuck is she doing now I thought. but she grabbed this lube that was on  the side table and lubed up my cock and then her arse. She stradeled me so her tits were in my face and I could lick or suck them. She got hold of my cock and eased herself down. I remember staring at her hugh erect cock sticking out in front of me and I just grabbed it as she lowered herself down on my cock as it went deep inside her arse so easily. Then she started bouncing up and down saying suck my tits baby suck my tits.
I did suck them a bit but was more into wanking her cock between us. my other hand was holding her smooth arse and I managed to get hold of her balls…. 

You may wonder why I keep calling her a she… well guys… if you have never had an attractive young Thai ladyboy… you will never know.  It is nothing like being with a gay guy… (gay guys do absolutely nothing for me) these freaks of nature are nothing like guys at all.. Most of them are just like  very attractive women with long hair, angel faces, fantastic tits but have cocks.

So she is fucking me on the chair and I am wanking her cock in between us when suddenly she shouts I coming I coming and starts squirting huge jets of cum between us… it was all over her tits, my chest and running down my fingers… she came bucket loads. Of course this made me come also deep into her arse and I just pulled her hips down onto my cock and pumped inside her. She starts kissing my mouth again repeating I like you too much you come back see me again ok… 

She eased off my cock  and pulled the spent condom off and threw it in the bin… She took me to the shower and soaped me all over as I did her and we kissed and played a bit more in the shower before I got dressed and paid her her tip and massage fee – What a great afternoon in Phuket Thailand. 

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First time I shared my Asian wife. 

I was 36 and am White British, my wife was Thai and 32 yrs and perfectly propotioned body but only about  4’8″ in height. Her tits were 36 b and on such a small slim sexy body made heads turn wherever we went. 

My business involved travelling and living in various countries for 3 months to about a year at a time  so I would take my new wife with me. We had been married for about a year and our sex life was already very good as she loved sex and every evening she would say … play video and I would pick a movie and we would start watching some porn movie while we both got into position and I made her come by talking, fingering, playing with and suckling her tits. As soon as she came, she would clamp her mouth to  mine and start snogging  me and when she came, this long moan started so I usually pulled her on top and started fucking her and fingering her arse till I made her cum again and then myself. . 

She especially loved a couple of videos more than all the others and they always got her off  really quickly. One was a threesome scene with a husband, wife and his mate and the other video was a girl that starts out playing pool with a group of guys in a private house but she ends up being gang banged by these 3 guys but the bit she loved most was when they had her semi naked on the pool table and one guy was fucking her mouth while another was pushing his whole fist in her pussy. The girl eventually cums and pisses all over the pool table.

This I found made her come really fast and she also liked me trying to fist her but because of her small size I could barely get 4 fingers inside her, I tried many times to curl my fingers to get my whole fist inside but her cunt was just too small. We tried gel and she would pull my fist into her but could never get it all in.

So back to the  main story, we were in Cape Town, S Africa and a young guy we befriended from my business used to meet us in the bar and over a couple of months, took us to several parties, normal bars, gay  bars and BBQ’s on the beach and introduced us to lots of locals. One evening we had been in a sort of back street bar  with a few friends and we had been drinking and my wife had been dancing with a couple of other girls in our group. Guys were trying to dance with them and my wife was flirting with this group of guys by dancing with them. A slow dance came on and one guy grabbed my wifes hand before she could come back to our table and she started slow dancing with him. 

I was watching intently as he seemed to be sliding his hand down over her arse everytime they turned and I could also see he was moving her away from our table and more into the far corner.  At one point I saw he had his hand beyween her legs and then the dance ended and she came back to the table. 

When she sat down she looked flustered and her nipples were really sticking out.  I said, it looks like he fancies you babe. She giggled and said he’ s too young and wants me to sit with him over there (she points to a corner with 3 more young  guys) You let him touch you then? She goes all shy and drops her head but no answer. That was really sexy babe, I could see him playing with  your tits and  your pussy when you were dancing in the dark area over there. 

She then said, He started rubbing my bum then pulled me really close and I could feel his cock between us. Then he was trying to get up my skirt but a stopped him and he started kissing my neck and had hold of my tit. You let him do that? well it was too hard to stop him and he has a big cock. How you know that babe. He grabbed my hand and made me hold him. Really, and did you play with him? yes and he fingered me in the corner over there when you could not see us. Can I have another drink please? 

Sure babe, You want to go sit with them while I watch? She looks up at me and I put my hand on her knee and slide it up between  her legs to her pussy. It was already wet. I pushed a finger and then 2 inside her and said…. is this what you let him do babe? Oooohhh darling…. what you doing… what you want me to do?

Go over there and sit with them for a while and let them buy you a drink and you can tell them, your husband says it’s ok and he likes to watch. 

Really! You want me go back there? Yes babe, let’s have some fun. She gets up and walks over to the group and they look a bit apprehensive as they know she is with me. They give her a chair to sit on and her back is to me and 4 guys are in a semi circle facing her. One guy gets up and goes to the bar to get her a drink and she starts talking to the guy who she was dancing with. 

He keeps glancing at me but whatever she said must have given him the green light. He holds her head and kisses her on the mouth…. fucking hell I thought, thats a bit fast. then I saw he slid his hand down  between her legs again and was clearly fingering her while snogging her face. 

The guy glances over at me again and I just smile and raise my glass, so he kisses her again. The other guy returns with her drink and joins the group. The next thing I see is two of the other guys either rubbing her legs or fingering her. This went on  for about 10 mins but as it was quite dark and they were all crowding around her, I could not really see what was going on. 

What I did recall more than anything is the strange feelings I was getting in my gut and how my cock was rock hard. It was like feeling jealous and really horney at the same time, as if I was going to cum just from watching and wondering what exactly they were actually  doing to her. That’s the best part… the wondering what they are doing to her. 

Suddenly she sort of collapsed forward and they were holding her up. A guy then comes over to me and says. She said your her husband and wanted to watch!

 I looked at him and smiled. He then continued…. Can we take her back to our place, you can come too, take some pictures or a video,  you can follow in your car? I thought for a while and then said…. maybe, where exactly is your place? Just up Long street downtown, my mate has a nice apartment there. 

Is she OK? I saw she slumped down! Yes she cum as one of my mates was fingering her and another had her tits out. You OK with us playing with your wife then? She’s so sexy and hot man.  

Send her back here first, I need to talk to her. He walks back to the group and tells them whatever. My wife gets up shakily and comes back to our table. Well babe, what did they do to you over there? They all finger me and make get tits out. One guy suck my nipple and pushed two fingers in me. He make me cum…. I wet myself and this guy he get his hand in me. OMG they all playing with tits and finger me too much. But the small guy he has small hand and he get all inside, make me cum again.

Well babe they want us to go back to their apartment downtown. But you know they will all want to fuck you if we go.. We’ve never gone that far before, so what you thinking? Darling I so drunk now and feel so horney. I no want you get angry me tomorrow.  Hey babe, no I won’t but Do you want these guys to fuck you? I want you fuck me darling but if you want them fuck me…. we go if you want.

We hug and kiss and say OK to each other, so I wave over the lead guy from the group. OK mate, we will come over but on one condition, this will be our first group session and my wife’s first time with more than one guy, so if she or I say stop, you guys have got to respect that OK.  How old are you guys anyway…. I’m 19 and my mates here are 18 two are virgins so is she up for that. 

My wife gets up and holds the hand of the lead guy. I follow them out to the car park and stand by my car watching the 4 guys and my wife get into big old white BMW saloon. As soon as they were all in the car I saw them push her head down and then saw her legs and feet at the side window.  They had her across the 3 guys in the back of the cars laps.  

My cock was up again and the weird feeling in my gut returned. What are they doing to her now? Oh fuck maybe one of them will fuck her in the car! What if they make her suck their cocks! Oh fuck…. I am now wanking….  while following their car down  the main road. My mind is racing and I’m thinking of all the different things they could be doing to her. I cannot see her… well just her foot by the back window and another at the side window. Fucking hell they have her legs wide open… what they doing to my wife. 

We arrived and parked up, so I saw everyone going up some stairs and followed them. It looked a bit slummy from the outside but there was a security door and the apartment was really well decorated and modern.My wife came up to me and we sort of slid into a large arm chair together and I sensed she did not want me to get jealous or upset. Beers were handed out and we all just chatted for a while and I had my arm around her. 

They asked if she had been with several guys before and I said no but we have played in clubs and stuff. Your wife is so small and sexy mate… and her pussy is so smooth like a 10 yr old LOL. As they were talking I run my hand up her thigh and pushed her skirt up. Parted her legs a bit and said show them your pussy babe. She looks at me all embarrassed so I open them more and rub her pussy over her tiny black knickers. She closes her eyes and I start kissing her mouth while pulling her knickers to the side exposing her bare pussy. 

This brought whoops and cheers from the group and I said…. Bet you’ve never seen a pussy like this before guys. We always keep it smooth but even if she lets the hair grow it’s very straight and minimal. Her slit is really thin and beautiful see…. she doesn’t have big pussy lips like western women, just a small slit and when I open her legs like this, it parts slightly and you can just see the pink inside. 

I open her blouse and pull her tits out of her bra. Look at these tits guys…. she loves having them sucked while being fingered or fucked and they are really sensitive. Watch this. I start sucking her left tit and run my finger up and down her slit. Juices start appearing immediately and she starts a long slow moan. You like showing your pussy and tits to these guys do you babe? oooooohhhh she moans. I think they want to play with you again babe. Please not all together again cos it too much in car, they all trying to finger and grab tits like… well it hurt.

OK babe you know two of these guys are virgins and gonna be their first time? No, they not tell me that. Why don’t we go in the bedroom and I will make sure they don’t all get crazy. 2 of the guys already had their cocks out and were wanking as I was exposing my wife’s tits and bare pussy. Where’s the bedroom guys? The main guy who she was dancing with points to a door so I get up and carry her over to the bedroom. 

Place her on the bed and lay next to her and continue fingering and sucking her tits. So who’s first I say to the guys. The lead guy is on the bed in a flash so I said you wanna taste her sexy little slit before it get too full of cum? I open her legs and he stares down at her beautiful smooth pussy as she rubs her hand down her belly and covers it up as if embarrassed again. 

He kneels on the floor and holds her knees open then starts kissing his way down her inner thighs. as her gets to her hand she places it on his head and pulls him into her. He is licking and slurping and now has his two hands under her arse and is pulling her pussy wide open as he licks her slit and occasionally her arse. 

I kiss her again and then slide off the bed and walk over to the other 3 guys standing in the doorway.  One or two at a time guys as she doesn’t like everyone groping like animal’s.  Who wants to join in now? The small guy steps forward and takes my position on the bed. He starts snogging her and grabs her hand and places it on his hard cock. Not huge but about 6 inches and similar to myself. 

You guys the virgins then? They look at me and nod… so do you want her alone or both together? Can I do it just with her please, one said. The guy licking her pussy was now getting up and aiming his cock at her pussy. You have any rubbers mate or can we do her bareback? She’s on the pill so go for it. He slowly rubs his cock up and down her slit and it looks a lot bigger than the other guys. Fatter and about an inch longer. He gets the head in and she arches her back and screams .. He’s inside me oooohhhhh and he starts sliding in and out. 

The skinny guy is watching and playing with her tits both out now and her bra pushed up. He reaches down to touch her pussy while his mate is fucking her and I am getting my phone out to take a few pictures. The guy doesn’t last long about 3 mins and cums deep inside her. As he pulls out he says fucking hell man she’s so tight I could not hold back. No problem mate, let your mate have a go now. My wife is laying there with sperm dribbling out of her pink parted slit and the skinny guy is between her legs trying to get all his fingers inside her. She was so wet that they slid in really easily and I could see him trying to make a fist inside her. 

Fuck me mate she loves that, and my wife grabs his arm and motions for him to fist fuck her slowly. Are you OK babe? Yeeesssss it hurts but oooohhhhh it’ s so nice. He pushes in and out slowly and I walk over to squeeze her tits and kiss her mouth again. Fuck me babe you look so fucking sexy doing that. She grabs my cock and pulls me towards her mouth. I let her suck me for a bit and placed my fingers on her clit to help her cum. 

She’s gonna cum soon mate, listen to her moans…. when they get really deep she comes quickly but don’t slow down, keep fist fucking her till she squirts or comes down. Suddenly she arches her back and let’s out this long deep moan…  Piss is squirting all over the small guy who still has his hand inside her but not moving. His other hand is over her pussy stopping the piss going up in the air and all over himself. 

The room is cheering and clapping and way to go mate one guy is shouting. Let’s give her a rest for a few mins and then you two guys can get your ends away ok. My wife is laughing and saying how sorry she was for squirting on the small guy and rolls off the bed to go to the bathroom.

When she returns we are all in the lounge and I say who’s gonna be next? One of the guys step forward and walks towards my wife. She smiles at him and then me and grabs his hand then leads him to the bedroom. They go in and close the door so we all have another beer as we listen. 

I am now getting that weird feeling in my gut again and we hear some moaning coming from the bedroom. A few mins lattet and it is getting louder and I can tell she is about to cum again. What the fuck is he doing to her in there, he was supposed to be inexperenced and a virgin! I am wanking as are two of the other guys. The other one looks really nervous, maybe this really is his first time. 

I’m about to cum and try to hold back when suddenly the long deep moan comes and we all know he’s made her cum. Then the banging started and we all looked at the bedroom door but the banging continued. A good 5 mins later and I decide to have a quick look. As I open the door the guys is kneeling on the floor behind my wife who was bent doggy style over the bottom of the bed. He was holding her hips and still banging away. The headboard was the banging we could hear and as my wife looked up and directly in my eyes I grabbed my phone and took one of the best pictures ever. 

The guy grunts and shoots his load and collapses on the bed next to her. She smiles and said, he make me cum with his tongue before and then he fucked me like this.

The last guy was in the doorway so I said to my wife, take it easy with him as it’s his first time.  The othet guy gets up and says thanks and I close the door to let the last guy and my wife have some privacy. 

10 mins later and My wife comes out and walks naked to the bathroom. The young guy appears with a huge smile on his face as all his mates clapped and slapped his back. Well guys, were gonna get going now so hope it was fun. Ooohhh man that was amazing, you really gotta go? Well guys, I know you could all go on  all night but it’s a new experience for us too so I don’ t want any issues in the morning so maybe see you another time. 

As we left they shook my hand and all kissed her on the cheek. It the car I asked what happened with the last guy. She said I’ll tell you everything when we get home darling, He was really shy but I need your cock in me when I tell you the story.

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Slut Thai friend of my wife at a wedding

We were invited to a Thai wedding and although I was reluctant to go, my wife who is also Thai said it would only be for a few hours and we should go as it was a very good friend who was getting married…  So off we went and I was sitting there watching all the Thai girls, some with and many without their husbands. The evening went on and I had had about 4 Budweiser’s and had just returned to my chair at the back of the dance floor with a plate of food. My wife was sitting next to me but was jumping up to chat with other Thai girls at other tables and sometimes was gone for a good 10 to 15 mins.. 

The hall was filling up and the girls were getting more and more drunk, dancing on the dance floor and around the sides of the hired hall (probably a couple of hundred people in there.. After about another 30 mins I got up to get another beer from the bar and on my return could hardly find our table as the place was packed. When I got back to our table, I stayed standing as everyone else was also standing facing the dance floor and my wife said she wanted to go and chat with her friend on the other side of the hall. I said Ok and was standing there watching all the girls dancing when another Thai  friend of my wife Suk (recently separated as he had run off with another younger Thai girl) was standing and gyrating around right in front of me.

I was just watching the action but the people behind me were pushing forward which in turn pushed me very close to Suk and I was more or less right up against her back while she was gyrating and dancing to the music. Now Suk was a really dirty slut in my eyes, about 40ish but still small and sexy wearing a tight white mini skirt and top which was pushing her tits in. Her arse was rubbing against my cock and as I could tell she did not mind the closeness, I started to press into her even more as my cock started to come alive. A quick look around and I could not see my wife anywhere in sight so carried on letting Suk rub her arse against my cock and now I had one of my hands by my side so I could have a quick feel of her arse.

I touched her a couple of times and she just carried on as if nothing had happened and then I thought I would be a bit more daring and placed my hand on her hip while asking her if she had seen my wife…  She leaned over and whispered in my ear, if your cock keeps pressing into my back  I’m gonna have to move away. I said oh Suk… come on now, you look so sexy in that skirt what am I supposed to do. She said, if Mai (my wife) see’s us she will go ting tong.. Thai for go crazy.  Then she reaches behind her and starts squeezing my cock… OMG this girl was really hot and was really getting me turned on.. Because of all the people around us, nobody could see what she was doing and I was letting her squeeze and play away.

As she had her hand behind her squeezing me, I slipped a hand down and was rubbing her arse and thigh and then slid a hand up to squeeze her left breast.  This went on for about 5 mins and then my wife appeared and came to sit next to me. I sat down also and she asked, was I ok? because she needed to talk to her friend some more about a business. I said sure, no problem, I will be here so carry on. Off she went again and I was now sitting down but Suk was still standing in front of me and dancing as close as you can possibly imagine. Her arse was nearly in my face and her legs were nearly straddling one of my legs. I saw my opportunity and reached forward and touched her inner knee and slowly moved my hand up her inner thigh as nobody could see what was going on. She pushed her arse back into my face and I just kept stroking her inner thigh and then up to her knickers and pussy.

This was incredible, she was letting me touch her and was still dancing as if nothing was going on. I was now rubbing the gusset if her knickers and she was really hot. A finger was sliding under the edge of her knickers and I could feel the wetness as she was still gyrating around and I slid a finger into her slimy wet pussy. This nearly made her collapse and I had to steady her with my other hand but she carried on as I continued to finger her with one and then two fingers. My thumb had now found her arse bud and was rubbing that also when I could feel her start to shake and nearly collapse again.  I held her up and then pushed a finger into her pussy and another into her arse. She pushed back and down and sighed as she took the fingers and was clearly trying to make herself come. This went in for a few mins and then I said to her to go and take her knickers off and bring them back to me.

Off she went and in a about 5 mins she returns and hands me her knickers which I quickly take and put in my pocket. Have you come yet I ask. No, you make me come or I tell your wife… she says laughing. OK Suk, where you want to do this? Meet me outside by the old tree in the back car park she responds. I watch as she staggers across the room and goes outside. I wait a while and then circle my way around the hall and then quickly walk out the exit.

I scan the carpark and then make my way to the old tree at the back… very dark and secluded so as I approach Suk is standing there smoking a cigarette and waiting. I walk up to her and just grab her arse and start to snog her face. She throws the cigarette on the floor and grabs my cock and is unbuttoning my jeans. I manage to get a finger inside from the back of her skirt but she is more insistent at getting my cock out. Before I know what’s going on she is kneeling down and is sucking my cock and her hand is between my legs and forcing a finger into my arse…. Fuck me what a dirty slut Suk is.

She is having no problem deep throating me and at the same time squeezing my balls and with her finger in my arse I am about to explode. Slow down Suk…. I though you wanted to make you cum… Yes but I want to taste your cum first… then you can make me cum with your mouth and fingers OK.

Whatever you want Suk…. I let go into her mouth and she milks me and fingers my arse like a true pro. Not a drop was wasted and she gets up and pushes my head down. Standing open legged I go straight onto her wet pussy and push two fingers inside. Start to lap and suck at clit and my other hand is round the back toying with her arse. Open your legs more Suk….. She opens them moreand I push 3 fingers in her soaking wet cunt and two fingers in her arse. Licking and fingering away I can sense she’s gonna cum soon so I increase my speed to send her over the top. Piss starts streaming out of her onto my face, in my mouth and all over my shirt.

I grab her arse cheeks and clamp my mouth over her pussy and start drinking her piss and she is holding my head while coming and squirting at the same time.

Now hoe the fuck am I gonna explain my wet shirt Suk… She laughs and says I no tell your wife but you come see me sometimes OK….   OK Suk, I promise.


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Thai  wife’s friend renting a room

So after a night out on her own Pai (a Thai girl renting a room in our home) came home at about 5 am totally drunk and she could not even get her key in the lock. She was separated from her husband and he had custody of the daughter who was about 10. Pai is Thai and 36 yrs of age with a very nice body, tiny little tits but really long nipples. I got to see them at a BBQ one day when she had a loose top and when she leaned forward I could see right into her bra and saw the nipples bent over as they were so long at least ½ inch.


She loves to flirt and I slapped her arse as she walked past a few times in the past but cos I am married to her friend all I got was a sly smile. So when she could not open the door I slipped my dressing gown on and went down to open the front door for her. I was naked under the gown and my cock was always hard in the morning so was sticking out a bit.  I opened to door and she smiled and just fell in so I grabbed her under the arms to stop her falling and as I did so my gown came open and she saw my erect cock. She looked me in the eye and smiled again but also grabbed my cock. I closed the door and said to be quiet as the wife was still sleeping upstairs. She kept holding my cock and walked towards the kitchen so I just let her lead and slid my hand up the back of her skirt and between her legs.


She had tights on and a short skirt and I could feel it was soaking wet between her legs. She must have had sex with someone so I said and who has been in here this morning then Layla? She just pulled towards her and started snogging me while fondling my cock more. I was really turned on now and had my hand inside her tights from the front and managed to get a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy. You haven’t had enough last night then Pai ? No I need to get fucked bad she says. Fuck me please? I just turned her around and pulled her knickers and tights down to her knees at the kitchen sink and pushed her forward.

I pushed my cock straight in and it was fucking soaking. Not only that but it felt really loose. So who #s been fucking you last night Pai? Or was it more than one. I went to see Leroy and he took me back to his house with his mates. Leroy… That sounds like a black dude! Yes, I like reggae and have been seeing Leroy for about a year on and off…he’s married so…  I am fucking away but to be honest cannot feel much it’s all so loose, so I pull out and go for her arse hole.

Have they fucked you in the arse as well Pai ? Yes a few but I need to come…. Oooohhh I want to cum so bad.  I grab a courgette (much bigger than my cock) and hand it to her and say use this while I fuck your arse you dirty fucking Thai slut. She grabs it and immediately gets it between her legs and starts fucking herself with the courgette. That’s it babe, make yourself cum… think about all these big black cocks you were sucking and fucking last night… all Leroy’s mates fingering your pussy and cumming in your mouth… You like that don’t you Pai ? Yessssssss I can’t help it….I’m cummmmmming ooooohhhhhh fuck my arse you dirty bastard she screams….. I cum in her arse and let her collapse on the kitchen floor.

Now does that make you feel better ? Yes thank you…I go to bed now and she gets up and walks to the stairs still clutching the courgette.  See you in the morning Pai.


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Night out at TG (Torture Garden) – London

We had decided to go to TG in London for a night out and Jane was wearing a black see through blouse with buttons and no bra so her amazing 34c tits and nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric. A black PVC skirt and sheer thin black tights with no knickers.

I had my leather trousers and black lycra Tshirt.

We had wandered around for an hour or so and were getting horny watching all the near naked couples and one totally naked guy with his girlfriend who was topless and just had a tiny g string dancing to the Techno music. This guy’s cock must have been 10 inches long, fully erect and wide with a big bulbous cock head and a cock ring. As he danced it just swung and stood at attention.  We thought he must surely have taken some viagra or something for it to stay so hard. Everyone was staring at it and his girlfriend just kept holding it and dancing next to him and he in turn was fingering her from behind… Jane saw stunned at the sight and could not stop staring at his cock as we were dancing very close to them. The girl then grabbed Jane’s hand and placed it on her boyfriend’s huge cock..

At first Jane pulled her hand away as she was scared and nervous but as the girl held her hand again and the guy kept dancing, Jane kept her hand on it and started dancing while holding his cock… I was amazed and wish I had my phone to take a picture but phones were banned in the club so I had to just keep the memory. .. The guy puts his arm around Jane and his other arm around his girlfriend while the girls danced with him both holding his giant erect cock. I could see the guy running his hands up and down Jane’s back and at one point saw him groping Jane’s arse while he was watching her breasts bouncing up and down.

After a few mins Jane let go and we smiled at our new friends and went to sit down for a while and have another drink. After a while we were wandering around the dungeon area and watched a stunning Indian girl being canned and groped by an old guy that was demonstrating the art..

Every now and then he would stop canning her ( her beautiful arse was covered in long red weal’s) and stroke her arse slowly giving her I assume, pleasure and pain but she was clearly really turned on as when he fingered her as she was tied to the whipping horse his fingers were soaking with her juices.

Jane said she is so beautiful why does she like being canned? I just smiled and led Jane over to the couples only door and joined the que to get in.. Jane said what’s in there? I said it is just a room for couples only to relax and play away from all the single guys that can be a real pain when any action between couples start… They are like packs of wolves and crowd round and any couple trying to have fun and start groping until the couple either go with the flow and let 5 or more men all finger and grope her or they get pissed off and stop playing and walk away.

When we get into the couples room we see a free corner and go sit down. Looking around we see several couples all playing together so Jane reaches for my zip and unleashes my cock. I just lay back and let her play while watching this black girl being licked out by another guys wife next to us and the two guys were watching and wanking over them. Then who should come and squeeze onto the corner sofa next to us but the girl and big cock who were on the dance floor.

The girl sat next to Jane and big cock (still erect and looking massive) sat next to his girlfriend.  They immediately started snogging and he was fondling her tits. Jane was looking at them while wanking my cock so I started fondling her tits too. The guy looks me in the eye and smiles and nodded at Jane’s tits so I undid a few buttons so he could see them better…. Jane was really turned on and was staring at his cock again and watching the girl. I opened Janes buttons to the bottom and let the blouse fall open and because of how we were all cramped into the corner, her left breast was almost touching the other girl’s breast. I saw the guy brush Jane’s tits several times and each time I felt her shudder and heard a sigh.. Then I see the girl was holding Jane’s hand while she was still snogging and letting her man play with her.

The guy was now running his hand up his girl’s inner thigh and was fingering her as she opened her legs more so they were now also touching Jane’s leg. He then whispered something to her and she turned her head to Jane and started kissing her on the mouth while moving her hand up onto Jane’s tits. I moved my hands away and watched her play with Jane’s tits and nipples while her man was seriously giving her a good fingering and was snogging Jane. I slide my hand down and started stroking Jane’s legs and soon Jane her open her legs and let me finger her too. The girl then took Jane’s hand and placed it on her guy’s huge cock again and Jane stopped kissing and looked at what was happening and me with my hand between her legs and started wanking the big cock and snogging the girl again.

I said to Jane – are you OK? She just turns to me and says yes babe are you?

The Big cock guy now kneels between his girlfriend and Jane. Jane is still wanking his huge cock and his girlfriend is now seriously fingering Jane. Big cock then makes his move and dives between Jane’s legs and is licking away at her pussy while the girlfriend has moved to Jane’s mouth. Jane is laying back now just letting this all happen so I decide to let it continue and see where it goes.  The girlfriend has now reached over to me and is fondling my cock and I willingly let her while watching what they are doing to Jane.

Jane is panting like a dog and the guy seems to be fingering her while giving her the best licking of her life. Then he comes up and asks ne… You want me to fuck her for you? Not can I fuck her… !!!

I nod and just hope Jane will be willing to try this massive cock. The crowd around us now is thick and there are several couples really close and standing already fucking. He positions himself in front of Jane’s pussy and starts to rub the head up and down her tiny slit. His girlfriend is talking to Jane and stroking her face, tits and kissing her mouth. Then he pushes the head in and Jane arches up, a bit more and she is holding onto the girlfriend and then he is inside her. Not all the way but about 4 inches and the girth is stretching her pussy really wide.

Jane is still panting and the guy grabs her breasts and starts to push in and out slowly. Jane is somehow taking it and I am wanking like crazy watching this going on in front of me. Then he starts to get faster and Jane is grunting and shouting OMG OMG his girlfriend has her hand between them frigging her clit and then she is kissing her mouth again. He goes on for about 5 mins and his cock is now at least ¾ of the way in and he pulls out to show everyone her gaping pussy. He hold s it open for us all to see and then pushes his huge cock back in..  More fucking and then Jane starts to come violently screaming and shaking and the guy just pulls out fast and shoots his load all over her stomach. The girlfriend jumps down and starts cleaning up his cock with her mouth and I clamp my hand over Jane’s pussy and 4 of my fingers slip inside with no effort at all. The crowd is still staring and hanging around but I get Jane up and we make our way out of the couples room.

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We were invited to a party by my mate

We were invited to a party by my mate Gary who had already told me what happens and I told Jit my 24 year old wife of 2 years from Thailand.  Slim and 4′ 8 with stunning breasts a bit about it but did not want to scare her from going so played it down and just said it was couples only and there will be other Thai girls there.


So on the night I told Jit to shave her pussy and wear a sexy short white silky skirt, white button up blouse and her tiny knickers and bra set that were so thin and skin tight her nipples poked through and her camel toe slit was showing. We had a bottle of wine before we called the taxi and we were now on the way to the address Gary had given us.


When we arrived it was a big house in Radlett, Hertfordshire  and there must have been about 12 other couples and a few single guys. We were invited in and given a large glass of punch each that tasted very strong but could see everyone else drinking it so we went along. In the kitchen are there was a finger buffet and fruit, sandwiches and a bowl of sweets. Couples were mingling about and then I saw Gary walking towards us and he had his wife Nantana, also Thai with him. Nantana started to chat with Jit in Thai and was wearing a fishnet body suit with nipples poking through the mesh and nothing underneath. I could not help staring at her shaved pussy through the mesh and Gary was smiling as he saw me staring and said wait till you see what happens later in the playroom.


Jit and Nantana were in deep chat so Gary said come on let’s give you a tour of the house so you can see what goes on in the various rooms. The lounge was incredible with a huge white round leather pouffe in the middle of the room surrounded by another 3 long curved white sofas and it was really dark except for a red light hanging down over the centre pouffe. 


A few couples were sitting around watching and cuddling so we then went into another room that was like a dungeon with various BDSM benches and stocks, a whipping cross and a cage. Upstairs we were told were 5 bedrooms which could be used but normally the doors were to be kept open for voyeurs to see inside.


More couple arrived and we were offered more punch and I was suspecting something else was in the drink as I was starting to get aroused just watching the girls especially Nantana walking along in front of us. Gary then reached out and grabbed his wife’s arse and she looked back and just smiled at me… I thought hhhhmmmm maybe I could have a grope too. I nodded to Gary to do the same to Jit and I grabbed his wife’s arse as he did the same to Jit. Jit was shocked at first but because of the punch (or whatever else was in it)  she just let him grope her. I had slid my hand between Nantana’s arse cheeks and could feel she was already wet and nearly managed to finger her. Fucking hell I thought, this is gonna be an interesting evening. I then moved forward and put my arm around Jit’s shoulders to reassure her all was ok and she responded by grabbing my cock and said why you so hard already and smiled.


We went into the lounge and sat on one of the sofas just as two girls had climbed onto the centre pouffe.  The were starting to kiss and touch each other and a few more couples quickly took up any free spaces on the sofa. We looked around and could see in the dim red light several couples either playing together or playing with the couple next to them as a group. All eyes were on the two girls on the white pouffe and one was now completely naked on her back while the other was straddling her face making her lick her pussy while fingering and licking the girl underneath..


Jit was staring in disbelief with wide eyes while Nantana had slid in next to her and I could see her hand on Jit’s leg. Gary was the other side of her and had started fondling her breasts and Nantana’s other hand was wanking his cock that he had let out. Jit looked over and saw what Nantana was doing and then Nantana was whispering something into Jit’s ear. Her hand slid up Jit’s leg a bit more and then she moved in and kissed Jit on the mouth.


I was amazed and in shock but started to feel Jit’s tits while also watching all the action starting up around us. There was a lot of attention on Jit and Nantana as they were clearly the youngest and best looking girls in the room and because Jit was so small. Nantana now had her hand between Jit’s legs and was clearly fingering her and was clamped onto her mouth French kissing her. I moved my hand down onto her other leg and slid my hand up her inner thigh to see how wet she was and met Nantana’s hand. She grabbed my hand and pushed it into Jit’s pussy to show me how wet she was… soon we were both fingering her at the same time and her legs were wide open with several couples crowding round to watch.


Gary had peeled his wife’s body stocking down from the top and her 34 c tits were on show and he was letting another guy fondle them while he was fingering her pussy. I grabbed Jit’s hand and moved it onto my exposed cock and she started rubbing me while Looking at all the people watching our group on the sofa. Gary had now got between Nantana’s legs and was licking her pussy through the body stocking and the guy who was playing with her tits was now openly wanking while his wife was sucking on her tits.


I turned Jit round and started kissing her on the mouth and pulled her onto my lap while still fingering her. She had hold of my cock and as I pulled her knickers to the side she slid down onto my cock and started to fuck me really slowly. I lifted her skirt at the back to expose her arse and let the watchers see my cock going in and out of her slit. I then pushed a finger in her arse and she started to get faster and then another girl was kneeling down on the floor and stroking her legs and arse. Jit stood up and let this new girl peel down her knickers and then climbed back onto my cock while the girl started to put her tongue into Jit’s arse… Jit was bouncing up and down and then moaning into my mouth as I tried to kiss her and then said… she’s fingering and licking my arse and started to come and shake while I held her on my cock.

Great evening to say the least…. And lots more stories to tell.

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